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I was walking down the rope aisle at the hardware store and spied black and white sash cord so I stopped, picked it up and thought to myself, this cord would make a really cool textural container!

I got creative over the weekend and made these stitched containers out of the black and white cotton cord, then I added the black geometric details with thin black yarn. They make a cute bohemian pair don’t you think?



I found two brands of black and white cotton cord, the SecureLine I found at Friedman’s and the Blue Hawk I found at Lowe’s. I ended up using only the BlueHawk brand and returning the SecureLine.



Supplies you’ll need to create your own: cotton sash cord, glue gun, wax paper, vessel to make form, black yarn, tapestry needle. To begin, form the base by using the hot glue gun to create a circle as wide as necessary.



Wrap your vessel in wax paper and secure with tape. I used an existing planter I had because I knew it would fit the shape of the plant I wanted to display. Covering it in wax paper allows you to slip the vessel out of the cord container easily. Use the hot glue to form the walls of your container by continuing to wrap the cord around.



If you run out of cord, simply clip the ends of two pieces, glue them together, and continue gluing the walls of the cord container.



Continue wrapping cord around vessel and securing with glue until you reach the desired height. Trim end and secure with more hot glue. To create pattern, thread a tapestry needle with thin black yarn and get creative!

Viola! You’re very own custom boho black and white containers:




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