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Manor House is a beautiful 7-bedroom family home situated on Queens Park Road in Chester. Many of the period features in this Grade II listed Victorian home have been preserved including the fireplaces and stunning stained class windows.

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However, this home has managed to escape looking too traditional by blending these with plenty of modern touches to bring this gorgeous home into the 21st Century. We’d safely bet that when you sat in class as five-year-old and told to drawer a house, it might have come out looking a little like this.



Victorian house in Chester 1

It would be a crime to not spend a few minutes/hours admiring the façade of this house. Made out of traditional red brick, with a slate clad roof and gorgeous large windows picked out in white, we can only imagine that the family living her must be related to the Darlings or the Banks, or some other Disney brood. The perfect streak of green from the creeping ivy is the finishing touch that is almost too good to be true.


Victorian house in Chester 8

Our first thoughts might have been whether you could slide down that bannister à la Mary Poppins, but on a more grown up note this hallway is a open and breezy space. The marble floor looks formal, but is also practical for putting up with the muddy footprints and kids running around. The light fitting is a lovely touch, it makes a statement without looking gaudy, and compliments the geometric ceiling mouldings.


Victorian house in Chester 2

This mix and match kitchen proves you don’t need to stick to one style to make a splash. The black backsplash behind the cooker and the worn wooden island are reminders of the houses Victorian roots in this modern kitchen. There is every mod-con you could want in this room, from a wine fridge to a built in coffee machine. The current owners have made the bold move to install a playful glass light fixture in this room, just because kitchens are supposed to be practical doesn’t mean they can’t be fun too.

Dining Room

Victorian house in Chester 4

There are two dining spaces in this room, but this is our favourite. The red tiled floor gives this room that traditional and informal feel, mixed so well throughout the house. The dining set up is clever, opening up the room by putting a bench on one side and chairs on the opposite. This room in days gone by might have been reserved for the kitchen staff, but with that view out of the French doors we’d feel like the lady of the manor having breakfast here.

Living Room

Victorian house in Chester 3

From the informal to the beautiful, this living room was made for entertaining. The current owners have stuck to emulating the original splendour expected of a drawing room in this room. While not typically ones for crystal chandeliers, we love how this one looks with the stained class double doors. This room has the unusual luck of having a  window above the fireplace flooding the space with light. However the loveliest touch has to be the row of small shoes neatly displayed along the ledge above the radiator.


Victorian house in Chester 7

If you want to make a statement in a bedroom this is how you do it. The room has been kept deliberately free of excess furniture and ornaments, because with wallpaper like this you don’t need much else. The current owners have cleverly positioned the bed at an angle in the corner of the room so that the occupants can enjoy view out of both windows. Who said a bed needed sit flat against a wall?


Victorian house in Chester 6

A freestanding bath always looks luxurious, and picked out in mint green in a neutral bathroom it looks even more enticing. The cupboards discretely disguised as panelling allow this room to achieve the look of being minimal, despite have buckets of storage. If you’re wondering were all the shampoos and towels are our bet is in one of them.


Victorian house in Chester 9

The garden is relatively compact for a house of this scale, but still lovely. The lawn wraps around the house and the front garden is mainly laid out with shrubs and trees to maintain some privacy. The back garden is south-facing and includes a large patio the perfect spot for entertaining in summer.

Manor House is on the market with Savills for an asking price of £1,500,000.

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Was this your dream home growing up?

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