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Impressively large rooms with high ceilings and wide windows build these two exceptional rustic Mediterranean style villa designs. A warming palette of natural materials covers each room in the shape of relaxed rattan furniture, jute rugs, rustic wicker pendant light shades, burlap drapes, and hessian throws. Visualised by Anastasia Bulycheva, the texture-rich accessories are met by raw wall render and fresh infusions of indoor plants. Sliding glass doors adjoin indoor and outdoor living spaces to make the most of warm and glorious weather. Comfortable outdoor lounge areas have been fashioned around the pool terraces, where mature green borders grow serene seclusion and picturesque perimeters.

Our first rustic Mediterranean inspired villa design comes to us from the Turks and Caicos Islands, lying on the southeastern periphery of The Bahamas. We begin the villa tour in a luxurious bedroom design, where lightweight burlap drapes billow in the breeze at wide windows.

A hessian headboard treatment and a matching throw add deep, visually warming texture to the bed, along with two decorative jute accent pillows. Stainless steel bedroom pendant lights introduce a much cooler and sharper aesthetic at either side of the bed.

A floor reading lamp adds a stainless steel accent beside a lounge chair in the corner of the bedroom. A set of glass doors lead out onto the terrace to extend the bedroom into a cool seating area.

Next to the bedroom chair, a small table provides a handy ledge for setting down books and a cold drink. A mature plant flourishes in a handmade wicker planter.

Round jute floor cushions are scattered on the concrete terrace that lies outside of the bedroom. Just around the corner, the blue swimming pool water shines invitingly in the sunlight.

A wicker chair pulls up at a floating rustic desk design, which multitasks as a media unit beneath the TV, and also as a dressing table.

A natural jute rug is unfurled across the bedroom floor, ending just beneath the wicker chair to fashion one cohesive space.

On the wooden desktop, a compact Marshall speaker sets a retro vibe. The portable speaker can be taken out onto the terrace to play music by the pool.

The small bedside shelf holds a desk clock that has a coordinating retro look.

The terrace that lies just outside of the bedroom doors dips down, which allows the higher platform to be utilised as a built-in concrete sofa design. A rustic outdoor coffee table fills the centre of the conversational seating area.

Rustic decorative bowls add extra character to the weathered outdoor coffee table design.

An assortment of throw pillows make a tonal arrangement across the L-shaped outdoor sofa and an outdoor chair. A couple of poufs round out the furniture layout.

Sunlight plays upon the outdoor chair and sofa through a cane pergola. A concrete planter houses a plethora of lush green plant life.

The lush green borders continue around the edge of the swimming pool to provide picturesque privacy.

Modern sun loungers gather at one end of the rectangle pool design, where one can gaze upon the garden and the blue horizon.

Our second rustic Mediterranean pool villa design is located in Marbella, Spain. In this concept, lines are a little smoother, and the decor palette a little lighter. A living room rug warmly mirrors the rich natural tone of exposed wooden ceiling beams.

Two curved sofas smooth white accents onto the natural rug, where they wrap around a set of two circular coffee tables.

The white and wood beam living room ceiling aesthetic influences the attached pergola design.

An open staircase design climbs the back wall of the living room with suspended risers.

A lightweight wicker pendant light shines down onto an Eames bird at the centre of the airy lounge space.

In the corner, a jute round rug and tall indoor plants give a small reading nook a cosy appeal.

A small rustic side table complements the rattan lounge chair. A beige accent cushion lightens the look.

A floating shelf is mounted low on the wall in order to display a large piece of modern artwork and some smaller sculptural elements.

Rustic stone feature walls build mellow creamy focal points around the living room and behind the minimalist staircase.

A bed of stones beneath the staircase design receives lightplay through the open treads.

A fireplace and a split level floor separates the lounge from the neighbouring kitchen and dining space.

The dual aspect modern fireplace allows a glimpse of the neighbouring room through the flame.

A rectangle dining table spans the space between two entirely glass walls that look out upon the terraces.

Two rustic wicker dining room pendant lights illuminate the contemporary dining table.

Wooden window shutters rotate to shield the dining room from the glare of the Mediterranean sun.

Stone walls run seamlessly between indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Even with the shutters turned to cool the interior, natural daylight enters the villa through clerestory windows.

WIde concrete steps lead directly from the edge of the living room, down into the swimming pool.

An olive tree adds a burst of greenery to the pool patio.

Outdoor chaise lounge chairs are situated at an elevated point next to the kitchen diner, which makes it easy to grab refreshments when desired.

The lower outdoor platform is dressed with floor cushions to fashion a comfortable bench underneath the shade of the canopy.

The wood, stone, and white render materials palette communicates a rustic Mediterranean style that spans the ages.

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