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French neoclassical details bring elegance to these two home designs, whilst modern injections of colour add upbeat character. The combination of classical and contemporary features causes a lively juxtaposition that feels welcoming and practical for young families to enjoy daily life under a canopy of traditional beauty. From open and airy living spaces with stunning boiserie and bright accents to chic bedrooms with bold personality, these interiors are filled with colourful neoclassical inspiration. We’ll also see how to tackle the lofty elevations of a double-height living room, discover a plethora of inspiration for using arches in interiors, and how to style fabulous neoclassical derived kids’ bedrooms.

Designer: Murphy Institute for Space Research  

In this 132 square metre, single floor residence, deeply decorative French neoclassical details spell out elegance, luxury, and romance. The open layout living space features a cosy lounge area with colourful accents and a family-friendly dining room.

Colourful throw pillows give the modern cream sofa a more relaxed image, whilst a woven living room rug lays a splash of personality across the oak herringbone floor.

A metallic golden pouf adds a bright spark to the lounge layout, and playfully reflects light from the large living room window.

A wine red lounge lounge chair adds another bolt of colour to the furniture arrangement, building visual heat against the plain white backdrop of the neoclassical decor scheme.

The wide lounge and dining room combo is illuminated by an AIM pendant light installation, which stretches out from one decorative ceiling rose at the centre.

A white Samsung Serif TV stands elegantly on a slimline stand at one side of the living room, surrounded by traditional wainscotting.

Entry to the kitchen is made through an archway that’s framed with fabulous boiserie. The archway creates an open connection whilst still defining the transition.

The red swivel chair looks upon the modern TV, whilst a traditional fireplace is aligned with the dining set.

The fireplace is colourfully adorned with decorative vases and ginger jars.

Comfortable decorative vases surround a modern dining table design with clear acrylic legs and a solid wooden tabletop.

A decorative bowl and a small ginger jar make up a colourful dining table centrepiece.

A small black and white side table is used as an extra surface for serving food to the family, providing room for extra condiments and sauces.

Colourful placemats and wall art create a friendly dining atmosphere.

The multi-functional living space also houses a piano room and a reading nook for the kids to practise in and study. This space can also be switched into an extra bedroom when the need arises. Tracks for a portiere curtain are hidden above the arched doorway to offer privacy.

The kitchen is decorated in a simple but effective scheme of high contrast black and white floor tiles and clean white kitchen cabinets. See more inspiration for black and white kitchens.

The master bedroom suite is coloured by a plush blue upholstered bed.

The suite is divided into a sleeping area, a separate ensuite bathroom and a generous dressing room.

On the floor plan, we can see that balcony space has been utilised to house the washing machine and dryer cabinet.

Visualizer: V – 法式别墅  

In this french villa design, a spectacular double-height void is filled with a trio of sparkling living room chandeliers that draw the eye upwards.

A large area rug grounds the lofty living space with strong blue accents. The lounge furniture follows the perimeter of the rug, setting down a modern gray sofa, a pair of chic houndstooth lounge chairs, and an Asian tea table with two stools.

An extraordinary fireplace wall fills the height of the room with a luxurious display of marble under a bright, vertical light installation.

The round dining table is anchored beneath an incredible plaster canopy, which opens like a white parachute above it.

Behind the formal dining area, a small marble kitchen island is merged with a more casual dining table that’s suitable for breakfast time or quick lunches. A modern light installation swings above, creating loose ribbons of illumination.

Inside the neoclassical bedroom design, a tropical wall mural is situated alongside a classical headboard of boiserie. A channel tufted end of bed bench complements the cool grey upholstered bed design, whilst wood wall panelling brings visual warmth around the perimeter.

A chic chaise lounge reclines in front of the bedroom window, presenting a perfect reading nook and a cosy spot in which to enjoy morning coffee.

The home office is combined with a home gym area, making this a space for progress and positive energy,

The desk is turned perpendicular to the wall to divide the room between its two clear functions. Each area has its own window and task lighting.

The villa features two stylish neoclassical kids’ rooms. The first is a blue bedroom with a novelty bed design. One panel of decorative boiserie is coloured blue to give the space a youthful vibe. Arched wall shelves are painted blue to carry on the theme.

The second modern kid’s room is more neutral in palette with blue accents reserved only for the window drapes. Blush pink accents add soft colour to the bed pillows, a kid’s desk chair, and a boldly patterned bedroom rug.

A cosy barrel chair furnishes the kid’s reading nook.

A snug is furnished with high-end lounge furniture and a trio of unique coffee tables.

Colour comes in the form of blue wall art and a show-stopping, sculptural red chair design.

Wood wall panels build a warm vignette.

The master bedroom is a large and airy space, anchored by a deep blue focal wall. A textured bedroom rug grounds a small sofa area at the end of the bed.

Blue drapes draw attention to a colonnade of arches.

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