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Do you have an old piece of furniture in your home that is crying out for a new lease of life? Take inspiration from this upcycled sideboard project! The transformation is so impressive, it’s hard to believe it’s even the same piece of pine furniture.

And despite looking like an expensive addition for any kitchen, it cost just £50!

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Charlotte Jones, from Newton Abbott, took an old wooden piece and turned it into a sophisticated and chic sideboard – perfect for any modern country kitchen.

Country-style upcycled sideboard

upcycled sideboard

Image credit: Charlotte Jones

Charlotte told Latest Deals, ‘I’ve done a few items similar in the past. It was about making something outdated into something that can be a beautiful focal point, and recycling what is available.’

‘It’s lovely to see an item of furniture with so much history behind it, yet now so unloved and unwanted, to finally be a part of a family home and loved again. It’s also keeping furniture out of landfill.’

To renovate the sideboard Charlotte, alongside her partner Tom, called on their best DIY skills together. ‘We deconstructed part of the unit. Mainly the old wooden top and doors and remade the top of the base section using old scaffold boards,’ she explains.

upcycled sideboard with scaffolding planks

Image credit: Charlotte Jones

‘We made a heart template, drew around that onto the doors, cut the shape out using a jigsaw, reattached the doors and painted the whole unit.

Using hessian material they covered the back of the hearts. Adding a beautiful rustic touch and a bit of contrast. It also means on a practical front it conceals the contents of the cupboards.

hessian heart in upcycled sideboard

Image credit: Charlotte Jones

Charlotte explains where they spent the budget. ‘The unit cost £30 at an auction. The paint was £20 from Brewers, and the hessian cost around £3 per metre from eBay.’

The paint colour is ‘Off Black’. She explains, ‘I was nervous about the colour initially as it’s quite dark but I think it looks very sophisticated!’.

painted upcycled sideboard

Image credit: Charlotte Jones

Needless to say Charlotte is delighted with her hard work. ‘I always love seeing furniture come back to life. Seeing how much difference a bit of paint and love and care can make,’ she adds.

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Charlotte, shares her creations on her dedicated Facebook page.

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