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Light and luxurious and full of exquisite detail, this modern home design is a high-end haven. Visualised by Idunic Studio, this elegant interior design unfolds under a delicate palette of pale greige and shades of white. The laconic colour story shapes spaces that are quietly confident, where design must come alive by originality of silhouette rather than hue. Luxury furniture pieces are joined by artistic interludes, classic wall panelling, chic lighting installations, and bespoke storage solutions. Traces of gold thread a warm metallic accent through the serene white and greige base, whilst hints of blue add the merest suggestion of pastel.

In the white and greige living room design, a large area rug quietens the acoustics of the large area. Two white sofas and a pair of elegant lounge chairs draw around the edge of the white rug to form a conversational arrangement.

A round white marble coffee table forms the core of the lounge layout, which reflects the circular silhouette of a beautiful white chandelier.

The living room chandelier reflects light from a series of windows that form a dual aspect view. Crisp white drapes frame each one, causing a deeply textural backdrop.

A small side table places a flash of metallic gold at each end of the sofa, which are complemented by chic gold wall sconces. Wall moulding adds a classic air to the decor scheme. Textile panels add a sumptuous element.

As an alternative to the overhead glow from the ​​living room chandelier, several table lamps are placed around the room to make softer mood lighting.

Each sofa table stands on a gleaming gold base that ties in with the small side tables around the room.

The TV wall is framed by 3D relief panels that slide aside to reveal shelving behind them.

The modern white fireplace features a fashionably ribbed bronze firebox. Above it, an eye-catching gilded mirror gleams brightly.

The design object that adorns the white marble coffee table conveys two links of matching white stone with gilded banding.

More beautiful decorative items adorn a narrow shelving unit beside the fireplace. The ornaments are interspersed between books and a series of picture frames.

When the 3D relief panels are slid to conceal the TV screen from view, two beautiful, bespoke shelving units come to the forefront.

The two panels of relief art become a single entity, which forms an artistic backdrop behind a stylish bench seat.

A smaller piece of wall mounted 3D relief art is mounted on a neighbouring wall to extend the theme.

In the base of each storage unit, a set of drawers are faced with stunning white marble.

Decorative vases and bowls add gems of visual interest onto the shelves of the built-in units. Subtly patterned wallpaper makes a lightly dappled, tonal background that complements the elegant display pieces.

The master bedroom is a large and spacious suite with a generously proportioned lounge area. Two sofas face each other across the room.

The bed is teamed with an oversized wooden headboard design that incorporates two wall sconces. The sconces provide focussed reading light, whilst two unique bedside table lamps shed soft mood light.

Four framed canvases cross the top of the headboard, filling the space between two striking arched doorways.

Black bedside units float clear of the floor, further increasing the sense of space in the large room.

An enormous rug stretches from beneath the bed to encompass the entire bedroom lounge area. The rug provides a continuous plush feeling underfoot and softens sound.

The bedroom TV is mounted on a wood effect wall panel that defines it from the fireplace.

The sheep sculpture in the corner of the bedroom is inspired by François-Xavier Lalanne’s “Moutons de Laine”.

A glass coffee table brings a flourish of metallic gold to the blue and white bedroom decor scheme. Grey scatter cushions add dark contrast to the white sofas.

The grey sofa cushions are matched by a grey decorative candle on the coffee table. A small ceramic vase completes the dainty vignette.

A unique chandelier circles the bedroom ceiling. The curved sofas complement the chandelier’s round outline.

Elegant white wall lights flank an art wall. Framed abstract paintings are carefully propped on a floating white marble shelf. A decorative arched mirror design drops blush pink textile into the mix.

The bedroom rug brings cool hints of pastel blue into the decor scheme, as well as darker notes that tie in with the black and white bedroom fireplace design.

The home office has a splendidly sophisticated appearance, with prominent wall panelling, art, and tasteful furniture.

Home office storage is built into the room layout under finishes that perfectly match the wall panelling.

A lounge area is the main focus of the home office, creating a place for conversation and collaboration.

A notable TV wall is created with layered wall panels and moulding.

Two fabulous lounge chairs are arranged around the TV, where they add a twist of gold. A small side table sits between to receive drinks.

Two more side tables flank the sofa in the office. One holds a stunning stone table lamp with a unique geometric shade.

Cube-shaped wall sconces light up the perimeter of the room under mesmerising stone and satin gold finishes.

Each modern wall sconce is mounted at the centre of a wooden wall panel, where they softly illuminate the beautiful grain.

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