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These dining room paint ideas will inspire new ways to create a space to dine in style. From the latest on-trend paint colours to interesting paint effects, broaden your decorating style with any of these fabulous ideas.

We all know staying in is the new going out. With this popular trend for home entertaining, powered by the need to save money and still socialise, there’s an increasing desire to transform our dining rooms and make them a focal point in our homes.

Create the perfect entraining space with more of our dining room ideas

Firstly think how you use the space. Do you host daily family mealtimes, to banish modern TV dinners and resurrect the age old tradition of sitting altogether around the table. You might want to consider creating an engaging space with chalkboard paint and bright colours.

Do you have a dining room that you only use on special occasions? You could try a more dramatic approach to your colour and paint ideas, adding extra wow factor to gatherings.

You might have an open-plan dining area and therefore looking for a clever, simple way to give the space more purpose.

Whichever best applies to you, our selection of the best dining room paint ideas will guide and inspire you.

1. Add ceiling height with a painted border

Dining room paint ideas

Image credit: Simon Whitmore

Adding an accent colour, especially a bright one (which can include white), as a border at the top of a wall can help to draw the eye up and therefore create the illusion of a higher ceiling height. This is an effective way to add to interest to walls if your home doesn’t have any cornicing. We love this joyful combination of sunshine yellow with an earthy taupe shade.

Our top tip for creating the perfect line between colours, without any paint bleeding is to paint the base cover over the tape BEFORE you paint the accent colour.

For instance here the background is taupe, you paint over the edge with the taupe first, which forms a seal when dry. Then when you put the accent colour on top, it won’t bleed under the tape.

2. Opt for an ombre paint effect

Image credit: Oliver Gordon

The ombre paint effect is hugely popular right  now. The experts at Crown paint make this look easy, so we’ll hand over to those in the know  to best explain the easiest method…

‘To create an ombré effect, the first step is to decide roughly where you want your colour divide to be, ‘ explains Judy Smith, Crown Colour Consultant. ‘Then paint the top portion of your wall down beyond the colour divide point. It’s important to start at the top first, as this avoids dripping on to the finished lower portion.’

‘Use small portions of masking tape to mark a horizontal line, to ensure that you keep your colour divide horizontal and central. Finally, where the two colours meet, use a slightly damp radiator roller to apply a thin, feathered dividing line to create the merging of the two colours.’

3. Protect walls by painting half and half

Dining room paint ideas

Image credit: Simon Whitmore

Use the two-tone paint technique with a more practical purpose. If you love neutrals but suspect they won’t stay that way for long, the half and half paint effect could be a great solution – plus you get to inject a more vibrant colour palette into your home.

Using stronger colours on the bottom half of a wall is a great idea to hide wear and tear in busy, high traffic rooms. Especially handy in a dining rooms where you may have little mucky fingers tempted to touch the walls – or if accidents and spills happen. A darker colour will still mark, but it will appear far less noticeable.

4. Paint in a uniform shade

dining room paint ideas

Image credits: Dominic Blackmore

Dramatic dark painted walls have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason as this image demonstrates. Dark brooding paint colours can give rooms power and definition. The black painted background in this dining room helps to create a sense of drama, key for ambience. Painting the shelving in the same shade helps to keep the look uniformed.

The dark wall in this room is complimented by co-ordinating painted furniture pieces. Enhanced by a contrasting light wood floors, table legs and the table top. White accessories help to add an element of monochrome.

Think dark is only for big spaces? It’s not always about the size of the room, it’s the light quality. As long as there is plenty of light dark walls will work their magic.

5. Add architectural detail with clever paint finishes

Dining room paint ideas

Image credit: Joanna Henderson

If the dream is to own a home with period features, but your live in a modern space – simple think outside the box when it comes to decorating. For instance, if you don’t have picture rails, dado rails or cornicing adding interest to walls consider other ways to add decorative details. While you can add these features, with the aid of a good carpenter or DIY pro, it may not prove cheap.

Our budget but brilliant suggestion is faking it with simple paint tricks. As seen above we’ve created the illusion of a dado rail by simply using two contrasting paint colours – a striking green underneath a warm white. The effect creates a more characterful finish to an otherwise plain wall.

We recommend FrogTape to help achieve the perfect clean line between the two colours.

6. Reclaim all four walls with soothing shades

Dining room paint ideas

Image credit: Lizzie Orme

With the trend for feature walls we quite often forego the idea of painting all four walls with a statement colour.

Statement colours don’t have to be shocking, we simply mean a colour with an element of saturation. Green paint shades are an ideal example. Green can make a mellow, gentle statement in any space, especially a sociable space such as a dining room.

In all its gloriously fresh shades green is the hue associated with creating a calming and invigorating, refreshing and comforting decor.

More green ideas: Green kitchen ideas – redecorate with a colour that’s both sophisticated and on trend

7. Use warm white as a blank canvas

Image credit: David Brittain

There’s a misconception that white always feels too stark. While that it can be true, if that’s the gallery kind of vibe you wish to create – Brilliant White was made for this look! But there’s a whole world of warm white paint shades out there ideal to create a blank canvas.

We see here how white painted walls lend the perfect backdrop to a rustic country dining room, without looking out of place. Rich earthy tones from the wooden furniture and the table accessories help to add further warmth.

Read more: The best white paint – how to choose the right shade for your walls

8. Break up confident colours with wall art

Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

Perhaps you’ve been inspired by all the colour you see elsewhere to finally take the plunge in your own home. But if you are still unsure about the colour apperaing too block, artwork and wall accessories such as clocks are a great way to break up the colour.

Grey continues to be the new neutral. While it’s a safe shade, not scary like a primary colour, you can still push your daring side by choosing darker shades.

9. Give personality to furniture with accent colours

Image credit: Jonathan Jones

Give personality to dining chairs with a coat of imaginative paint. Update old existing chairs with a splash of furniture paint to make them feel brand new. Go for a uniform colour, such as a neutral grey, that suits your dining or kitchen dining space.

To add a quirky decorative touch dip the legs with an accent colour. You can get creative by using a different shade for each one, keeping the overall look more eclectic. Measure an equal height up fom the tip that suits how much colour you want to paint. Next simply section off by using a strip of FrogTape and paint the accent colour over the existing paint colur.

Add further pops of colour and pattern with decorative seat cushions.

10. Paint a chalkboard

Dining room paint ideas

Image credit: Joanna Henderson

Use the space creatively. If your dining room is more of an informal living space, such as an open-plan kitchen area, you can afford to be more experimental. Painting a blackboard on the wall can make the space feel instantly more inviting.

Mark out a simple rectangle to the same length of your dining table, to create a feature that’s part memo board and part wall art. Paint the rectangle onto the wall using specialist blackboard paint.

For a further styling tip fix pegs to the wall within the painted area to hang plants and storage baskets.Pretty and practical, just how we like our decor.

11. Frame features with contrasting colours

Image credit: Robert Sanderson

Use contrasting paint shades to frame architectural features, such as door frames, skirting boards and cornicing. Even more effective if your doors are also painted,  you could match the colour and use this framing technique to create the illusion of doors or windows being larger than they are.

For more dining room ideas: How to create a big kitchen-diner – plan the perfect entertaining space

We’d love to hear your ideas and see the spaces you’ve created. Share your snaps with us over at the Ideal Home Room Clinic over on Facebook.

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