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You might think it’s a little dark to put on the walls, but soothing green is as calming as it is strong, and is able to make a gentle statement in any living room.

Redecorating? See all of our living room ideas

Whether you plump for the drama of forest green, go for playful lime green accents or keep it classic with a sage-green sofa, there’s a look here for spaces big and small, blessed with light or lacking it.

Read on for all of our naturally brilliant green living room ideas.

1. Pair green walls with Millennial pink furniture

Green living room ideas pink accents

Colin Poole

Pink and green should always be seen! As opposite pigment son the colour wheel, these two colours are the perfect compliment to one and another. This green living room features stunning pink velvet accent chairs, beautifully offset against the chalky green colour on the walls. The brass highlights, from the chair legs and the wire coffee table, also add a touch of glam.

2. Use green in oh-so-subtle ways


Image credit: Dan Duchars

A little greenery can go a long way to capturing the optimism of spring in your home. Start by introducing it through fabrics (or wallpaper) and prints featuring frond and fern motifs that create a graceful, romantic look. Furniture in natural wood and elegant metal complete the look.

3. Unify furniture and walls in one green tone

Green living room ideas bench seating

Colin Poole

Paint fitted furniture the same shade of green as the walls, to create a continuation of space. Rather than highlight the frame of bench seating this room has cleverly integrated it into the wall so it’s seamless and less imposing. The pretty pink cushions then become the hero of this welcoming seating area.

4. Start with a statement green sofa

Green-living-room-ideas Very

Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

Grey may go with anything and blush pink may be pretty, but if you’re looking for a siren of a sofa that begs you to sit in it, then we suggest you be brave and plump for deep green. This dark hue will draw you in and encourage you to sit and relax – no excuses!

For a snug setting, go equally dark on the walls – either with a matching green or an equally dark inky blue. Metallic accents bring flashes of brightness so the look is never gloomy.

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5. Try a trend-proof pattern


Image credit: Simon Whitmore

Nothing can date a room like an of-the-moment motif, so it’s wise to keep it classic. A blurred Ikat or elegant fretwork like this is great at setting off interesting furniture, and is easy to mix with other patterns, provided you stick to a shared colour palette.

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6. Mellow out with forest green


image credit: Simon Whitmore

In a bright space, painting the walls in a flat matt forest green colour will dial down the glare. It also promotes a mellower mood that’s perfect for a room you just want to relax in at the end of a long day. Cocooning the winter and cooling in summer, it looks great balanced with equal amounts of flannel grey.

Yellow is the perfect accent colour here – just occasional hits prevent deep greens feeling too dark and gloomy.

7. Encapsulate relaxed country style

Botanical wallpaper living room how to decorate with green

Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

A room with country house decor is the perfect home for a Chesterfield-style sofa. Keep it classic with wool-upholstered armchairs, tartan and lots of natural wood for timeless rustic chic.

Choose masculine colours and heritage patterns as they’ll stop the look becoming dated or a bit twee. Designed in 1871, this branch-print wallpaper adds subtle detail without dominating the room.

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8. Try deep green with copper


Image credit: Damian Russell

Go glam and team sumptuous fabrics and papers in forest green with high-shine copper highlights for a luxurious feel. Copper is a great accent for a living room as it’s glam, but has a warm tone that makes a space feel cosy.

9. Bring the outdoors in with modern botanical style


Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

Breathe life into a white decorating scheme with mixed shades of green and displays of real (or fake) plants. Our tip is to layer several shades of green for lush contrast – here, the blinds and a throw have been edged in a fresh lime fabric that stands out against the sofa’s deeper hue.

10. Combine teal green and tobacco for a classic, confident look


Image credit: Simon Whitmore

Deep teal green has the unusual quality of making a room feel cosy and enveloping in winter, but cool and shady in summer. Bring it to life with woods and leathers that have an orangey undertone for a pairing that’s direct from nature. Add a shot or two of indigo blue and whether you create a room that’s rustic or glamorous – or somewhere in between – this colour mix will exude quiet confidence.

11. Keep things fresh with lichen and limestone


Image credit: David Brittain

Reinvigorate your home with a fresh yet calm palette of pale green and soft beige. Found in nature, these airy shades are easy partners. Use an equal mix of the two, then add shots of bright white to stop them looking murky.

Subtle colour rises need pattern for interest, so work in textural and botanical prints, and use faux or real flowers to underline the colour palette’s natural inspiration.

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12. Explore the palette of an English country garden


Image credit: Simon Whitmore

A lot of the latest looks for green are bold, daring and edgy. But if you’re looking for something less intimidating, turn to your own back yard for inspiration. This fresh take on classic rose and sage is as pretty as you like, though industrial coffee tables on hairpin legs keep things contemporary.

13. Invigorate your space with spearmint and denim


Image credit: Simon Whitmore

Mint is the perfect colour to give your living space a cool, refreshing vibe. Create an informal, effortless feel by mixing it with relaxed denim blue and slate grey, then bring the whole palette to life with pops of crisp white, chartreuse and zesty lime.

Make it mellower in winter by switching in accents of navy blue and soft purple.

14. Layer green on green


Image credit: Simon Whitmore

Shades of green work beautifully together, so don’t be afraid to mix light and dark, and both blue- and yellow-based palettes. Here, a green statement cabinet has been set against a wall in a similar tone, to classy effect.

15. Colour block with on-trend accent colours


Image credit: Simon Whitmore

If you’re willing to be brave, colour blocking can reward you with a stunning and impactful new look. Here, dark sage green walls, a Millennial pink corner sofa and and a mustard yellow armchair and cushions work together, creating a joyful and welcoming scheme that’s never jarring.

16. Let purple reign with emerald green


Image credit: Simon Whitmore

For a truly regal sitting room, let emerald green play consort to ruling heather and violet tones. Mix in some spring green accessories for vibrancy over the summer months, and work in some brass to bring more glamour to the look.

17. Add some zest with chartreuse


Image credit: Rowland Roques-O’Neil

Bring in some zing to a darker living room with shots of bright chartreuse. Halfway between yellow and green, it’s an uplifting colour that brings a scheme to life. Don’t shy away from using it on walls – this punchy floral-print wallpaper works well as an eye-catching backdrop.

Ground the scheme with dark wooden flooring and seating in more muted shades, then add accessories in grey to keep the look fresh.

18. Use green as a backdrop to full-on granny chic


Image credit: Simon Whitmore

This minty shade is on the green side of aquamarine, and is hugely versatile. It works brilliantly with punchy florals, letting them sing out alongside grey-painted furniture or aged oak – either will deliver a classic country style. Or you could give it a twist with deep amethyst accents.

19. Let blue and green be seen!


Image credit: David Brittain

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‘Blue and green should never be seen,’ the old adage goes, but we disagree! Mix just about any blues with any green (plus their sophisticated love child, teal) and you’ve got yourself an effortlessly harmonious blend.

Here, we can’t decide if the star of the show is the amazing Arts and Crafts wallpaper, that electric blue sofa or the teal coffee table that stands around in the middle of things. The point is, each piece is strong enough to work its own magic within the ensemble.

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