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There are so many flowers in bloom right now! I stopped by my local Trader Joe’s to treat myself to two bunches of peonies. I was inspired to make some floral motif vases to show them off and guess what I used… floral paper napkins! These vases are created with a decoupage method using Mod Podge and paper floral lunch napkins.

I used three sets of napkins to create these: pink blooms, romantic flowers, and ditsy floral.


The glass cylinders I bought at Michaels. The only other supplies you need to make these are Matte Mod Podge and a paintbrush to apply it.

The steps are so simple, I didn’t photograph them, but I’ll share some video on Instagram.

1.) Cut the paper napkins to fit the height of the cylinder allowing an inch extra on the bottom and top. Make sure to separate any plys or sheets so that only the top patterned portion of the paper is the piece attaching to the glass.

2). Paint the glass cylinder with a coat of Mod Podge. Lay the napkin on a piece of sheet plastic pattern side down and carefully align the cylinder with the edge of napkin. Gently roll the cylinder across the napkin so it adheres to the Mod Podge.

3) Carefully make any adjustments for wrinkles, but be gentle so not to tear the paper napkin. Allow the napkin and Mod Podge to dry a full two hours. Rinse the paintbrush for second application later.

4) After two hours apply a second coat of Mod Podge to the top of the napkin. Allow to try another two hours.


A group of these look lovely on a mantel or side table, or an even larger group of them could make fun event centerpieces.


If recreating this project, choose napkin patterns that are bolder with more color and contrast so the patterns show up better when stuck to the glass with Mod Podge. I like how the pink bloom and blue romantic flowers napkins look, but the ditsy floral turned out a tad pale for me. Have fun making your own!

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