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Green interiors can be great ambiance builders when crafted in deep shades, but once the background colour is on it can be difficult to get a grasp on where to go with the theme. These four interiors illustrate how to furnish and accessorise an all-green room, as well as how to build colour via furniture items themselves. We have green living rooms, green bedrooms, green bathrooms and a green kitchen to feast your eyes on, and gather tips to craft your own gorgeous space. You might just colour your friends green with envy!

Designer: Olovo  
Visualizer: Olovo  

Our first green interior belongs to a young energetic couple with a free outlook on life and style. A retro floor lamp and a modern chandelier inject shape into the room, along with a bold terracotta, blue and yellow design rug.

A streamlined blue sofa teams up with yellow 1950s style armchairs, against a shade of green that falls almost into the neutral palette. The vibrantly coloured furniture is able to stand proud against the backdrop, without the sterile atmosphere brought by many white interiors, or the safeness of beige or grey.

The marble coffee table is the Gubi TS. The bird figurines are part of the Immersed Birds set created by Mexican designer Moisés Hernández.

A red pouf pulls up alongside the marble coffee table and a unique media unit.

The bright accent pouf ties in with a red dining table to the side of the lounge. The dining room pendant light hangs low over the quirky table centrepiece.

A dark green kitchen adds depth at the end of the open plan light green living room. A row of gold toned wall cabinets complement the golden trims and furniture finishes in the room.

Designer: DUDES architect  
Visualizer: DUDES architect  

Our second tour takes place in a 61.5 square metre home in Novaya Borovaya, Minsk. A mid green hue covers all four walls of the living room, with expanses of wood interspersed.

Tall copper bookshelves climb the green wall by a lightweight dining set. A window seat makes a great spot to get lost in the pages.

Reflective wall decor lightens the green living room.

Wood panels make a box frame around a wall mounted TV, presenting a streamlined finish.

Narrow wooden storage cabinets tower beside the copper book stacks. The timber, copper and green shade work beautifully together.

A pale grey kitchen provides breathing space from the green scheme.

A grey induction hob makes a subtle addition to the light worktop.

We get back to our green theme in the master bedroom, where even the door has been painted green to match the walls.

Fiery lighting illuminates a grey bathroom.

The mysterious red light burns like a summer sunset.

Perspective drawing.

Designer: Oksana Petrovska  
Visualizer: Oksana Petrovska  

Home tour number three has a crisp monochrome backdrop, where heavy areas of black crash abruptly into icy white expanses. It’s the modern sofa that brings the green moment.

The green sectional stretches out in front of a clean white kitchen, and meets with a grey upholstered counterpart. A terrarium bowl grows a mini moment of greenery on a modern coffee table down in front.

Green tinted modern artwork enlivens a plain white wall.

Sofa tables run along the back of the green seating, and break between the two contrasting coloured sofa sections.

Black kitchen bar stools edge each side of a white kitchen island.

Dark kitchen accessories punctuate the light kitchen countertop. A large indoor plant sprouts its large green leaves by plain grey curtains.

A terrarium cabinet is home to a garden of mature cacti, which makes a special feature in the connecting passageway to the bedroom.

The green bedroom has a tropical vibe with its indoor palm plant. Modern wall sconces dance up a gypsum wall panel, highlighting its ribbed texture.

A slimline pendant light goes almost unseen over the small side table.

Green tiles and an all-green double sink bathroom vanity build a solid green vanity wall in the bathroom. On the other side of the room, a tiled bath and splash zone make up one entire emerald green wall.

We take a sudden leap from the green theme to a pink bedroom design, but the ribbed gypsum wall panel and modern wall sconces combo prevails.

The second green bathroom is a wet room, tiled top to toe in dark green tile.

Designer: SMLXL architects  
Visualizer: Firla Visuals  

Lastly, interior number four is coloured green by a light green modern sofa.

A white room with black accents lets the green hero piece savour the spotlight.

A hanging chair and a piece of monochrome modern art create an eye-catching spot in the corner of the living room. Round nesting coffee tables and the circular chair begin a shape theme.

Circular perforations punch through sheet metal on the TV wall, which cover a bookcase and a wine storage unit.

Anodised steel faced kitchen units have rainbows across their surface.

Linear suspension lights and a matching pendant light create an attraction over the kitchen island.

The stunning anodised steel cabinet doors include shades of green that complement the living room sofa.

Inside the bedroom, perforated steel panels build a walk-in wardrobe design. A grey platform bed, side table and floor lamp furnish the sleep area, beneath a modern chandelier.

The metal closet evokes an industrial vibe.

Recessed spotlights and a spherical bathroom vanity light brighten a black bathroom.

1. Geometric pattern rug
2. Green accent vase
3. Fiddle leaf fig
4. Green living room lounge chair
5. Green mid century style sofa
6. Womb accent chair
7. Mint green floor lamp
8. Botanical art prints
9. Green ottoman with storage

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