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Life with young children is filled with fun and surprising moments, so why not reflect that in the design of your family home? Visualized by MOPS Studio, this 109-square-meter apartment design incorporates unexpected design elements into the construction of lively family spaces. Whilst the main living room decor palette is a sophisticated spectrum of gray, novel dashes of design exude a fresh and youthful spirit. A circular motif is used cohesively throughout the home to soften the aesthetic. You’ll find it rounding out the kitchen backsplash and the master bathroom floor, and bestrewn across the kids’ bathroom wall. The kids’ bedroom offers inspiration for a shared homework space and unique upholstered bunk beds.

There is no rug in the living room, which removes the trip hazard for a busy family and saves scrubbing at stains made from spills. A set of round coffee tables make no sharp corners to bump against either.

The removal of trip hazards makes sense with the placement of the modern fireplace. It is installed along the side of the room in the thoroughfare of footfall. This placement leaves the focal wall open to mount the TV at optimal eye level.

A sleek media console unit is mounted underneath the TV. The upper third of the TV wall is clad with mirror to give the room a bright and spacious feel.

A gray living room sofa backs onto the dining area and kitchen. Concrete gray walls shade the perimeter of the open-plan living space.

Floating shelves climb the wall next to a swivel chair to fashion a comfortable reading nook.

The family kitchen is small but well-formed with a central kitchen island. There is room for a couple of kitchen bar stools up at the breakfast bar–though with the dining table nearby, there is plenty of space to spread out.

The living room dining room combo has a cohesive, balanced palette of cool gray and warm, natural wood tones.

A linear suspension light draws above the length of the eight-seater dining table, keeping family dinners well-lit.

Decorative vases and glass candle holders arrange a modern centerpiece on the wooden dining table.

The dark gray kitchen backsplash is dissected by a lively rounded motif. Vertical slats and a row of wooden wall cabinets add to the bold, abstract design. See more ideas for grey kitchens.

A unique rattan floor lamp, with wooden elephant ears and a trunk, adds a playful element to the kitchen diner space.

The home entryway is fitted edge-to-edge with stylish modern wall paneling, custom-cut mirrors, and bespoke storage solutions.

Two unique stools push underneath a floating entryway shelf with storage drawers. The unit cuts across the wall of mirrored glass to achieve a weightless appearance. An unusual floor lamp with tiny globe shades complements the rounded stools and the circular motif set in the living room.

Frameless doors disappear into the wood-clad walls.

Other interior doors camouflage with cool gray concrete finishes.

A mini laundry room is accessed just off the home entryway. A washing machine and tumble dryer stack alongside a concrete sink. LED strips are installed along the edges of shelves to illuminate the compact utility nook.

In the master bedroom, an upholstered bed adds a subtle hint of green to a predominantly gray and wood-tone decor scheme.

The bedroom TV and a wooden TV mount hang on a raw concrete wall.

Gray wardrobes meld with the concrete backdrop.

Sliding glass doors lead to a covered balcony area, which has been converted into a light-filled home workspace.

A floor-to-ceiling mirrored wall panel constructs an optical illusion that makes the wardrobe run appear twice as long.

The master bathroom has a modern bathroom vanity with a slatted aesthetic. The floor design features a quarter-circle design that becomes a semi-circle in the full-length vanity mirror.

The wood-clad toilet cistern concealment wall hides storage compartments.

A small shower space design tucks neatly into an alcove. A vertical radiator is installed just outside of the shower enclosure to warm robes and towels.

The gray kids’ bedroom is enlivened with electric blue accents. Wall shelves house all manner of items, from books to toy storage boxes.

An upholstered bunk bed design is teamed with equally soft upholstered walls. Round wall sconces pierce the gray fabric with bright light.

A gym wall is installed to burn off the kids’ energy, while a homework space encourages concentration. The desk is equally divided with identical lamps and desk chairs to avoid arguments. See more inspiration for shared kids’ rooms.

Bean bags rest on a freeform area rug, making a soft play space with plenty of room to spread out.

Two double wardrobes organize the kids’ clothes, while another wall of shelving puts treasures on display. Closed cabinets hide away messier items.

In the kids’ bathroom, round, decorative wall hooks scatter cheerful color and pattern across wood cladding.

The bathroom basin and faucet are mounted against a mirrored wall, which visually expands the small space. A couple of cute penguins sit on the vanity to encourage the kids to wash their hands and brush their teeth.

A cork stool holds a stack of dry towels next to the fitted bathtub. A recessed shelf keeps bottles of bubble bath, soap, and shampoo close to the tub. A round wall sconce shines above the small bath, like warm sunshine.

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