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Rope baskets are versatile, go with many types of decor, and add texture to a design. Hand-crafted rope baskets are a beginner-friendly DIY, easy to make in a variety of sizes.

Tin rope jewelry holder

Today we’ll walk you through crafting a small rope basket, perfect for storing jewelry and other small trinkets.




  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • paintbrush
  • pencil
  • pink acrylic paint
  • tin
  • rope
  • silk ribbon
  • lace ribbon
  • cardboard

DIY rope basket materials

Step-by-Step guide

Step 1: Cut out a cardboard circle

Place a piece of cardboard flat on your work surface, and then place the tin you’ll be using on top, face down. Trace around the tin with a pencil to create an outline. Then use the scissors to cut out the circle. 

In a later step, you’ll use the cardboard circle to create a lid for your basket.

Diy rope basket 1

Diy rope basket 2

Diy rope basket 3

Step 2: Wrap and glue rope around the tin 

Make sure the tin you’re using is clean. Remove any labels or glue if necessary, and ensure the edges are smooth and free of imperfections. Then apply a thin line of glue onto the tin starting at the bottom. Begin wrapping the rope around the tin, adding more glue as you go. Make sure the rope is tight, and follow the edge in a straight line. 

Diy rope basket 4

Diy rope basket 5

Diy rope basket 6

Diy rope basket 7

Diy rope basket 8

Step 3: Cut the excess rope and secure the ends with glue

When you’ve covered the exterior of the tin with rope, cut off the excess and secure the end with hot glue. Blend the end with the rest of the rope so it doesn’t look out of place. You can flatten it and press it down as the glue dries or cut it at an angle to make the transition smoother. 

Diy rope basket 9

Diy rope basket 10

Step 4: Glue some lace onto a piece of ribbon

The next step is to prepare a  loop handle for your basket lid. Cut a piece of ribbon that’s twice as long as you want the loop to be. Next, cut a piece of lace ribbon the same size. Apply a thin line of hot glue and try to center the lace onto the ribbon. Gently press it with your fingers and allow it to dry. 

Diy rope basket 11

Diy rope basket 12

Diy rope basket 13

Diy rope basket 14

Step 5: Glue the loop handle onto the cardboard

Fold your ribbon in half and apply a dollop of glue to the underside of the ribbon. Press the ribbon together to create the loop. There should still be excess ribbon on both sides of the spot you’ve glued.

Position the ribbon loop on the center of the cardboard. Use your hot glue gun to glue down the ends of the ribbon to the cardboard lid. 

Diy rope basket 15

Diy rope basket 16

Diy rope basket 17

Diy rope basket 18

Step 6: Cover the cardboard lid with rope

Starting from the center, where the loop handle is, apply a bit of hot glue onto the cardboard and make a rope coil. Add more glue and secure the rope onto the cardboard lid until you’ve covered the entire circle. Wrap the rope around the edge of the cardboard at the end and cut off the excess rope.  

Diy rope basket 19

Diy rope basket 20

Diy rope basket 21

Diy rope basket 22

Diy rope basket 23

Diy rope basket 24

Diy rope basket 25

Step 7: Paint the basket

Now it’s time to add the finishing touches to your rope basket. (This step is optional, and you can leave the basket as it is if you’d like.)

We chose pink acrylic paint that matches the little loop handle on the lid. If you want to add a design, use a paintbrush and acrylic paint to add a pattern to the basket.

Diy rope basket 27

Once the paint is dry, your rope basket is complete.

Diy rope basket 30

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