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Colour bleeds from artwork into the interiors of these São Paulo homes, pooling into accent furniture, upholstery and decor. While there is emphasis on art toys, figurines, modern sculpture and wall art, the interiors have become living masterpieces in their own right. The blaze of hot colour accents is cooled with raw concrete. A sobering grey backdrop prevents the riot of multicolour from appearing childish or circus-like, and instils a sophisticated thread of cohesivity. Each home has been expertly designed by Guilherme Torres to be both fun and fierce, youthful yet structured. Layouts are skillfully curated to let each artful piece of design to have its moment to shine.

The first interior is a 248 square metre property with an open plan living area. Bright works of modern art are hung around the perimeter of the white and concrete room, with art toys and sculpture jostling through the middle ground.

The decorative screen in the living room becomes an illuminating feature with a light box placed behind it.

A large kitchen and dining area open up at the back of the room, where decorative vases and bold blue dining chairs push colour into more subdued surroundings.

A tufted sofa puts a block of plum purple along the edge of the lounge. A table lamp bursts onto the scene with a big bubble of orange.

The dining room chandelier is a sculptural piece in itself, made out of paper note pages.

Hourglass planters align with a structural column to form a subtle room divide between a sitting area and the kitchen. A red chaise lounge and red kitchen bar stools build colour cohesivity.

Different coloured decorative vases add vibrancy to the grey dining table and the dining area’s raw concrete decor.

Whimsical wall art pops out from every corner of the home.

Even the bathroom gains a piece of fun sculpture and colourful accessories.

Our next interior is a much smaller home, measuring 86 square metres. A unique recessed light track design snakes up the concrete wall and ceiling, making the industrial grey room appear lighter and larger.

There’s not a lot of space for rotating on the Magis Spun chair, but it looks cool at the base of the light track and art wall.

A coffee table book collection scatters more colour into the grey based living room. A characterful Hanno the Gorilla toy has taken up residence on a copy of Dot Dot Dash!, a designer toy and character art book.

A spectrum of blue transitions across the kitchen wall, on glossy slab front cabinets.

Chrome sculpture makes its way onto a bar tray on the kitchen countertop.

Under cabinet lighting highlights the sheen of a chrome kitchen faucet.

Concrete walls are left raw in the bathroom too.

Another light strip feature cuts up through the concrete, burning brightly by a wall mirror.

This 350 square metre house has a wonderfully open and airy feel thanks to huge windows that surround the living room on all sides. A red lounge chair set makes rich colour contrast with the lush green garden views through the glass. A modern floor lamp gives the lounge layout some height.

A small side table and a set of poufs bring orange accents into the lounge, which make perfect companions to the cooler teal hue across the upholstered sofa and a teal dining room pendant light in the background.

Colourful pattern dances across a tiled feature wall behind the modern dining set.

The rectangle dining table is concrete to match the floor. Wooden Wishbone chairs vibe with the plant life outside of the dining room’s picture window.

Copper pendant lights line up along a reading nook, where a custom concrete bench has been cast to include book storage in its base.

A concrete staircase climbs between floors, lit by LED stair lights.

At the top of the staircase we find ourselves in a more family oriented, kid friendly, living room. Walls of colourful storage volumes work through the entire rainbow.

Thanks to the vivid colours of the custom furniture, bright children’s toys meld easily with the decor. Green accent chairs pull colour into the centre of the room, along with brightly printed scatter cushions.

A green rug sweeps beneath a stylish wooden console table and a matching Cherner armchair.

Yellow bathroom furniture shines cheerfully inside an all concrete bathroom.

The tiles that coat the dining room feature wall are at play on the home exterior too, making a welcoming entrance.

Our final tour is a 400 square metre home that employs dark wood tone to anchor fanciful artwork and accent pieces.

Wood panelling has also been used to recess the TV and speakers, along with associated wiring. A glass vase of greenery makes a fresh addition to the wall of dark wood grain.

Other walls remain raw concrete. Red and orange accents heat up the industrial aesthetic.

Yellow lounge chairs lighten up the living room, whilst aqua blue chairs lift a darkly panelled dining room.

Sculptures and art books sit atop a contemporary concrete fireplace.

A more formal dining area seats eight guests around a solid wood table. Tangerine dining chairs heat up the pale room palette.

Real tangerines add a natural accent inside the modern fruit bowl centrepiece.

A patchwork pouf rolls in a ball of pattern and colour.

Decorative vases perfectly match an aqua blue console.

The bedroom palette is completely subdued in contrast to the living areas, to promote complete calm and rest.

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