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Whether you are a bookworm or an art lover, chances are you have quite an impressive set of treasured items. And you may want to have an elegant way to display your most valued pieces. Exquisite editions of your favorite novels or quirky souvenirs, they all deserve exposure. In the quest of finding a stylish and practical furnishing to stack your books and more, there’s a wide array of options. Yet we dare to say that simple is always better. A clean-cut design blends in easily in any decor and highlights the best angle of your collection.

If you’re a newbie in home design, here’s some good news. We’ve put together a selection of open bookcases, to enchant your eyes. From classical looks to daring lines and cuts, you’ll find top-shelf inspiration here. We also prepared a few tips to give you a starting point. Keep reading to learn how to arrange your books and artsy decorations in an appealing way.

Keep in mind that you don’t always have to go by the books. Take a look at our recommendations, but don’t be afraid to bend them as you like it. Our pocket guide is here to make shelf organization an open book(case) for you. Let’s cut to the chase and explore every trick in the book, shall we?

How To Create The Perfect Bookshelf Look

Each home reflects the style and personality of its owner. That includes also the study area or the book shelves. Creative minds or those highly meticulous people leave their marks even on the little things. In alphabetical order, by shape or simply according to your mood, the shelf arrangement reflects your vision.

Of course, interior designers will tell you that there are some principles to keep in mind always. We found out some tips and secrets that can help you get started or just refresh the looks of your bookcase.

Start from scratch. It will be a lot harder to get a balanced, well-organized image if you only try to move things from one side to another. Save yourself some time and energy and begin with empty bookshelves. Sort your books and art pieces or any other decorations by color, size or topic. Put aside for the attic box those rugged covers or more-than-antique items. Keep only the elements you truly want to display out. Complement with some ornaments that made your heart skip a beat when you first laid eyes on them.

Add a colorful touch to the back of your open bookcase. You can either opt for wallpaper or paint. A solid color or texture contrasting with the shelf lines will add depth and harmony. Let your creativity roam beyond the dog-eared pages. Experiment adding a darker backdrop with a striking pattern for more impact.

Play with shapes and sizes. Ever heard of the golden triangle of styling? Think of it as a zigzag pathway followed by your eyes when you look at a larger, complex structure, for the first time. Take control of what everyone will notice when they see your open bookcase. Start by adding the larger elements from the top left shelf. Then a second big item should go on the right side, in the middle. Lastly, the bottom center is the third corner where you should add larger scale pieces. Once you balanced the big pieces, you can indulge yourself with the little things. Fill in the gaps with smaller books, artsy knick-knacks or plants. Add some striking details under the form of a bookend or an unusual bowl, to soften the corners.

Keep it balanced. For a more visually pleasing effect, try to arrange 60% of your books vertically. Keep the rest of 40% of the shelves occupied with horizontal elements. Display your favorite titles in the best angle possible. Instead, hide the rugged covers behind a photo frame or a gewgaw.  Keep in mind the rule of thumb when it comes to bookshelves styling. Mix one-third books with one-third accessories. Leave one-third of empty space per shelf. For limited storage, add a dash of visual comforting through symmetry. For example, use on the bottom shelf a few identical boxes or baskets. You want your shelves to make you admire them in awe, not to get you tired by looking at them.

Innovate and bend the rules. Incorporate decorative elements, from plates, to boxes or artworks. Add a fresh note to your bookshelves with a little green plant or a seashell. However, avoid flowers as they can make the scene look messy or overcrowded.

Take your time. Don’t expect to get the feeling everything falls into place from the very first attempt. If you feel tired and tempted to just shove all the remaining trinkets in the remaining space, take a step back. Look at your bookcase and observe how flowing the combination feels like to you. Remove any objects that stick out ostentatiously. Rearrange, remove, until you are fully happy with the final result.

A Selection of Open Bookcases To Steal Your Heart Away

For every book addict or souvenir collector, the shelves hosting their treasured pieces are essential. Up next, we bring to you a diverse array of open bookcases, to stir your imagination. Take a closer look at them and visualize how they would redefine the vibe of your reading corner. From classical designs to modern angles and unexpected combinations, nothing escaped our attention. Ready to get your nose in the book(cases)?

Fralick Cube Bookcase

If you think bookcases are only meant to hold books, think again. The Fralick Cube Bookcase can be the new home for more than your favorite reads. Place your family photos, the souvenirs from your last trip or add some green plants on the shelf. This dark wood frame goes well with numerous interior decorations. Rely on it to keep your books nicely displayed by the wall. Or place it as a dividing element in a room, to create a separate corner, more intimate. Classy, stylish, versatile, this open bookcase is what you need to do your reading space up brown.

Moskowitz 72″ H x 24″ W Metal Ladder Bookcase

Less is more and that also applies to bookshelves. When you want a more minimalist piece for your room, opt for the Moskowitz 72″ H x 24″ W Metal Ladder Bookcase. Make the most of your space with this wall-mounted piece. Combine your books and decorations on any of the five shelves and keep things in order with no trouble. Easy to install in just 25 minutes, sturdy and designed to carry up to 50 lbs. per shelf, this bookcase is a must-have for practical readers. In your living room or home office, this industrial ladder shelf will be a beautiful addition. Bring a vintage vibe to your space with the durable metal frame merged with the oak-laminate wood.

