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When decorating in dark colours, you can find yourself in a mundanely monochrome and featureless rut. In this collection of daringly dark interior designs, we look at how to introduce deep and intriguing textures within sculptural art walls, rugged rock face feature walls, au currant ribbed panel elements, expanses of tilework and industrial style tinted concrete. We’ll observe how atmospheric lighting schemes accentuate the 3D elements, and how bright accent hues lift individual furniture pieces off black and grey canvases to create crisp definition. Dark decor schemes like these aren’t for the fainthearted, but being bold brings about big rewards of unique living spaces, elegant dining rooms, cosy bedrooms, and all round wow factor.

Visualizer: Design Rush  

Colourful accent furniture builds excitement within a daring, dark decor scheme. This uber modern yellow sofa strikes a bright accent through the centre of our first living space. A 3D wall treatment artistically sculpts the black feature wall behind the lounge and dining areas with abstract shapes that rise and fall in the shadows.

Not everything needs to stand out. This low lying round coffee table seems to extrude from the matching plain black area rug. It’s shallow profile complements the modern sofa’s sleek frame.

The aligned flames of a modern fireplace dance even more brightly in dark surrounds. A couple of upholstered poufs effectively extend the curved sofa’s playful accent colour.

Smooth, handle-free storage units create a useful and attractive frame around a TV.

Perimeter LEDs spill a gentle trickle of light down the camouflaged cabinet fronts, which consolidate into a chic grey accent wall.

Two dining room pendant lights are paired up to span the full length of the dining table, bringing it brightly off the black backdrop.

The light tabletop is contrasted by black modern dining chairs along each side.

The head and foot of the wide dining table remain spaciously unoccupied.

Modern fruit bowls rest betwixt twin black runners on the rectangle dining table.

The slick grey cabinetry aesthetic returns in the home entryway, where bespoke wardrobes store bulky outdoor wear and large cleaning appliances.

A matching grey entryway table floats across a frameless, custom cut mirror that bounces natural light into the shadowy niche.

The yellow accent makes a stir in this darkly decorated space too, as a useful pouf seated by the front entrance door.

Visualizer: ZOOI Interior studio  

Our second dark interior example is an elegant space that was created for a young couple with a penchant for modern design. A rich, tonal meld of neutral shades and contrasting materials make a unique impact. A fantastic black rock face climbs behind the dining area, undulating deep texture and drama, whilst cabinetry behind the lounge is flat and flawless.

A glass vase places a warm amber accent onto the black glass coffee table. A plush grey rug tightly defines the lounge zone from the closely neighbouring dining area.

A white feature wall ripples inside of a midnight black frame. A cobalt blue ceramic vase adds an unexpected bolt of bright colour.

Slatted panels add en vogue texture to the black bedroom design. A modern chandelier and floor lamp combine to create the form of a majestic, illuminated tree.

Black pendant lights illuminate small bedside tables that are embraced within a wide winged headboard.

A tan bedroom chair with ottoman creates a moment of light relief within the dark scheme.

An ensuite bathroom stands open on each side of a narrow partition wall, giving direct access to two unique pedestal sinks.

An imposing rock face feature wall dominates the room from behind the bathtub.

Golden wood tone makes warm contrast against the cool black rock.

Visualizer: Elena Sedova  

Inside our third home tour, a textured black tile effect feature wall rises behind the TV. A pair of modern wall sconces perforate the darkness.

Charcoal grey upholstery shades the sectional sofa, whilst a beige rug plays a lighter note.

Terrazzo flooring brings light pattern to the whole open plan living space as one seamless expanse.

A red accent chair rounds out the lounge arrangement with an unexpected moment of heat.

Red indoor plants expand upon the accent theme.

A large rectangle dining table and ten chairs divide the lounge from a one wall kitchen with island.

The twin lights are Model 2065 dining room pendant lights designed by Gino Sarfatti for Danish brand Astep.

Another pair of modern wall sconces light a wall of white tile in the kitchen, which counterbalances the black TV wall opposite.

An induction hob and integrated extraction unit create a sleek finish across the kitchen island.

Huge edge-to-edge windows fill the large living space with daylight.

Black tinted microcement darkly decorates a small snug/movie room. Unique modern wall lights fan white accents against the textured sofa wall.

A stone coffee table matches the shade of a grey area rug.

Sliding slatted doors screen off the snug without closing it in, which ensures that the dark colour scheme does not feel oppressive.

A projector screen draws down the focal wall, descending to meet with a linear black media unit that melds with its dark microcement setting.

Inside the master bedroom, a sage green upholstered bed makes beautiful contrast with a dark headboard feature wall. Contemporary wall sconces create bright balance above each bedside.

An indoor plant introduces delicate freshness to the industrial grey concrete decor scheme.

Slatted wardrobe doors disrupt the smooth cement.

The second shadowy bedroom scheme is defined by a unique mural.

Abstract shapes paint a monochrome landscape across the room. A bespoke headboard with integrated bedside units sets a solid black base.

A glossy white chest of drawers reflects light from a huge bedroom window.

Designer: 23Design Inc  

Our final dark, textured home design has an indoor area of 1779 square feet, and resides next to the Xinbei Guandu Bridge. The river facing plot offers magnificent views of the mountains. A volcanic rock feature wall complements the home’s natural setting.

Natural, environmentally friendly, art mineral paints were used, alongside a cement ceiling, aged and rust mottled steel beams, and a wood herringbone flooring.

White curtains keep the window wall bright. A white L-shaped couch draws the light element into the centre of the room.

A round black coffee table coordinates with the fabulous black rock feature wall.

A floating black unit strikes a slick glossy black accent against the rough rock.

Grey scatter cushions and a matching woollen throw subtly break up the white sectional sofa.

Recessed spotlights puncture the linear concrete ceiling treatment.

Strip lights dash bright linear highlights throughout the room.

A modern home office area is situated at the back of the room, with the desk occupying the space directly behind the sofa. A wall of built-in bookshelves form a black backdrop.

A tan lounge chair complements the rust coloured metal ceiling beams.

When the desk is not in use for work, an assortment of coffee table books and glass vases transform the desktop into an attractive sofa table. Decorative items are also displayed within the bespoke bookcases, where they are warmly backlit to create a cosy evening ambiance.

Mesh dining room pendant lights create a sparkling sculptural arrangement above a rounded rectangle dining table. A luxe white marble tabletop reflects the atmospheric glow.

The modern dining area runs off one side of the small kitchen island. The main body of the kitchen is neatly concealed from view behind secretive sliding doors. Buddhist artwork instills a zen-like feeling of calm.

All technology is hidden from view to evoke a complete sense of peace, and a deep connection with the pace of nature that awaits just outside of the window.

The stylish chair by the modern home office desk is the Flow chair by Jean Marie Massaud for MDF Italia.

Moving on into the master bedroom, we arrive behind a centrally placed headboard. The modern winged headboard design defines a clear walkway into the bedroom, and a dressing area in front of the wardrobes.

The unique headboard wraps a solid, orange cocoon around the head of the bed.

Inside of the headboard, modern wall sconces provide reading light above integrated bedside tables.

A vanity table stands across from the foot of the bed, accessorised simply with a leaning vanity mirror and a modern vase of foliage.

In the second bedroom, muted orange paintwork fashions a split wall treatment around the perimeter.

A desk/dressing table crosses the top of the low mounted bedside unit. A wood effect backboard unites all of the bedroom furniture together as one fluid piece. A white and wood modern wall sconce lights one bedside, whilst a slender wood pendant light descends over the other. See more inspiration for bedroom pendant lights here.

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