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Tackling the design of tight living spaces can present frustrating challenges, but this collection of homes under 30 square metres offers a wealth of inspiration to get past creative roadblocks. Whilst we’re looking at decor palettes over cool grey and green spectrums, these well constructed layouts, lighting solutions and bespoke furniture designs can be translated into a multitude of colour preferences. We take a look at the fluid flow of some entirely open plan studio apartments, as well as how to segment small home layouts to include a private bedroom. Lack of space never has to equal lack of style or comfort, and this collection of tours prove it time and again.

Visualizer: Vogue Architects  

A chic rug pulls together the deep green and brown accent colours of this sophisticated studio. Brass frame nesting coffee tables complement the warm tan tones.

The TV stand has been fashioned in the same walnut wood effect and black marble finishes as the neighbouring kitchen. The cohesivity of materials between zones builds flow through the small interior.

The open plan bedroom is an echo of the lounge decor scheme. A green upholstered bed is inspired by the green living room sofa, and the same area rug is repeated.

Copper elements add rich sheen to a dark and compact kitchen diner, elevating the small area into a luxe feature of the room. Find more inspiration for grey kitchens here.

A linear chandelier draws attention to the dining peninsula.

A comfortable lounge chair reclines by the bed, forming a second sitting area in the studio that’s perfect for reading… Or maybe more frequently used to throw down outfits from the nearby closet.

The glass wardrobe stretches the length of the platform bed, increasing the sense of space with it’s open aesthetic.

Visualizer: 365 design  

This 30 square metre grey, black and white interior has a much narrower footprint than the first apartment, so this time the bed hugs the wall in its own partial enclosure.

In place of a TV stand there is a double desk with a uniquely stepped silhouette. Black support legs and a black decorative vase tie the wooden desk into the dark colour palette that bedecks the rest of the room.

The headboard wall is also the bathroom wall, and so features a perforated light sharing design that resembles Swiss cheese.

A grey soffit exaggerates the size and grandeur of the window.

The sofa and matching ottoman form an L-shape border between the sleeping area and a stylish round coffee table set. Grey carpeting further defines the boundary of the lounge.

The black kitchen draws up the hallway, where it’s mirrored by dark storage cabinets on the opposite side of the walkway.

The desk’s stepped woodblock siding stacks an eye catching sculptural element, which performs a dividing roll between the workspace and the kitchen.

White herringbone tiles lighten the black kitchen volume.

Brightly lit nooks create mystery and drama in the midst of the hallway’s darkness.

Seamless stone cladding expands the feel of very limited bathroom space.

A boxed in bathroom vanity light shines a window-like lighting effect.

Visualizer: Daria Tarasenko  

Measuring 29.7 square metres, this green and white interior is uplifted with a botanical theme.

A linear media unit floats in tandem with a green desk. A custom cut mirror erases the corner of the room.

White and gold kitchen pendant lights elevate the presence of a plain white dining bar.

The hallway of the home has been devised as one solid block of muted viridian green. A frameless mirror plays with its proportion.

Sage green tiles colour the shower enclosure, disrupting the mediocrity of a black and white base.

Large format marble wall tiles conjure a feeling of spaciousness.

Floor plan.

Visualizer: Xenia Liodi  

Our penultimate design is one of two apartments that were carved out of a 95 square metre house. This 30 square metre space was designed for rental by one or two individuals, whilst the other 65 square metre apartment was reserved for the homeowner.

The interior has a cosy Scandinavian essence. Magazines deeply stack on a coffee table with storage, photographic art adorns the walls, and green plants become housemates. Bottle green paintwork wraps the perimeter of the lounge, whilst the kitchen is differentiated in soft white and oak.

Fitted storage makes the bedroom a practical space for the tenants. A boho vibe comes through the rug and bedroom pendant, which is an Ikea bamboo light.

Botanical prints make a pretty feature on a basic modern dresser.

The bathroom is a scene of grey scale tones, although wood effect tiles make a warm and spa-like feature of the shower enclosure.

Room by room mood boards.

Rental apartment floor plan.

Visualizer: Alina Ursova  

Our final tour is an interior filled with blush pink and contrasting green accents. Scatter cushions introduce a playful element to a monochromatic sofa. The small scale of the room has been confidently ignored to opt for a piece of large scale modern art that flamboyantly colours white walls.

Storage and shelves touch the ceiling to make the most of vertical space.

The coffee table and adjacent dining table set a circular motif.

A delicate dining pendant light formally situates the open plan eating area.

The fruit bowl provides a useful table centrepiece, which frees up kitchen countertop.

A seafoam green accent wall paints a relaxing element inside the small bathroom.

Inside the pink accent bedroom, small modern wall sconces disappear into densely patterned botanical wallpaper. White bedside tables merge with the pale wall treatment so as not to overwhelm the room.

A floating dresser merges with a workspace at the foot of the bed.

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