Ottery Cube Bookcase

Neat, clean and with everything in order sounds like your kind of style? Then the Ottery Cube Bookcase fits right in your home design. Keep your ideas, tomes and more in fashionably order. Crafted from manufactured wood, this eight-cube bookcase is ideal for you to air up your room. Thanks to the open structure and all-side finish, you can place it in any area of your home. From baskets to potted plants, every little detail will find its place on these shelves. Say goodbye to clutter and enjoy a well-organized reading spot.

Thomaston 56″ H Ladder Bookcase

Books can transport you to a different era through their stories. But so can the Thomaston 56″ H Ladder Bookcase, with its antique look. This four-tiered beauty is by far, the best choice to display flea market acquisitions. Tell your own kind of story and arrange your collection as you want. Charming design and a rustic touch are what this bookcase brings to your space. Match it with complementary rugs, sofas and some flower pots, to turn your house into a welcoming home. Versatile and practical, this open bookcase is both visually appealing and resistant. Your books will be safely guarded and beautifully displayed on its shelves.

Geometric Bookcase

Think outside of the box. Or better said, reshape the box to match your most creative perspectives. The Geometric Bookcase comes with a design that breaks the rules and enchants the eye. Combine home decor with your most cherished titles, in any way you want. These staggered shelves are conversation-starters, no doubt. And they hold your collection safely, thanks to sustainable materials and durable structure. Place them upright or lying down, these shelves will look great from any angle. The finest Sheesham wood is responsible for the rustic yet chic look. In your hallway, living room or any other space, this bookcase leaves everyone gazing in awe.

Twist your way through your favorite books with the Ignacio Geometric Bookcase. This zigzagged masterpiece will complete the contemporary design of your living room. Add a splash of modern to your interior with this charming structure. Clear glass panels and manufactured wood combine both style and generous storage options. Enjoy the freedom of mixing up elements on the four shelves. Display your collection in a sophisticated frame and let it charm your guests.

Blonde Etagere Bookcase

The Blonde Etagere Bookcase will take you aback with its simplicity and style. A dark-shaded metal frame holds together four shelves made of top-quality MDF wood. Indulge your fingertips with the paper foil finish, as you wander around in search of the next read. State-of-the-art crafting makes this smooth, durable open bookcase draw attention instantly. The gorgeous shade of natural oak on the shelves is a head-turner.  In your bedroom or other rooms, this bookcase merges fashion and practicality fabulously.

Mahendra Ladder Bookcase

For a distinctive look in your reading corner, the Mahendra Ladder Bookcase is ideal. Play along the lines and explore the generous storage space brought by this unique piece. The metallic frame merges with paper veneer and manufactured wood, for a modern look. Turn your book corner into something remarkable. Choose this ladder-inspired bookcase and don’t be afraid to experiment. Decorate the top shelf with plant pots or art pieces, for an intriguing contrast meant to inspire.

Mckibben 51″ x 49″ Geometric Bookcase

The Mckibben 51″ x 49″ Geometric Bookcase is the kind of maze no book lover would mind getting lost in. A gorgeous palette of eight colors and a stunning design make it impossible to get away. You won’t be able to resist the charm of this open bookcase. Explore arranging your tomes on various heights and in different combinations. Manufactured wood never looked so intriguing yet sophisticated. Choose your favorite solid finish and get creative with organizing your prized collections.

Clements Geometric Bookcase

Put aside all your limitations and think beyond the walls of a box. The Clements Geometric Bookcase balances your space through its asymmetry and modern finish. Say goodbye to worries about scratches or heat damage. Instead, welcome this flickering chrome piece into your home. Modern cut, state-of-the-art materials make this open bookcase a real conversation starter. Ten rectangular shelves soften the corners and accommodate your volumes in style. Manufactured wood of the best quality and iron stand behind a contemporary-looking space. Leave aside limitations and take your living room to the next level of daring design.

Cubeicals Cube Bookcase

Let’s be square and fair, the Cubeicals Cube Bookcase is just perfect to be very organized. With generous storage space, allowing you to mix things up with some boxes even, you get more than shelves. You get a refined piece of furnishing that will blend in ideally in any decor and make organizing easy. Display some colored paperback covers, flower pots or photo frames in any way you want. Put your fingerprint in keeping the house tidy and stylish with this open bookcase. Four tiers of spacious cubicles are all you need to be the happy owner of a neat book corner.

Euler 69.9” H x 16.8” W Metal Etagere Bookcase

Fan of unconventional furniture? Then the Euler 69.9” H x 16.8” W Metal Etagere Bookcase is something you might like. Picture this: manufactured wood, carefully crafted and mounted in a heavy-duty frame. Round up your books or photos in any corner of the room. This open bookcase will look fabulous in any of them or right by a plain wall. The choice is yours, the options are limitless. It features five attractive shelves and a tip-over restraint kit. So this bookcase will keep your adornments safe and stylishly displayed.

A Quick Reading Between The Lines

You’ve seen various designs and read about the most relevant aspects that impact how your bookcase can look like. Before you get your nose in the books, remember to measure things up. Check out the available space in your home and assess your needs. Depending on how large your collection of hardcovers is, you might need more than a pair of corner shelves. Keep it simple, don’t overcrowd it and always leave some free space for new acquisitions. After all, once a bookworm, always a bookworm, right? That goes for the art collectors, too, don’t worry.

To maintain a neat look in your living room or bedroom, your shelves should never be full to the brim. Let us know in the comments which open bookcase truly won your heart. Get all your books in order and also give our article on DIY photo frames a read. You might get some inspiration for a more personal touch on your top shelves. Enjoy!

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