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Enter a fantastical realm of imagination with this intricately layered interior by Yuli Design. In a pushback against the prevailing pursuit of minimalism, this captivating concept dares to explore the idea that “more is more.” Within each living space, a cluster of unique and wondrous objects awaits, ready to immerse and delight all who enter. Bold juxtapositions in theme, aesthetic, color, and captivating materials intertwine seamlessly, creating an environment of unrestrained style. From every angle, enchanting imagery fills the field, beckoning visitors to revel in the extraordinary. Like a hypnotic fusion of modernity and dreamy fairy tales, this extraordinary interior presents an otherworldly experience.

A psychedelic forest mural decorates the ethereal white living room with dreamy blue and green accent colors. An 8ft Giraffe In Love chandelier stands alongside the fantasy art, calling attention to the impressive ceiling height and glamorously illuminating the modern sofa underneath. See more inspiration for decorating a living room with large wall art.

Beside the channel-tufted sofa, a tan chaise lounge chair reclines beside a built-in bookcase. The shelves are tucked into an irregular arch-shaped alcove, which is painted solid black to contrast sharply against the light wall decor. A black and white rug features an arch motif to complement the display shelving.

A series of narrow columns march through the center of the living space, creating a dividing wall between the sitting area and a formal dining room. A marble seat is built around the columns to form a curved bench. Large and small circular platforms are perched at one end of the bespoke bench to create an elevated seat and side table arrangement.

The living room chandelier sparkles over a quirky little side table, which is the Pinocchio Service Table. The glass tabletop is held between Pinocchio’s wooden head and the brim of his tiny hat. Assorted scatter cushions are layered upon the living room sofa to make interesting groupings.

Black and white nesting coffee tables furnish the heart of the living room seating arrangement. One table is cantilevered over the next to create a gravity-defying visual. One table is adorned with a silver decorative vase, which brightly reflects light from the window. Cherry-shaped sculptures embellish the second table with a whimsical aesthetic.

Another set of whimsical cherry sculptures color the center of the dining room table. A line of unique dining room pendant lights glows above, beautifully depicting the phases of the moon.

The enchanting moon lights wax and wane from one end of the dining room table to the other. They inspire a bold gray and white patterned wallpaper treatment with an interlocking circular motif.

Double doors with an elegantly arched framework lead the way into a wine storage space. The wine storage room is ideally positioned for choosing the perfect tipple to accompany the evening meal and to always keep guests topped up.

Inside the small wine storage room, there are banks of wooden shelves to display the most precious wine bottles, and cabinets down below for stowing away a selection of spirits. The shelves are brightly backlit to illuminate the bottle labels and aid easy selection.

Moving around the corner, away from the dining room, we find a small workspace. A freeform desk design stands in the middle of the floor, leaving space around it for two chairs. A series of black pendant lights hang from a tangerine-edged ceiling. Large artwork is layered over a traditionally wood-clad wall.

The kitchen features a unique island design with an attention-grabbing blue support column. Floating shelves are installed above the kitchen sink, where they display items of interest.

The rest of the kitchen is concealed behind doors that identically match the textured wall treatment. With the majority of the kitchen concealed, the kitchen island and sink take on a wet bar appearance in the formal dining room. A white, beveled ceiling treatment looks like a folded sail above.

The floor tiles are changed out below the kitchen island to differentiate its function from the rest of the living room.

An unusual green art plinth seems to balance precariously upon a rounded base, as though it could be easily toppled. Its smooth white marble top displays a curious bird statue with a heart-warming character.

The first bedroom has a playful decor scheme with colorful accents and lively design elements. An iridescent bedside table displays a rainbow of hues beneath a mini metallic pendant light. A pink flamingo art print fills a narrow alcove, while the bed sleeps under a widely arched canopy. Inside the large archway, a pendant light falls through a line of box shelves. See more ideas for bedroom pendant lights.

The second bedroom is more subdued in color but maintains a whimsical magic. Stark branches lose their leaves in a mural above the bed, while a golden bunny is dressed in the paper shade of the bedside table lamp. A half arch leans behind the headboard of the bed, which falls away from the limelight under subtle greige upholstery. A second half arch shapes the ceiling, causing a cutaway around a chic satin gold pendant light.

A faux sheepskin bedroom rug introduces sumptuous texture at the foot of a comfortable chaise lounge. The pale gray chaise is teamed with another iridescent side table and a cute pink palm tree floor lamp to fashion a cozy reading nook.

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