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Embark on an exploration of a modern home interior where distinct accent colors define each zone. Designed by Ira Lysiuk, this residence captivates with its thoughtful palette, demonstrating a useful mastery of color. The main living space is brightened with powder blue elements, which make an uplifting backdrop for relaxation and social gatherings. In the bedroom, sunny sand-colored accents counteract a predominantly gray canvas, shaping a warm and tranquil sanctuary. A pair of adjoining bedrooms have vibrant pink accents with a bold, youthful energy, full of creativity and playfulness. Prepare to be inspired by the harmonious interplay of colors in this captivating abode, and the floor plans that are included at the end of the tour.

Visualizer: Oleksandr Kondriianenko  

The living room is a bright and cheerful space thanks to a plethora of breezy blue accent pieces. A powder blue couch forms the centerpiece of the room, and blue curtains continue the theme. See more ideas for a blue couch living room.

A jute rug is laid underneath the blue couch, placing natural texture underfoot. Circular ceiling lights are scattered overhead, looking like a modern art installation.

Spotlights run down the edges of the ceiling, distributing even illumination and highlighting wall art. Modern wood cladding frames the living room doorway, clearly defining the home entryway from the living space.

Blue accents, paired with soft cool gray elements, create a calming vibe that aids rest in the living room. Behind the blue and gray living space, the kitchen pops in contradictory shades of yellow.

The living room TV wall is decorated with more wood paneling and a matt black TV mount. A modern gray console unit and a black storage cabinet are integrated to form one unique piece. A slender black floor lamp elegantly lights the bookshelf.

A dining room chandelier adds a breath of sky blue to the dining area in the kitchen.

The large light fitting dwarfs the small Scandi-style dining set below.

The L-shaped kitchen installation displays a series of color-blocked sections. Base cabinets make a weighty matt black statement, while appliance housing cabinets are pure white. Wall cabinets lay a muted shade of yellow above a deep ochre tile backsplash.

Three white plastic chairs and a matching white dining table stand out starkly against the dark backdrop of black base units.

Pale blue crockery ties in with the eye-catching kitchen pendant light.

Out in the home entryway, a blue barn door makes a colorful statement.

Matt black hardware adds a sleek modern touch to the blue barn door.

The sliding door closes over a hall tree bench. Colorful coat hooks make a playful addition.

A geometric textured statement wall stands in the entryway, opposite the open living room doorway, to create an interesting focal point from both areas.

Wooden tiles contribute natural texture and tone.

A second barn door closes off a walk-in closet. This time the barn door is usefully mirrored, while the inside of the closet sports the captivating powder blue colorway.

Black track lights cut across the white ceiling, coordinating with the black-framed barn door.

Inside the grey bedroom, a home workspace and dressing area are defined by warm sandy hues.

The geometric textured wall panels used in the home entryway make a reappearance here, behind an upholstered gray headboard.

Lightweight curtains draw closed across the home workspace to make the sleep space into a restful retreat.

A mini pendant light illuminates each bedside table. See more ideas for stylish bedroom pendant lights.

Sand-colored buttons warmly punctuate the bespoke gray headboard design, tying the sleeping area in with the home workspace.

The textured paneling above the upholstered headboard is repeated at the foot of the bed to create a balanced design.

The nightstands feature a tray top design, which prevents items from sliding off if accessed in the dark.

A wall of sand-colored wardrobes colors the end of the gray bedroom design and separates the bed from the entry door.

On one side of the window, there is a built-in vanity unit. A round mirror, a discreet wall sconce, and a modern gray chair complete the ensemble.

The opposite side of the window is furnished with a built-in desk. A set of wall shelves display a small collection of books and a stylish black and gold desk clock.

A second gray chair rounds out the home workspace, along with another sleek black wall sconce.

In the bathroom, a sand yellow vanity unit makes a warm contradiction to pale gray surroundings. Ochre tiles, like those found in the kitchen, form a vanity backsplash here.

More yellow ochre tiles fill a recessed shelf beside the bathtub. We also see a third instance of the geometric textured wall treatment.

Chunky matt black fixtures strike boldly through the unique bathroom scheme.

This pink bedroom palette creates a youthful energy. A black swing arm wall lamp counterbalances the sweet hue.

A pink desk chair furnishes a large workspace, which morphs into a dressing area at one end.

The pink desk chair backs onto a wall of crisp white wardrobes, which provide fresh relief from the solid pink walls.

A doorway leads off the initial bedroom into a cozy space with a daybed with a fully upholstered headboard wall. Pink scatter cushions accentuate the joyful pink bed base.

Pink buttons add a fun twist to the gray headboard.

A coordinating pink bathroom is furnished with a unique geometric vanity unit.

Apartment floor plans.

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