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Concrete and cool, these three grey modern industrial style apartment interiors are filled with edgy ideas that really sell the city slicker lifestyle. Whilst raw and industrial, the slick styling inside these home interiors feels anything but utilitarian. Deep cushiony sofas, soft area rugs, gorgeous glowy lighting, captivating artwork, bespoke furniture designs, and trendy accessories come together in polished open plans, upscale bedrooms and striking industrial bathroom designs. Exposed brick walls and bare concrete planes translate into these high-end decor schemes as deep texture, rather than simply coarse or cold, Contrast is created by teaming the crude materials with sleek wood effect surfaces, glossy black finishes, and shining metallic accents.

Visualizer: 3DM Studio  

A huge map expands across the back of our first industrial style living room, next to a set of unique bookcases. A slouchy sofa stretches out in front of it, giving the globe trotters a plush place to rest. A circular area rug gives a coy nod to the globe, and echoes the round outline of the coffee table.

The round coffee table is a tree stump etched with intricate detail around its bark. The adjacent dining table carries the wood tone through to the other side of the room. Exposed brickwork painted grey behind the TV brings added texture to the decor scheme, and matches the neighbouring grey kitchen.

Industrial style lighting over the dining table comes in a group of three black pendants. The pendant at the end of the run hangs a little higher, above a small prep island attached to the dining table. Repositionable spotlights push out from around a track over the lounge.

A copper statue dramatically climbs out of the brickwork by the kitchen; the cooker hood has been picked out in copper to accentuate the art piece.

The fruit bowl stretches almost the full length of the dining table, where fresh produce provides a green centrepiece. One table support leg is made from glass to create a lighter look, whilst the other end is supported by the small island volume.

Bowling on into the industrial bedroom, we find a cool headboard feature wall of black bricks. A tower of shelves float up one side of the brick wall, with one solo copper version shining on its lonesome.

The lowest floating shelf is positioned to be utilised as a bedside unit. A portiere hangs in wait, to be drawn between the living room and the bedroom. A black gate of vertical bars marks the divide between the two rooms during the daytime, and provides extra edgy industrial effect. The bedroom hanging chair carries on the permeable quality of the gate, and makes an interesting focal point.

Burnt orange tiles rage inside the wet room.

Contrasting cold grey hexagonal tiles only make the orange tiles burn brighter.

Visualizer: Doğukan Taş  

A modern fireplace flames inside our second industrial living room–a split metal sphere pressed by a cylindrical chimney. A neon wall sign plays on the fireplace’s round shape.

Grey exposed brickwork sandwiches the living room on either side, and connects the lounge space with the kitchen diner.

A glass balustrade backs the lounge, shielding the drop into the stairwell. A studded side table has industrial essence; a cool headphone stand would work here.

Metal framework shelves display a bunch of books, pictures and monochrome decorative vases.

A sputnik chandelier shines over a modern dining set.

On the kitchen island, wood cutting board sets and copper cookware add notes of warmth.

Metal shelves suspended over the kitchen island gives the culinary space a seriously professional appearance. Glass cabinets behind the island expose the kitchenware, enhancing the gourmet kitchen effect.

Moody black and white artwork depicts bare winter trees in this stark industrial bedroom scheme. A small alter of green indoor plants seems gathered in remembrance of warmer times!

A copper clock is missing pieces from its puzzle low by the bedside.

No-fuss open fronted closets make the perfect accompaniment to a stark industrial style bedroom.

Designer: U Design  
Visualizer: U Design  

Another neon sign beams across the concrete wall of living room number three, drawing the orange light from the kitchen downlighter into the forefront. A modern sofa divides the open plan room into two parts.

The TV wall features triangular tiles, edged with more warm light to combat the cold concrete that abounds.

Triangular wood effect tiles join the concrete cuts, forming geometric pattern.

Black bar stools stand to attention close behind the sofa, but the low back of the couch prevents the space from feeling too overcrowded.

The kitchen bar stools transform the kitchen island into a dining table when required. The kitchen sink and hob are both located in the countertop the lines the back wall of the room, so that the island may accommodate up to four diners.

Exposed wire tracks run the length of the hallway ceiling.

The signature flame orange lighting burns inside bespoke storage cubbies in the hallway.

A trendy home office is equipped with a swivel chair, snow boards and an electric guitar.

Tribal pattern adds interest to the office grey rug.

Relaxation and reading takes place on a small sofa under a swing arm wall lamp.

Moon themed art makes an awesome mural on the office wall.

Inside the industrial bathroom, a thick concrete vanity top has an integrated concrete basin.

A niche in the cistern wall is softly backlit.

Two wall sconces lighten a concrete headboard wall.

Made-to-measure cabinetry stands sleek along the bedroom TV wall.

A chunky knit throw makes a cosy addition on the bed.

Raw concrete peeps out between the tailored media cabinets.

Neat shelves and rails equip a walk-in wardrobe.

Strip lights illuminate the garment cubbies.

Cool white light strips give a small bathroom a clean glow.

Concrete flooring underlines the industrial bathroom scheme.

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