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We lived harmoniously with beige as a light and warming base colour and celebrated grey as a cool and moody successor. Now, all attention is on greige, a portmanteau of colours grey and beige. This versatile new neutral is subtly warmer than the shadowy tones that have come to dominate laconic interiors recently but somewhat cooler than sand and fawn shades. This balanced blend gives greige decor a universal quality that suits all spaces, regardless of size and natural light quality. In this collection of three inspirational modern home interiors, we’re going to look at the introduction of grey into soothing living spaces, kitchens, modern bedrooms, and a stylish bathroom.

Designer: Elena Sedova  

A greige sectional sofa melds against a colour-matched wall inside our first modern home interior. A large and unique modern wall sconce provides a bold focal point to shake up the laconic setting.

The living room is an open concept with the dining area closely neighbouring the lounge. A beechwood dining table and matching wooden dining chairs lightly complement the warm greige elements in the combined scheme.

A black ceiling fan contrasts sharply against the light backdrop and complements a dark brown-black coffee table design in the centre of the relaxed lounge setup.

A slender floor reading lamp and black window blinds add more dark accents to the predominantly greige decor scheme. A textured area rug makes a tonal base.

In the middle of the open plan living space, a large fireplace
adds a cosy ambience.

Greige stucco wraps around the living room wall into the stairwell to create one cohesive colour story.

A beechwood room divider slides between the living room and the home entryway with a light-permeable, slatted design.

The bespoke room divider peacefully complements the adjacent wooden dining set. Storage units are integrated into its base to serve as a dining room sideboard.

The shapely dining room light fixture is a handmade Formakami JH4 Pendant by Jaime Hayón for &Tradition, which is a modern take on traditional Asian paper lanterns. Striking black wall decor complements the black-stained oak rings of the pendant light and two black dining stools that mark the head and foot of the table.

Glass jar lanterns adorn the wooden dining table as a simple centrepiece.

An indoor tree adds a spray of refreshing greenery to the sunny eating area.

A small wall sconce throws light over the front door of the apartment. A row of fitted wardrobes stand alongside the entrance door to store coats and bags.

The one wall kitchen is a smooth greige design with a starkly contrasting black backsplash. A single shelf tops the tiled backsplash, which creates a neat mount for a strip of LED illumination.

A tower of open kitchen shelving acts as a decorative jumping-off point for a narrow breakfast bar peninsula.

The breakfast bar crosses directly in front of the kitchen window to make the most of natural light and the view. Two elegant Asian-style kitchen bar stools tuck underneath.

A modern wall sconce illuminates the bar in times of low light from the window.

In the bedroom, the greige palette is darkened by its shadowy grey cousin.

The platform bed has a custom cut headboard that perfectly fits the width of the room. A ribbon of LEDs highlight a textured greige headboard wall.

A modern floor lamp and a dainty pendant add side illumination to the bedroom lighting scheme.

Another indoor tree uplifts the grey bedroom design.

Small side tables neatly overlap the edges of the sleek platform bed, saving floor space.

The floor lamp and pendant light save valuable bedside tabletop space.

Visualizer: Natalia Pohorielova  

In this 75 square metre apartment, greige decor promotes a sense of warm and light serenity.

A glass coffee table makes a light-reflective addition to the centre of the greige living room. A single coffee table book makes simple accessorisation.

A unique floor lamp adds a dark accent beside the greige sofa, whilst a wall hung bookcase places rich wood grain against the greige wall stucco.

The clear glass coffee table allows the chevron weave of the jute rug to show right through, extending the sense of open space.

Mid century modern furniture styles a sophisticated dining area. A vintage wall mirror and a small dining room pendant light work in tandem to visually anchor the eating spot within the open plan living space.

Behind the round dining table, an L-shaped kitchen stands out with a pop of solid yellow above the stove.

An attractive archway leads to the greige hallway.

In the bedroom, a luxe golden bedside table shakes up the smooth greige decor scheme.

Apartment floor plan.

Visualizer: Mariem El Sabbagh  

In our final modern home design, a small greige sofa is deeply contrasted by burgundy and blush scatter cushions.

A set of fluted decorative vases carry the blush accent onto a modern round coffee table.

A large area rug lays a natural jute texture underfoot, which complements the gentle greige room palette.

Behind the sunken lounge area, the elevated dining room is home to a modern dining set with a cushioned bench on one side and three chic dining chairs on the other.

The three upholstered dining chairs tone lightly with the greige wall stucco.

A unique lounge chair makes a stylish reading nook by the light of a courtyard window.

The unique staircase design appears suspended in front of the light greige walls, where it wraps around a minimalist kitchen installation.

A rustic cutting board complements the wooden kitchen cabinets.

Inside the chic bathroom design, a luxurious marble vanity is integrated with a unique bathroom sink.

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