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We’re delving into some more small home inspiration because with so many expertly executed small space projects it’s hard to feature just a few! Limited space doesn’t mean limited opportunity for great design, it just presents a model to compact and condense awesome ideas into an enriched area. With that said, here are two slick small studio apartment designs by talent at Studio Open, which are fully equipped to inspire and motivate more tiny home creativity.

This tiny apartment in Moscow, Russia measures just 25.6 square metres. It’s high ceiling has made it possible to incorporate a mezzanine to separate out the bedroom. The downstairs floor area is split between a kitchen diner area and a brief lounge.

A single slouchy seat makes a comfortable spot for reading and listening to music. A bookcase is built into the end of a run of closets, which would also make a good spot for a headphone stand to keep the only lounge chair tidy.

A small but stylish floor lamp joins the floor chair.

The tiny dining table for two is just big enough to hold a coffee mug and plate each, and a simple glass vase centrepiece. The pair of modern dining chairs provide the style element to the piece.

The home entryway is a long and wide walkway, with enough room to accommodate a generous amount of storage closets, a shoe storage unit and an entryway bench.

Although the entryway serves its own separate purpose, its wide open layout helps to increase the sense of space in the living room too.

A decorative wall mirror bounces natural light into the hallway.

KAWS sculpture Is casually placed on the end of the floating shoe rack. It’s not exactly a special spot for a piece of collectable art but it is seen by all who call at the apartment.

Glass blocks build a light sharing wall for the bathroom. The feature makes a textural backdrop for the minimalist round dining table.

Dining pendant lights flutter down to the dining table, a cascade of folded ellipses.

The small kitchen carries a dark stained wood finish that disrupts the pale room. Its chocolate tone picks out lowlights in the terrazzo floor tiles of the living space, and builds a feeling of depth and warmth.

A stainless steel faucet, pitcher and utensils pot give the kitchen a little sheen. Geometric mosaic tiles spread pattern and add modernity.

On the other side of the glass block wall, a small wooden side table holds an array of toiletries next to the shower enclosure.

Concrete decor gives the grey bathroom an industrial edge.

A large glass fronted cupboard is backlit to brighten the corner of the room.

Under-cabinet lighting illuminates the vanity area.

A sleek grey bathroom sink matches the modern grey toilet pan. A Batman rubber duck adds a touch of humour.

Back in the living room, a spiral staircase design gives rise to the mezzanine level of the apartment.

There is a privacy curtain in place to pull along the balustrades, which helps the bedroom feel cosier at night.

Modern wall sconces light the head of the bed and two tiny bedside shelves.

Translucent doors and inner light boxes make the wardrobe contents into bedroom decor.

Perspective drawing of apartment.

Floor plan.

This 28 square metre apartment is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Coral pink accents lift the look of the compact interior. Small-scale furniture pieces increase the sense of space. A round coffee table fits in front of a narrow tower of shelving by an armless sofa design.

The dining bar can double as a home workspace. A crisp white media unit blends with the white painted TV wall.

The white TV wall floats against raw concrete decor, which wraps around onto the ceiling of the living room.

A swing arm wall lamp works well as a modern dining light and as practical task lighting. White kitchen bar stools make a light addition to the minimalist table.

The dining table can be positioned for use flush up against the wall or at a 90 degree angle with the one wall kitchen.

The kitchen is revealed from behind bifold doors. A bright coral backsplash packs a lot of punch into the tiny area. A two ring hob and an average sized kitchen sink leave only a little food prep space, so the dining tabletop serves a third use as an extra kitchen worktop.

Storage units installed between the entry door and the sofa are well positioned to be utilised for kitchen storage too.

If the first living room workspace is too busy in the midst of mealtime prep, there is another desk area by the window. A yellow stool makes a happy colour accent.

Wall cabinets cross above a couple of indoor planters.

In the hallway, a bench seat bridges a gap in the cabinetry.

An LED ribbon highlights a boot nook under the bench seat.

Coral pink bathroom accents vibrantly contrast with teal painted walls around the upper half of the room. A KAWS gold bearbrick sculpture reflects in a decorative mirror on the vanity.

Pink bathroom tiles back the shower enclosure, tying in with the unusual coral shower unit. A bespoke cabinet makes use of the void above the concealed toilet cistern.

Apartment floor plan.

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