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Pared back to peaceful perfection and blanked out with space expanding white decor, minimalist modern homes are pictures of airy tranquility. No nonsense minimalist living spaces are appealing in their simplicity and complete lack of overwhelm. Crisp minimalism exudes an air of positivity, possibility, and makes room for creativity. Best of all, it can be achieved on any scale, as these two modest interiors effortlessly prove. If the idea of simpler living, less cleaning and more time for you sounds good, then pull inspiration for positive change through home designs that lock down the look and the lifestyle. Breathe in clean minimalist living spaces, pared back white kitchens and relaxing bedrooms.

Designer: Yes Home Studio   
Photographer: Abluebird Photography  

The first of our two featured home designs is a modern minimalist apartment located in Ha Noi City, Vietnam. An open plan layout smooths the path of easy, free-flowing living.

A reading nook has been fashioned into the large window reveal. Wood panelling frames the bench as a room within a room.

Drawers beneath the window bench provide extra storage to the minimalist living room, to help keep the space clear and organised.

Kitchen storage is sliced into three separate volumes, with the cooking hob positioned at the heart of the layout on a small peninsula.

In the entryway, plain white closets match the clean aesthetic of the kitchen volumes, which creates the illusion of a much larger kitchen area.

A white upright piano fits neatly into a niche between kitchen cabinets and the dining area. Above the piano, a contrasting black Eames bird cuts a dark silhouette against a tiled white backdrop and white bookshelves.

The kitchen unit next to the music area features retractable doors, which open up a convenient coffee bar.

At the other side of the piano, the modern dining set brings a touch of warmth to the ice white decor scheme with its natural wood finish.

The kitchen peninsula wraps around the edge of the partition wall, where it serves as a useful entryway shelf. A JWDA table lamp by Menu lights a welcoming glow.

The peninsula and chimney extractor neatly enclose a small galley kitchen area.

A narrow two ring induction hob frees up more prep area on the limited kitchen countertop.

On the opposite kitchen countertop, a black tap and sink balance out the dark hob.

An indoor plant trails from open kitchen shelving with a pared back display of decorative bowls and vases.

Inside the bedroom, custom made furniture makes the most of compact dimensions. A platform bed has been built to fit the room from edge-to-edge, including an elongated headboard design that encompasses a floating bedside storage unit. An extended ledge along the length of the bed positions an Atollo lamp at an ideal height for reading.

A tasselled grey throw trails deep texture over the wooden bedstead.

Knitted accent pillows throw in more cosy vibes.

The wardrobes are a custom creation of shorter height units, made to fit along the foot of the built-in bed frame.

A glass wall showcases the ensuite bathroom and a modern freestanding bathtub.

A gunmetal grey bathroom faucet ties in with the grey accent bedroom decor.

The slender pedestal sink makes room for an electronic toilet with built-in bidet.

Photographer: CL Studio  

Our second home tour takes place in the 96 square metre Half Space Residence, located in Wen Ling, Zhe Jiang Province, China. In this minimalist living space, the spine of an open staircase design stretches up across the focal TV wall. A sleek low level modern TV stand extends a matching wood and white finish beneath the treads.

A clean and contemporary sofa design furnishes the dazzling white living room with smoothly rounded profiles.

A raw concrete planter adds a brief industrial vibe to the minimalist TV wall.

The modern staircase leads up to a mezzanine landing.

A plain grey rug adds a little shading to the predominantly white living room. Black furniture trims provide definition.

An interior window feeds natural light into the apartment’s exit stairwell.

The modern kitchen is situated beyond the stairwell. A simple but stylish dining area gives access to a ground floor bedroom through sliding doors.

A rectangle dining table proportionately fits the length and breadth of the room, with ample walking space left around it to ensure an uncluttered end result. Scandinavian style dining chairs smooth out the set.

The custom TV unit forms the base of the staircase, where decorative items form a relaxed display. A mini wall clock punches the white paintwork with a bolt of blue.

When the sliding doors at the rear of the dining room are drawn closed, bright blue gloss alcoves and built-in bookshelves are revealed.

Another window in the stairwell borrows light from the dining room.

A globe pendant light drops over the stairway.

Free-flowing natural light is the very essence of the interior, brightening and energising all spaces.

Cutaways maximise the sense of space.

Black and white decor defines the minimalist bathroom.

One stylish lounge chair serves as both a reading area and an entryway chair. See more inspiration for lounge chairs here.

A full length mirror reflects the room.

A decorative vase and a round rug accessorise the reading area.

Yet another interior window feeds light into the upstairs.

A traditional Chabudai table and a modern sideboard nestle under the eaves.

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