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Most of us are either disco people or museum people, but DJ and activist Honey Dijon (Etsy’s latest Creator Collab contributor) is both. In her eyes, the two settings celebrate the same thing: self-expression. I love the sense of discovery and joy that comes with finding something new and making it yours,” Honey told the online marketplace. She partnered with 10 talented makers, curating and designing items that celebrate both queer and BIPOC communities throughout the decades. With a mix of fashion and home pieces, the collection will make you feel like staying out till dawn, even if you’d rather stay home. 

Mirror, Mirror

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Created with Bucks County, Pennsylvania–based furniture maker Wren & Cooper, the Fluted Mirror, cut from maple and finished by hand, was inspired by Art Deco and the vibrancy of the 1970s. The bright orange was a departure from the comfort zone of the minimalist artisans, but the push from Honey clearly paid off—the piece has already sold out!

A Loving Embrace

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The feeling of partying in the ’80s and ’90s in smell form, the No. 303 Embrace scented candle was created in partnership with Aerangis, a shop based in New York. With notes of golden saffron, patchouli, and birch resin, the accent (named after Honey’s favorite bass line synthesizer) almost makes up for the sweaty, post–dance floor moments with friends we’ve all been lacking this year. 

Flora, Not Fauna

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C’mon, vogue. Modeled after the iconic dance, the drippy green Flora vase was developed with Hannah Simpson, a ceramist based in the U.K. The glossy finish, which nods to the glamour of the iconic Studio 54, is achieved with a twice-fired glaze. Simpson and Honey went with nontraditional shapes to underline the idea that beauty can be found anywhere. 

Love Thy Afro 

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The Love Thy Afro incense holder is a celebration of individuality for both the artists behind Yeux Studios (based in the U.K.’s Bristol) and Honey, who told Etsy, “[It] is particularly important to me as someone who grew up only seeing straight hair represented and thinking my hair was somehow inferior.” The concrete pieces are poured individually and spray-painted black, highlighting their perfectly imperfect nicks and bubbles. Your coffee table thanks you in advance.

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