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Tour this Heidi Caillier–designed Seattle home here. photo by HARIS KENJAR

Crisp air, good coffee, beautiful furniture—these are the things 20-to-30-somethings really want in life, according to a new study published by insurance agency Haven Life, and they’re heading to certain cities to find them. 

Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the report ranked metropolitan areas according to the percentage change in the population of millennials from 2012 to 2017. The key finding? Millennials have been flocking to the Pacific Northwest. (They already account for nearly one-fifth of the population in the Portland-Seattle region!) Here are the five metro areas at the top of the list: 

  1. Portland, Oregon (tied with Vancouver, Washington, and Hillsboro, Oregon)
  2. Seattle (tied with Tacoma and Bellevue, Washington)
  3. Denver (tied with Aurora and Lakewood, Colorado)
  4. San Francisco (tied with Oakland and Hayward, California)
  5. Austin (tied with Round Rock, Texas)

The report hinted that the surge in these areas is likely a response to rising housing costs in places like Chicago and New York (neither of which graced the top 20). Our take? The Northwest’s budding design scene has made it a haven for young creatives. The fact that some of our favorite home brands (Muji, Hay, and Blu Dot included) have opened stores in Portland in the past year is all the confirmation we need. But in case you have a trip (or permanent move) planned out West, here are a few more reasons to love the design destinations: 

The Can’t-Miss Restaurant 

Situated in the heart of Amazon’s Seattle campus is James Beard Award–winning chef Renee Erickson’s Willmott’s Ghost, a new restaurant that delivers strong ’80s Milan vibes with its pastel pink zellige tiles, deconstructed globe pendant lights, and tubular booths. 

A Winning Photo Studio

Creatives in the Portland area can kick-start their business with a propped-out photo shoot at the Portland Studio, a rentable workspace with whitewashed brick walls and pops of plywood.

The Acclaimed Fair

Vancouver’s biggest interior design show is coming back around this September, and if this year’s lineup includes works from design studios like Another Human and Bzippy & Co. again, you know where we’ll be crowdsourcing trend predictions for 2020. 

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