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A third of households are cleaning surfaces in their home the wrong way, and actually making homes dirtier according to research by GAMA Healthcare.

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It might make sense to focus on the dirtiest areas first. However, this method used by a third of households in the UK actually just spreads more dirt and germs across kitchen worktops and tables.

When it comes to how to clean surfaces you should always wipe from the clean area to the dirty area. However, according to GAMA Healthcare, Britain’s leading supplier of disinfectant wipes and infection control training to the NHS, only four in ten households are cleaning their homes this way.


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But this isn’t the only mistake we’re making when cleaning our homes. Only 60 per cent of households are using a methodical approach to wiping down a surface, which can make all the difference to the spread of germs at home.

‘Cleaning surfaces haphazardly, staring in the middle or bottom, and wiping up or down acts to spread germs,’ explains Dr Braverman and Dr Hanouka, former NHS doctors and infection control experts. ‘Working from the top to bottom is the most effective way to wipe, but currently, only 60 per cent of people are using that method.’

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To effectively wiping down and disinfect any surfaces we should we wiping in an S-shape, not side to side. According to Dr Braverman and Dr Hanouka this is key to making sure you’re not re-contaminating the areas you’ve already cleaned.

After cleaning and disinfecting a surface it is important to wait for surfaces to dry before putting everything back. This is especially important when using a disinfecting product like Zoflora that you leave the surface to dry for the recommended contact time. For example, if it says it kills germs in ’30 seconds,’ you need to wait 30 seconds for it to do its job.

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This Christmas we not just cleaning to impress the in-laws, but keep our homes safe. Make sure you’re not making any easy cleaning mistakes.

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