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Living comfortably in a space under 30 square metres requires a bit of creative thinking, and this pair of studio designs have space saving ideas that are guaranteed to inspire. Each of these two unique small home interiors incorporates game changing custom made furniture that allows the floor layout to be used in an entirely new way. Home design number one features a bespoke cube of lounge and bedroom furniture in one–without a conventional sofa bed in sight–and storage space is copious but unseen. Our second home design brings a plethora of cabinets in which a whole bathroom is concealed, and a built-in bookcase hems in a multi-level bedroom with a unique home workspace.

Visualizer: Bartosz Kowalczyk  

Our first featured home is a 29 square metre studio apartment that belongs to a young designer, located in Pruszkow, Poland. Despite its compact proportions, the minimalist living room is clearly zoned with the implementation of cubed volumes and contrasting colour.

The lounge “cube” is a custom built piece of furniture. The design amalgamates a bespoke L-shaped sofa with copious amounts of concealed storage space around it and underneath, plus a bookcase inside one end.

A modern coffee table completes the square lounge layout. Part of the sofa has been fashioned with the same steel frame supports to create custom cohesivity.

A soft grey rug pads the floor around the square coffee table, tucking in tight to the sofa.

The storage drawer underneath the couch conceals a surprise trundle bed. The bed extends within convenient reach of the bookcase, making it super easy to make a selection for bedtime reading.

Thanks to its plug-in design, this multifunctional light can be unhooked from the ceiling of the kitchen diner area to become a floor reading lamp by the bed.

When in its kitchen diner location, the unique lamp is suspended from a ceiling rack to light up the dining peninsula.

A modern chair drops a black accent at either side of the wood effect dining bench.

Large windows fill the small living room with bright natural light. A home workspace is set up next to the glass.

An all white kitchen design is fitted with a coordinated white integrated oven to complete the streamlined aesthetic. Wrapping the small dining table in a contrasting finish helps to clearly split the open concept.

The dining peninsula is actually a moveable module that can become a freestanding table/island. As seen here, the module can also be joined with the desk to make a much larger table that will seat up to eight people for dinner.

In this square configuration, the dining table and desk make a collaborative double workspace.

A solid wood entryway bench adds a textural rustic touch to a smooth white hallway.

A wall of entryway storage is concealed behind unassuming handle-free cabinet fronts.

The storage wall includes a sliding volume, which houses cleaning equipment and shoes.

Another panel pulls down to reveal an ironing board.

The last door off the home entryway leads to the bathroom.

Atmospheric lighting accentuates a textured dark grey wall treatment and a coordinating integrated bathroom sink.

A shower area stands at the end of the narrow linear space.

Slatted ceiling panels exaggerate the room’s lengthy appearance. Narrow storage nooks in the end of the vanity unit stow away a face towel and WC supplies.

Architect: IR arquitectura  

Our second home interior is a studio apartment with a special semi-circular balcony design.

The balcony forms the main attraction of the tiny living space. The bowed perimeter and open skylight pulls in joyful treetop views and boundless daylight.

Indoor plants thrive in the abundant sunlight, sprouting from the shelves of a custom bookcase and from plant stands around the floor.

The large built-in bookcase forms a partition between the main living area and the bedroom. The open sided shelves serve both zones, and share the natural illumination.

On the other side of the triangular living space, a one wall kitchen is stacked up to the ceiling line in order to make maximum use of vertical storage space. A ladder facilitates easy access.

Wood frame doors seal off the balcony. More indoor plants bring the leafy outdoor views into the embrace of the unique sunroom.

An orb lamp makes the space cosy as the sun sets.

White coated mesh screens filter the panorama, whilst pure sunshine pours in from above.

The cool concrete floor becomes clad with grey, green and sunny yellow tiles as we come to the home entryway, which is also the access point to the bedroom domain.

The bed itself is elevated above the height of base storage cabinets, which gives it an all around view of the apartment via the upper open shelving volume. Objects of interest line the shelves to provide quirky decor on both sides.

The multi-level small bedroom arrangement features a comfortable workspace across the midway point, which benefits from the appealing view.

The raised floor gives the effect of going upstairs to bed, despite the apartment being only one floor. The open shelving partition is invaluable in preventing feelings of claustrophobia in the narrow space, and to facilitate airflow.

A round coffee table takes up little space in the compact home, and is light enough to be moved onto the balcony when needed.

A dining table tucks away into the kitchen cabinets, hidden until needed. The table is just big enough to accommodate the two homeowners, so as not to eat up any unnecessary space.

One of the other full height kitchen cabinet doors is actually a secretive door to the bathroom. Inside, sturdy storage shelves can also be used like a ladder, to enable the couple to quickly access bathroom supplies stowed way up top.

The apartment floor plan reveals that the bathroom sink is tucked away inside the kitchen cabinet volume too, which saves valuable space in the tiny shower room.

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