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When plant stylist and author Hilton Carter launched his new gardening line for Target this week, we couldn’t stop eyeing all the clever planters and tools, from glass house terrariums to stylish shears that come with a leather holder. But there is one category in the lineup that stopped us in our tracks: faux plants.

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Courtesy of Target

Normally, fake greenery gives us sad doctor’s office vibes, but Carter’s line is filled with pretty (and pretty convincing) faux plants—from small to extra-large—for black thumbs and lazy gardeners alike. The string of hearts will have admirers none the wiser, especially hanging up high from a window, and the rojo congo looks suspiciously real. Some of them are also impressively inexpensive, starting at just $10. So we’re not ashamed to admit it: We think we love plastic plants. 

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Courtesy of Target

And if that’s not your thing, there are plenty of items in the collection for people who prefer live greenery. For instance, a giant hanging stem stand is made for propagating your current plants. And an 18-inch golden stand can help show off your handiwork. (We also think some of the smaller stands could double as cake displays.) 

Fake succulents from Hilton Carter for TargetPin It
Courtesy of Target

Here are four more of our favorites from the collection.

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