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The Blanc project combines the colonial style with a modern open-plan layout. At the request of the client, pockets of privacy were achieved with the implementation of light-permeable partitions. Designed by Dematrix, this distinctive home holds an ethereal interior aesthetic with a fresh neutral color palette. The unique scheme conveys a positive vibe that feels alive. It communicates peace, elegance, and restful luxury. The kitchen springs to life under a bold dark green color scheme, which highlights this hub above the rest of the sociable living spaces. Contemporary furniture and 3d relief art lightly meld into pale backdrops. Lighting installations are special and interesting, adorning each room like jewelry.

A wide, paved driveway sweeps toward the grand front entry porch of this colonial-style home. The black paving stones complement stark black accents across the facade.

Potted plants smartly flank the front entryway. Exterior wall sconces light up a warm welcome.

The house contains five bedrooms, a sociable reception room, an open-plan dining room, a family living room, a study area, an open kitchen, a laundry room, and an upper living area.

The pale decor palette communicates a sense of minimalism, whilst upmarket materials convey comfort and luxury.

In the public reception room, a sputnik chandelier and a modern round coffee table place contrasting black accents into a predominantly white room palette. A wood-slatted ceiling and wood-backed display shelving units share a classic colonial aesthetic.

An assortment of decorative vases and a collection of books fill the built-in shelving units with interesting silhouettes and splashes of color. A feathered tripod floor lamp introduces a dash of whimsy to the room.

A blocked fireplace is paneled to complement the shaker-style storage cabinets that flank it. Matching wall molding makes an attractive frame around a modern gold mirror.

More textural decorative vases adorn the round coffee table in the center of the room.

Glass partitions divide the modestly proportioned reception room from a much larger, open-plan living space. The triple slide glass door grants the reception room privacy as well as airflow. In the larger, free-flowing sociable space, a playful swing seat hangs from a support beam.

A deep corner is transformed into a small lounge area. The cozy corner is perfect for impromptu conversations or to utilize as a bright and airy reading nook.

A small side table and a modern planter add points of black contrast between the white lounge chairs and wall decor.

The flooring in the open-plan living space is stunning gray and white Italian Statuario marble. The marble has a fabulous, dramatic vein and a glossy, light-reflective quality.

A small work area is tucked into the corner of the living space.

3D relief wall art adds textural interludes onto the ethereal white perimeter.

A sweeping staircase design features spaced marble treads, which allow natural sunlight to filter through. Unique decorative balustrades create a sculptural appeal.

The dining room scheme features a coffered ceiling treatment, which elevates the formal aesthetic.

The dining room console table is fashionably textured with fluted doors.

Golden accessories and fixtures deliver elegant luster.

Glass partitions achieve a sense of separation whilst maintaining the open flow.

Modern wall sconces bejewel the white walls with golden accents.

A vase of flowers makes an uplifting dining table centerpiece.

On one side of the dining room, a convenient hand-washing area features a unique bathroom sink. The black and PVD gold detailing on the wash basin is complemented by a matching black and gold tap and towel rail.

Plush upholstered dining chairs seat up to twelve people at the long rectangle dining table. Their ribbed upholstery is complemented by a piece of ridged relief art. All murals and artwork in the home have been customized to the space with a Duco finish.

A modern wall sconce illuminates each side of the artwork.

A cluster of globe pendants descends the double-height void above the open-plan living space. Visual interest is created with different sized pieces, suspended at varying heights.

The master bedroom is accessed just off the formal dining room. Cool gray and white tones create a soothing setting. SPC wooden flooring delivers a rich herringbone design.

A sliding glass door gives access to an ensuite dressing room. Two comfortable chairs and a small side table fashion a bedroom lounge area.

A gold floor lamp adds an elegant touch to the bedroom lounge. Decorative panel molding is filled with a delicate botanical wallpaper print. All of the wall and ceiling moldings were custom-made for the project to emphasize the scale and proportions of each room.

In the guest bedroom, the color scheme is switched up with a fresh green palette. Dark furniture provides weighty visual anchors.

The room has a contemporary yet colonial feel.

Beige bedclothes and white sheets create a layered look on the gray upholstered bed.

The kitchen features the boldest and darkest colorway in the house. A dark green cabinet finish gives the space a regal look.

A small dining area provides a convenient breakfast spot.

Gold hardware luxuriously complements the deep green kitchen units.

The hob is situated in the kitchen peninsula. This allows the cook to look out over the dining area and be sociable whilst preparing meals.

The upper living area provides a getaway from the main sociable spaces downstairs.

Two kids’ bedrooms are located on either side of the space.

The moldings on the walls, furniture, and staircase railing are a neutral Duco finish.

Ground floor plan.

First floor plan.

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