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Grey and white decor fashions fresh feeling interiors that come alive under scattered elements of warmth and interest. So, how do we include just the right hint of colour and creativity into a modern neutral backdrop without completely overpowering a cool minimal aesthetic? These two inviting contemporary home designs feature multiple ways in which to introduce a little life into the peaceful palette, from examples of modern art to understated yet mood boosting personal collections. We’ll also see how the raw concrete industrial aesthetic can become part of a warm and inviting interior with the right partnerships of furniture, soft furnishings and uplifting home accessories.

Visualizer: Holl Design  

The 42 square metre ‘U-House’ is located in the city of Kazan, Russian Federation. The project was shaped on a fairly modest budget for the 30-year-old male homeowner, who leads a nocturnal bachelor lifestyle.

Concrete, metal and wood come together to build a contemporary, industrial inspired aesthetic. A beige rug softens the seam-matched plank flooring.

Modern art adds character to a bright, minimalist living room, alongside an uber stylish sofa design.

Similarly to the sofa design, the base of the sleek TV stand extends out to one side, making an ideal spot to display an indoor plant.

The chrome planter reflects natural light from the balcony doors, and complements the cool grey concrete ceiling.

Surface mounted electrical cabling emphasises the ceiling’s industrial look.

A black metal coat rail is mounted above a shoe ledge in the hallway. A black framed full length mirror balances out the other side of the home entryway.

A small kitchen peninsula and a modern metal bar stool create a neat dining spot.

The kitchen cabinets carry a reflective metallic finish, which helps to expand the sense of space.

An open fronted unit is illuminated with LED strips to fashion a creative lightbox effect.

A built-in closet keeps the master bedroom layout looking clean and uncluttered.

The homeowner requested a bespoke wooden bed design and a work surface by the window. The response was a sturdy platform bed with a headboard that integrates into a custom desk design.

The wooden expanse even wraps around to the bedroom TV wall to create one connected flowing visual.

Venitian blinds provide a simple window dressing that complements the thinly framed desk chair.

Bearbrick and KAWS sculptures add an artistic display to the headboard wall.

The desk offers a large work surface to spread out documents and peripherals.

Leaving the original concrete exposed across the bedroom ceiling creates opportunity for fresh contrast with crisp white wall paint.

Black sanitaryware and grey tile makes a sophisticated bathroom scheme.

A light oak vanity shelf breaks up the darkness of a black bathroom sink and floating storage drawers.

A glass vase displays a refreshing burst of natural greenery within the neural decor palette.

Atmospheric lighting warms the space.

Photographer: Hanna Połczyńska  

This private apartment in Gdansk, Poland has its grey and white decor scheme lifted with blush pink and inky blue accents. Square nesting coffee tables add a beat of black to the centre of the lounge.

A decorative vase brings a pop of colour to complement the sofa cushions and intriguing modern wall art.

Faux fur adds dense, warm texture to a raw concrete floor, where a showstopping high-gloss black accent chair looks almost fluid in the window light. A small planter pulls the black accent over to a wall of storage.

Another black plant pot accents white wall shelves, which house a curated library of colourful vinyl sleeves.

A locker style console table holds the record player.

The dining area is situated right by the arm of the small sofa.

A unique linear chandelier boldly anchors the eating area in the compact open plan layout.

The black chandelier smoothly complements black metal frame dining chairs.

A black dining table completes the dark dining ensemble.

To contrast, a clean white kitchen design has been installed. A black tap, integrated oven and black kitchen accessories create a colour link with the dining set.

Wooden wall panels define the end of the kitchen run, creating a visual divide from the home entryway and the bedroom.

Black, white, grey and blush pink elements make up a peaceful bedroom setting. A collection of indoor plants add an invigorating touch to a Scandi style white and wood chest of drawers.

Black and white wireframe memo boards overlap to create a decorative wall feature, which displays personal photographs, sentimental cards and art.

A tiny fox figurine slinks across one of two floating bookshelves that have been mounted at base unit height. The books add a glorious multicolour stripe to the serene decor palette.

Black plant stands take the place of a bedside unit, since a space saving bedside shelf is utilised here instead. A frosted glass orb wall sconce blends quietly into the all white backdrop.

A wooden wardrobe falls back into a niche by the floating bookcase, and a wood pocket door into the bedroom conserves more space. Another faux fur rug adds a soft white accent to the concrete floor of the bedroom.

Moving on into the bathroom, a solid black vanity unit commands the clean white space.

Inky colour artfully floods the glass of the vanity mirror. An ink blue soap dispenser draws the colour out into 3D form by the vessel basin.

A charming miniature figurine and decorative vase daintily adorn the bold vanity unit.

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