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Muted colours make mellow, happy melds inside these three inspirational modern home designs, to promote relaxation and rejuvenation. In sunny home design number one, we see an immediate influx of colour via a curvaceous terrazzo clad feature wall and TV mount, which are swiftly joined by sweet pink, blue, and yellow accents. Our second tour takes place in a stylish, mid-century modern inspired home design, which includes a bold green and tan colour combination and a quirky wallpapered headboard feature wall. Lastly, we conclude our collection with a crisp modern apartment interior, where muted colour clashes instil unique personality and joyous moments.

Designer: Yi Ciao Design  
Photographer: Andy’s Photo  

A fashionable terrazzo treatment makes a colourful impression inside of our first featured home design. Terrazzo chips colour a curvaceous dividing wall just inside the front door.

The pink living room scheme is decided by a muted pink sofa design, whilst blue and yellow accents take a back seat on a small piece of modern artwork.

Because the living room window is positioned high in the wall, a tiered window seat steps up to the view. Storage nooks are neatly hidden within each stair.

The dining room is a small space on the windowless side of the apartment. A ceiling-mounted swing arm lamp extends over the wooden dining table to brighten up mealtimes.

The pedestal dining table is encircled by upholstered dining chairs and a geometric stool design. The stool is a multifunction piece of furniture that can be relocated easily around the apartment to serve different purposes.

A wall-mounted storage unit hangs on the dining room wall. The exposed floor space that’s maintained here helps the compact dining area to appear more open and spacious. A yellow insert shelf adds an uplifting stripe of colour.

Terrazzo engulfs the TV feature wall with energised pattern.

An interior inverted arch window shares natural light between the living room and the home office next door.

An LED strip light curves around the top of the terrazzo partition wall to highlight its colourful influence.

Inside the home office, sugary pink accents colour the desk area and an inviting reading nook beside the window.

A round rug gives the reading nook a plush and cosy appeal. Sunlight floods in through the dual aspect windows and falls upon the rug to create a hot spot on which to curl up and chill out.

A white desk, upper cabinets, and a wall shelf slot neatly into the home workspace nook.

The pink geometric stool from the office reading nook is another multifunctional accent piece that is moved to different areas around the apartment according to the task at hand.

Made-to-measure units flank the ​​home workspace to maximise storage potential in the small apartment.

A Gubi Beetle chair brings luxe gold accents to the pink and white study.

Inside the kids’ room, a rosy pink focal wall wraps around a set of metal bunk beds. See more ideas for kids’ beds.

Visualizer: Roman & Co.  

This 683.4 square foot (63.4 square metre) home design is located in Brooklyn, New York, USA. Its mid century modern living room receives a calming palette of muted green and tan accents, whilst a stirring art piece brings the space to life.

A small living room floor lamp drops in a bold black anchor and a glimmer of gold.

White storage units almost disappear into the perimeter of the room behind flat-fronted, handle-free doors.

A taupe armchair is seated at each side of the deeper brown couch to create a tonal ensemble. A decorative tray lays down another earthy accent upon the wooden coffee table, whilst a large, mature cactus delivers a natural green accent.

The living room rug lays down a two-tone pattern that aesthetically ties the mismatched lounge furniture set together.

Four kitchen bar stools line up along the kitchen island to create a blast of solid muted green.

A linear suspension lamp hangs up top.

Colourful artwork adds happy vibes to the home entryway.

Natural wood tone kitchen cabinets offer a neutral accompaniment to the more colourful elements in the scheme.

A quirky monkey-themed wallpaper gives the bedroom a wild side. Black wall sconces complement a black metal bed frame.

Black metalwork wall decor hangs above the headboard.

A cool bedroom accent chair is highlighted under the window.

A round bathroom mirror places a green accent onto a subdued white subway tile backsplash. The rest of the small room is treated to a visual feast of green paintwork and multicoloured mosaic floor tiles.

Visualizer: Mikhailova Sasha  

Our final home design is a sophisticated apartment with wainscot walls. An elegant floor lamp and modern wall art place bold black accents.

A round coffee table adds a black anchor piece to the centre of the cream, greige, and grey room. A blue decorative vase adds a pop of breezy blue to the tabletop.

A muted colour party breaks out in the kitchen, with green cabinetry and purple cushioned wooden dining chairs. A modern ​​dining room pendant light adds a light, sculptural moment.

Over by the window, a blush lounge chair styles an irresistible reading nook.

An understated bench furnishes the shadowy hallway.

In the bedroom, a sage green bedstead forms the hero piece.

The upholstered bed is dressed with a colour-matched woollen throw to strengthen the theme.

Olive green cabinets furnish the bathroom.

A colour coordinated vertical radiator blends with the backdrop, whilst a black framed shower enclosure creates contrast.

3D floor plan.

Floor plan.

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