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Does any colour palette speak more of nature than shades of green & tonal brown? Foliage green and rich earth accents remind us of walks deep in the forest and spending peaceful time in landscaped gardens. This connection with the outdoors makes the palette a soothing choice for decorating modern interiors too. In exploration of this revitalising combo, we’re featuring two homes with contemporary room designs that still remind us of our natural roots. Take a stroll through green, brown and wood tone living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms that are designed to settle your soul with mother nature’s most loved shades, without ever leaving the confines of home.

Visualizer: Studio VAE  

Located in Minsk, Belarus, the open plan living space of this 113 square metre apartment is characterised by golden brown accents over a linear modern sofa and a modern wooden kitchen.

A rounded rectangle coffee table grows a refreshing green accent into the centre of the room, placed upon a tonal brown area rug.

The earthy rug compliments the warmth of wood chevron flooring.

Forest green paintwork shades the walls of the lounge, where panel moulding provides definition around the TV wall.

Minimalist dining room pendant lights make a low key trio over the black dining table. Unique black and ruddy brown dining chairs warm the combo.

Above the wooden kitchen base units, a matching timber panel provides a backdrop for open kitchen shelving. More panelling warmly frames out the one wall kitchen to give it added presence in the open plan.

Wood chevron flooring is replaced by hard wearing tile in the home entryway, making it a practical spot to kick off muddy boots after being in the real outdoors.

Slate grey and natural wood grain join together to create a sophisticated bedroom scheme.

A small bedside table rests by a grey city view, which makes the natural interior palette feel like a warm hug.

A modern wall sconce adds an eclipse to the bathroom vanity wall, in orbit of a round mirror. Rustic wood grain is combined with a linear modern aesthetic to create an attractive floating unit.

Narrow wooden cabinets make clever use of a leftover niche by the cistern wall.

The green and brown interior palette gives an interesting take on a modern kid’s room. The mature palette tames the more childish elements to create a space that all the family can feel at home with.

A unique kids bed slots into a wall of storage by the double workspace. Find more imaginative options for kids’ beds here.

Custom made bunk beds furnish the second kids’ bedroom, painted in a saturated matte green finish.

Brown and slate scatter cushions accessorise the bunks.

Decorative wall hooks and adjustable shelves provide flexible storage options across a huge pegboard wall. Wooden toys make a fun display up top, whilst the hooks hold backpacks and floor cushions where they’re most easily accessible.

Green shelves slot into a white volume cabinets by the desk.

A pacman shelf chomps at the window wall.

Light green bathroom tiles make a minty fresh stripe around the bathroom, lit softly by a spherical bathroom vanity light.

A granite inlay wraps the wet wall around a matching granite clad bathtub.

Visualizer: Kseniya Vinokurova  

Our second tour takes place at a home located in Moscow, Russia. Frosty green sofa upholstery gains warmth from brown accent cushions, and tonal shading from grey pillows and a throw. One wooden round coffee table melds quietly with the natural wood flooring, whilst a second brings a beat of jet black into the mix.

Sage green paintwork smooths the TV wall with a restful hue.

Black dining room pendant lights hang in a set of five over the six place dining set.

A leather Eames lounge chair gives the lounge area a chic designer touch.

Black lighting, black tables, and black appliances create a cohesive dark thread through the open plan that draws attention to zoning.

Slatted panels push pattern through a wood clad wall.

Green kitchen wall cabinets camouflage into matching wall paint to give the kitchen a more open and spacious feel around head height.

Beige dining chairs pull lighter tones from the wooden kitchen base units.

Striking and original geometric floor pattern fades from dark green through to mint, white and wood tone to encompass all elements of the room palette.

A wooden headboard panel expends the grandeur of a modern platform bed in the master.

Patterned panels give the room a cosy feel.

Brass wall sconces flank the upholstered bedstead.

Twin beds are divided into equal spaces to avoid sibling rivalry. See more smart ideas for shared kids’ rooms.

The room divider between the kids’ beds is fitted with bookshelves for bedtime reads and favourite toys.

Perforated wooden doors define a corner closet, extending the dotty aesthetic of a neighbouring climbing wall.

The kids’s indoor activities don’t just stop at a climbing wall, but unfold as a full gym wall with climbing rungs and rope, gymnastic rings and monkey bars. Crash mats keep everyone safe from injury below.

A child’s table and pair of kid’s chairs make a comfy reading and crafts area by the window.

Brown and beige tiling makes a mellow match in the bathroom.

Vertical tiles encase the bathtub and wet zone.

Narrow wooden shelves accentuate the vertical arrangement of the bathroom wall tiles, and exaggerate the height of the tall ceiling.

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