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Few materials create an immediate sense of luxury quite like marble. This material has been admired since antiquity, used in both sculpture and architecture alike. Marble – and marble lookalikes – are making a grand resurgence within modern interior design. This post tours three homes designed and visualized by Shexia Space Design, each one featuring tremendous marble accents as a unifying theme. You will see marble used for a variety of applications, from furniture and accessories all the way to major interior treatments. Use these images as inspiration for fresh ways to use marble details within your own home.

This first tour begins with a stunning modern living space punctuated by one of the most classic decorative elements of all – a slab of Calacatta marble with rich grey veining. Throughout these homes you might notice that Calacatta marble is favored. Calacatta is from the same region of Italy as the ever-popular Carrara but Calacatta tends to feature whiter marble with darker and more defined veins. The beautiful table features a marble effect in pink with rich white veins that mimics the look of something like Rojo Alicante.

Furniture draws from a variety of styles. The modern sofa is a sleek 2004 design by Francesco Binfaré – its name, On the Rocks, is a nod to its original stone-like upholstery but this example boasts a smoother more contemporary treatment. The suspended modern fireplace is the Domofocus model from Focus, a smaller and more streamlined version of the iconic 1968 Gyrofocus design.

While marble is a luxurious feature on its own, this interior also incorporates a few other opulent features like this elegant accent chair with its sleek metallic finish.

Modern meets classic in the dining area. Intricately carved boiserie doors hang from ceiling to floor, a traditional touch that feels right at home with the marble tabletop. Geometric dining room pendant lights provide a contemporary offset to match the glass table pedestals and the rounded chairs.

Color accents are used sparingly. The effect of this decorative vase is so much more powerful in the absence of competing elements.

Minimalism defines the separate media and entertainment room, allowing the interior elements to take center stage. Each piece of furniture is a sculptural work of art and the room itself is a blank canvas.

In a room populated with such unique and dissimilar color accents, carefully chosen artwork can tie the theme together.

A large home bar sits opposite the entertainment area. Marble serves as a backdrop to the wineglasses. Beveled marble slabs form a bar counter. Above, a twisting ribbon of metal echoes the twisting bands of gold that glimmer within the veins of some dazzling marble selections.

The expansive wine cellar is enough to make any oenophile envious.

Grey marble is often more affordable than the pristine milky white options. The floors here could be a Grey Emperador, Isparta Grey, or other lightly veined variety.

The bedrooms are more subdued. While the rest of the home is dominated by marble, the bedrooms take a more welcoming approach with warm textiles and soft textures.

Of course, these spaces are not completely separated from the home thematically. This bedside table lamp features a base in dark green marble as a nod to the home’s material palette.

Metallic accents like the bedroom pendant lights and the side table ensure the master bedroom maintains that spark of luxury despite its comfort-centric styling.

Strong, simple geometry is another recurring theme throughout this space. Smooth cylinders like the vase and divan pillow stand in contrast to the blocky profiles of the bedroom chair and gold table.

An interesting alternative to the walk-in closet, this walk-through closet features spacious cabinets on each side and leads directly to the master bathroom.

Marble makes a grand reappearance in this space. Rougher stone gives the shower a more natural aesthetic.

This bedroom has a more youthful energy. Unconventional geometry adds a playful touch – the loops of the bench, the curves of the modern chandelier, the folded shapes of the wall sconce.

Arched cabinetry completes the whimsical aesthetic.

This second home takes a completely different approach to decorating with marble. Instead of large swaths of the material, this space uses marble elements sparingly. By using bold colors, this design makes more a visual impact using less of the material. This approach feels less formal and more adventurously modern.

A round coffee table centers the living area. Its marble-like appearance takes on the tone of popular stones like Elazig Cherry and Rosso Levanto.

The dining room table enjoys a similar style, this time in a bright white with delicate yet distinct grey veining. Above, a modern take on the retro sputnik chandelier concept.

Unique geometry plays a role from the rounded table set to the artwork, from the lighting to the arched doorway.

A striped decorative vase underscores the artistic geometry of its surroundings.

In this incredible white kitchen, a green marble island sink stands out. Coloration like this can be found in the Verde Alpi slabs quarried in Italy, or in other premium green marble varieties.

Notice the distinctive lighting element worked into the niche between cabinets – a lovely ethereal addition.

A bright master bedroom adopts a simpler aesthetic, decorated in greys and reds with a few hints of greenery.

Through the semi-transparent panels, a wide arch provides access to a spacious closet area.

More dramatic green marble cladding brings color and elegance to the shower.

This luxury bathroom is open, airy, and makes fantastic use of natural stone.

The third and final home uses marble in both conventional and unconventional ways, conservatively in each case. Unlike the other two homes, this space does not center around any major marble elements in the living room. Instead, you see smooth contemporary furniture with distinctive curves – the round table, the sweeping floor lamp.

Each color choice exemplifies the trends of today, especially the pale dogwood accents – also known as millennial pink. This millennial pink chair is from the Prince line by Rodolfo Dordoni.

Bold marble centers the kitchen. These veins are especially defined, creating a bigger impression with less material. The same millennial pink color recurs at the dining table built into the kitchen island. This model is the Beetle Dining Chair from GUBI.

In the bedroom, more millennial pink and metallic accents create a modern and welcoming look.

A large dressing area contains a glass-walled bathroom. While marble may be expected in a luxury bathroom, the continuation of marble near the vanity area is a delightful surprise.

The gorgeous vanity chair and vanity mirror use that striking color combination that makes this home feel fresh.

Marble graces the floors, the sink vanity, and the shower walls.

In wet environments like the bathroom, marble can be exceptionally high maintenance. Many high-quality lookalikes exist – from ceramic tile to cultured marble and beyond.

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