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Home is a place where we feel that we belong, somewhere we enjoy spending time–just like hanging out with a good friend. And, just like seeing a friendly face, cheerful spaces uplift our mood and affect how we go about our day. These four Scandinavian home interiors embody that welcoming feeling, with easy going breezy white decor, cosy textures, the natural touch of timber, uplifting indoor plant life and joyful modern pattern. We’ll also wander around a light-filled glass wall home office design, a tranquil balcony retreat, a balanced bedroom and lounge combo, plus an energised black and white arrangement with lively greenery and boho touches.

Visualizer: Quang Dũng  

Cosy textures envelop our first Scandinavian living room like a friendly hug.

A knitted pouf nibbles at the edge of a geometric rug, and deep cushions make a den of comfort on the sofa.

A dual headed floor lamp and a knitted throw makes an ideal spot to settle down with a good book and a cup of coffee.

Wooden ladder shelves house a family of plants against the TV wall. The dining set carries the beech accent through.

In the minimalist dining room, an AIM pendant light makes a match for the lounge floor lamp. An adjustable shelving unit forms an attractive backdrop with books, plants and monochrome prints.

A glazed volume sections off one corner of the living space to make a dedicated workspace with library. The modern home office desk is positioned socially up against the glass.

The minimalist home library is furnished with a comfortable reading chair in a rich honey hue. A small side table holds a mini planter of succulents–just in case the several shelf plants weren’t quite enough.

Wood herringbone flooring comes to a stop at the kitchen, where it is replaced by a contemporary geometric tile.

Mosaic tiles pattern a cheerful Scandi backsplash along the prep area of the white kitchen. Wooden shelf inserts disrupt the cool surrounds with comforting moments of natural texture and warmth.

Visualizer: Walk the Room  

Pops of blue change up the vibe on our next home tour. The deep colour contrasts against rich brown and burgundy elements, giving the living room confident character. A set of decorative wall hooks throw pattern against a clean white wall.

The mixture of scatter cushions, soft knitted throw, ribbed area rug and wicker coffee table come together in a party of homey textures.

An eclectic array of modern dining chairs enliven the small dining area off the kitchen.

Bamboo topped kitchenware and a wooden chopping board add earthy elements to the kitchen.

Blue & burgundy artwork and accents frame a grey platform bed in the master. Sheer grey drapes filter the sunlight and billow at a balcony door.

A quiet white headboard wall allows the modern wall sconces’ vibrant burgundy colourway to gain due attention.

Out on the balcony, a menagerie of planters and outdoor furniture fashion a tranquil retreat. Lavender plants release a relaxing scent to promote rest and rejuvenation. A cushioned bench reclines by the outdoor chairs, aimed purposefully at the sunset view.

Decorative mood lights scatter around the terrace like glowing pebbles.

Evening refreshments are served on an outdoor coffee table.

Visualizer: Johannes Lindqvist  

In a 3D project designed to explore photo realism, we see a replica of a real-estate photoshoot by “Entrence Mäkleri”. This white living room is also the bedroom of the home, whilst the kitchen and dining area command their own separate room.

A glass coffee table keeps the centre of the small room looking open and more spacious.

Black and white prints add a bold point of interest to the clean white room.

A clear glass vase and its metallic friend top off a collection of coffee table books.

A pair of brown leather chairs warmly offset the cool black and white decor.

Over in the bedroom half of the room, a swing arm lamp blends with the white headboard wall.

Upon entering the kitchen, we’re met with the bright welcome of a red persian rug, which defines the small dining area from the galley kitchen. Clear perspex dining chairs maximise the sense of space and light, whereas the black dining room pendant light gives the area substance.

A modern candlestick holder is set on the window sill, ready to light up cosy candle lit dinners.

The dividing wall between the lounge/bedroom combo and the entryway has been utilised as a shoe storage wall, with the help of a simple ladder shelf. Mirrored doors over the coat closet make the entryway look double its actual size.

A radiator cover makes a handy entryway shelf for keys and such.

Open shelving replaces upper cabinets in the kitchen to push out the walls.

White kitchen units fall back into matching walls.

White subway tiles lightly texture the backsplash to combat the plainness of the scheme, whilst a black countertop adds some visual weight.

Monochrome decor adds punchy dark accents.

Visualizer: Ślusarczyk 3D  

Finally, we end with a tour that seems alive with the bustle of black and white elements, an abundance of indoor plants and some earthy bohemian touches. Two sets of wall shelves cover the entire sofa wall with greenery and an aesthetically pleasing black and white book collection.

The nursery of plant babies doesn’t end there though–another alcove of shelves puts several more to bed. Macramé wall hangings up the boho vibe.

Tactile wicker chairs encircle a round dining table by the woven wall decor.

The small kitchen interior is a heart warming display of natural wood, lush greenery and sunlight.

White wall cabinets reflect natural light along the length of the galley layout.

Solid oak floors connect the rooms.

The only break from oak flooring occurs in the bathroom, where a decorative black and white tile better serves the wet zone.

A minimalist bathroom vanity light suits the simplicity of the layout, which also serves as a laundry room.

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