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Who doesn’t aspire to own the full Cox & Cox catalogue for their home? But for now we’ll settle for owning this gorgeous new glassware collection. The ‘New in’ ribbed glasses are going down a treat with shoppers, proving a sell-out success in the first week!

But fear not, our Cox & Cox team hotline informs us that these sell-out glasses will be back in stock tomorrow. So set yourself a reminder to pop a set in the virtual shopping basket immediately.

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Must-have: smoke fluted wine glasses

fluted wine glass

image credit: Cox & Cox

As entertaining at home looks to be the new normal way of life, we say it’s time to buy the dream glasses. These stylish new glasses come as a set of 6, which as it stands is the optimum amount of guests allowed to any one gathering – just saying! Inspired by traditional French glassware these elegant glasses will make every wine occasion feel more fashionable. There are also new Champagne flutes styled in the same smoked glass – because you can never have too much of a good thing right?!

Buy now: Six Smoke Fluted Wine Glasses, £55, Cox & Cox

The brand shared the stunning new ribbed wine glasses on Instagram a few days ago, and already they have proved to be the most liked post of the month! Cheers to that.



‘Set a special tone to your evening with our Six Smoke Fluted Wine Glasses, styled on a vintage French design’ wrote Cox & Cox. The ambient shot has, so far, generated 7,262 likes and a whopping 248 comments.

The theme of appreciation seems to be toasting friends who will love the new designs;
‘I can imagine us both appreciating these ✨’says one. ‘Because you can never have too many ribbed glasses 🤣 ‘ jests another with a pal.

As well as those who simply adore them…’They are STUNNING!!’ exclaims one excitable shopper!

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Let’s raise a toast to the fabulous new glassware coming back in stock!

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