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While building a bench is essentially easy, there are many different variables to consider before even starting the project. For example, will you place it indoor or outdoor, should it be upholstered or not, what material will you going to use and in what form? Maybe the projects below can help you answer some of those questions.

First off, a log bench featured on instructables. It’s framed by two planters, one at each end and it seems like a really great project for the backyard or the garden. Get your logs ready and figure out where exactly you’re going to put this lovely bench once you’ve built it.

Speaking of garden bench plans, you should also check out this project from handymanwire. It uses wood boards instead of logs and it’s pretty simple-looking but that’s exactly what most gardens need.

Can you believe you only need five wooden boards to make this bench? It looks simple but still, that’s a fun little detail. What’s also cool about this bench is the fact that it’s very versatile and you can use it both indoor and outdoor. Check out the plans on woodworkingformeremortals.

Want something minimalist? How about this stylish bench from homemadebycarmona? It sure looks beautiful and the black and white palette suits it perfectly. The best part however is the fact that you can make this for only $15.

Here things get a bit more complicated. This is a shoe-storage bench designed to hold four wooden crates. It’s something you can craft for your entryway or mudroom. Customize it with your favorite color or stain it for a simpler and more traditional look. Check out the plans on jaimecostiglio.

Cute little benches like this one can fit pretty much anywhere. If there’s an empty space on your hallway, this can be the perfect piece to fill it with. Similarly, you can add it to the entryway so your guests have a place to sit down when they put their shoes on. Check out themerrythought for details.

Want your . bench to be soft and extra comfy? Give it an upholstered top. Go ahead and choose some fabric that goes well with the frame and also with the rest of the decor around it. It’s a nice way to add some pattern and color to your design. Be sure to check out the plans on abbottsathome.

This is a bench specifically designed for outdoor use. It has a cinder block base and a wooden seat which is painted bright yellow for a funky and eye-catching appearance. Also, the cinder blocks double as little built-in planters for succulents. This quirky design idea comes from akailochiclife.

It’s also possible to build an outdoor bench entirely out of cinder blocks and nothing else. You can even give it armrests if you want to and you can still fill some of the blocks with soil and turn them into planters. Cover the seat with mats or blankets and add cushions or pillows for added comfort. The project comes from jenniferperkins.

Speaking of comfy benches, you should also definitely check out this amazing project from grillo-designs. It shows you how to take a simple wooden bench to the nest level and turn it into an outdoor sofa.

You’ll also find this DIY bench idea from etsy very interesting. The hairpin legs are a nice touch and they give the bench a slender and very chic appearance plus they also go well with the blue seat fabric.

This bench featured on deliciousanddiy also has a blue seat but this time it’s paint that creates this effect, not fabric. It’s easy to customize the seat using stencils and all sorts of different patterns and color combinations.

Does this bench look a bit odd to you? That’s because it was made out of two old chairs. What a wonderful and creative way to upcycle old furniture. As long as the frame is still in good shape you should be able to do this with any chair. For details, check out the bench plans featured on makingmanzanita.

If you want some benches to use alongside your outdoor dining table these ones featured on kleinworthco should be just right. While you’re at it maybe you’d also enjoy crafting a pallet table too.

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