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Light and lovely, these five modern home interiors will leave you feeling peaceful, uplifted and refreshed. Beige, grey and white flow in harmonious union throughout open floor plans dashed with tactile timber elements and elegant modern furniture. Whilst clean and uncluttered, these contemporary spaces do not feel sparse. Each metre features subtle statements of chic design in textured panels, soft furnishings and modest decorative displays. Unique lighting designs become all the more prominent in the soft room schemes, like floating art. We’ll witness how the balance of intermittent dark decor accents shift the atmosphere of light decor schemes, and how natural wood tone feeds the welcoming energy of a modern home.

Architect: Shahan Saheed  

Although furniture is minimal here, added interest is introduced in the form of textured wood panelling and smoother planes. A rounded square coffee table brings the woodtone element to the floor of the white lounge, on a carpet of palest grey. A matching square side table stands between a pair of modern lounge chairs.

Wooden volumes section the floor plan into dedicated areas of use. A bespoke wooden bookcase divides the lounge from the dining room. The wood grain bulk is mirrored on the opposite side of the space by floor to ceiling timber kitchen cabinets.

Modern dining room pendant lights arc over the formal dining area.

Open sided shelves give glimpses of the neighbouring space.

A beige rug warms a basic white bedroom floor. A slatted headboard feature wall adds character to the blank white walls.

Contemporary bedside lamps light the way for bedtime books.

A bedroom chair, side table and lamp make a reading spot by the windows.

Swirls of soft smoky grey engulf the bathroom, with sections of woodtone to complete the home’s cohesive decor scheme. Atmospheric light glows around the modern bathroom vanity and a custom cut mirror.

Visualizer: Monika Kurklietytė  

Our second home interior scores subtly higher on the visual temperature gauge, with textured beige walls feeling like a warm hug. The unusual rug creates a layered effect beneath a round coffee table design and a modern L-shaped sofa.

The TV wall unit has a cosy library aesthetic, with multiple book nooks and display niches.

Right by the sofa, a pale dining set sits lightly in the small open plan. A stunning contemporary dining room chandelier gives the compact area it’s wow factor.

The chandelier stretches the full length of the racetrack dining table.

Clear glass vases cleanly display dried botanics.

A wall mirror complements the racetrack outline of the dining table. A cream pouf fades into the soft wall treatment.

A custom cut headboard spans the full width of the master bedroom with bedside units built in. A modern bedside table lamp serves one side, whilst a vertical linear wall light emphasises slatted wall texture at the other.

The slatted wood styling element continues over wardrobe doors on the other side of the room.

Cream concrete shapes the bathroom vanity, with a deep bathroom sink set on top.

Oak panels smartly conceal the toilet cistern.

Visualizer: Artem Rechitsky  

This 70 square metre apartment in Moscow is a tranquil open plan set in light grey decor. An open ended modern sofa divides the room.

Grey drapes soften and unite the living room dining room combo.

A muted pink vase and coffee table book dress the wood tabletop.

Two more unique vases make a colourful dining table centrepiece. Elegant dining pendant lights are paired up over the small eating area for bigger impact.

White kitchen base units and wall cabinets unfold behind the dining set, with floor to ceiling timber units building a contrasting return. See more ideas for white and wood kitchens.

White marble stemmed bedside table lamps add a luxurious little touch to the bedroom.

A glass closet gives the bedroom an open, specious feel.

Artwork is displayed along a low wall shelf that meets with a cushiony statement bedroom chair.

Black fixtures are prominently sprinkled across pale grey and cream concrete bathroom decor to create a bolder aesthetic.

Visualizer: Alexey Chromerov  

Our fourth home features heavy areas of dark grey and black, which float in counterbalancing airy expanses of white and wood grain.

A wood coffee table slides low across a Indian braided jute rug.

Monochrome art prints accent the white perimeter of the living room. A black floor lamp bows to the sofa.

The minimalist dining room stretches out behind the back of the couch.

cutting boards and utensils match with the natural wood kitchen countertop. Monochrome salt and pepper shakers and jars complement a simple combination of white backsplash tiles and contrasting black grout.

Visualizer: D3 Design Studio  

Our last home interior gains a slick edge from a jet black wine glass cabinet at the back of the light living space, The dark unit makes a solid central focal point behind the modern sofa.

A floating wood TV panel occupies the opposite side of the living room, suspended over a low white marble hearth.

White modern dining chairs, a clean white table and plain white dining pendant lights make up a dazzling dining zone in the open plan.

A minimalist kitchen prep area dips behind a marble room divider to separate it from the sofa

An unadorned linear suspension light provides practical lighting along the bench.

In the first bedroom, a black wall light draws attention on a white wall. Decorative beading creates a neoclassical twist.

The second bedroom is home to an imposing 4 poster bed, which shakes up its plain white and raw concrete surroundings.

White bathroom fittings crisply accessorise a mushroom grey wet wall in the compact shower room. A floating vanity unit makes the perfect fit beside the shower enclosure, visually pushing out the room’s dimensions with its sleek linear form.

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