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Large open plan interiors can take a strong dose of colour, as illustrated by these three darkly decorated living spaces. A dark wall treatment can help generously proportioned spaces feel more cohesive and cosily contained. Black and grey perimeters take elements of the room into the shadows to let lighter pieces shine and hold main focus. We take a look at how pale sofas make an open plan lounge into a light heart of the room, whilst black kitchens and charcoal dining areas wait quietly in the shadows. You’ll also find a plethora of home lighting ideas to illuminate and dramatise, from concealed perimeter lights and recessed spotlights to chic chandeliers and stylish floor lamps.

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Sleek sophistication exudes from this 203 square metre penthouse interior in Moscow, Russia. A biscuit brown sofa arrangement sets out the borders of the lounge area, with a unique spherical floor lamp rising behind. Recessed track lights set frames of light over each zone.

A squarish coffee table fits into the centre of the space, introducing a splash of white marble. A huge grey area rug holds the pieces of the lounge together.

A charcoal kitchen and dark feature walls wrap the lightly toned lounge furniture setup. The darker outer areas fall away from main focus like shadows.

In place of a TV wall, a motorised projector screen drops down from the ceiling when desired.

With the projector screen retracted, a luxurious wall of black marble textures the living room.

Modern art props against the marble wall panels, building a stylishly layered effect.

The lights of the home twinkle brightly against the dark decor, like precious jewels.

A small side table pulls the black marble element to the centre of the layout, where it smoothly contrasts with the white marble coffee table.

Black window blinds stretch the dark decor right across the glass. Soft daylight plays gently over the contours of a classic bust displayed on a colour matched grey plinth.

A modern chandelier descends upon a modern grey and black dining set with a stunning chrome base.

The mirrored base brings added light to the shadowy dining room scheme, giving the grey dining set a much lighter look.

A light floor and ceiling prevents the shaded palette from feeling oppressive.

Moving toward the hallway, an indoor plant and an oscillating slat screen divide off a small sitting area. An inviting faux fur chair peeps out from behind.

Another mature indoor plant is given a home next to a comfortable reading chair in the window of the living room. A modern arrangement of stone tiles add elegant character to the supporting walls.

Black kitchen accessories camouflage quietly with the cabinets.

Visualizer: HotWalls  

Our second inspirational dark living space is dominated by a rugged stone feature wall that climbs behind a wall mounted TV.

Illumination from recessed LED ribbons plays over the form the stone. A tall and slender floor lamp discreetly lights the modern sofa.

Light living room furniture makes contrast with the dark living room wall texture.

An ottoman coffee table arrangement combines the light and dark elements of the room.

The jagged houndstooth motif makes perfect partnership with the sharp stone feature wall. Houndstooth fabric brings pattern to a plain modern sofa, and sets a point of commonality that’s shared with the dining room.

In the dining area, chic houndstooth upholstery patterns six modern dining chairs to shake up the dark decor.

The dining table is attached to the kitchen island, where it is sandwiched directly beneath the stone countertop.

A long dining chandelier scatters tiny lights along the length of the table, like a constellation of stars.

Flat-fronted handle-free walnut cabinets conceal the kitchen behind the island.

When the slab doors are closed they take on the appearance of simple wall panelling.

Plentiful storage and a kitchen countertop hide behind the secretive covers.

Visualizer: Natalie Ruden  

Our final living room design is a little more compact than the other two spaces, providing a taste of how dark decor can work inside more limited floor areas.

A pair of grey rugs lay down the dark element on top of light oak floorboards.

The graphite upholstery of the modern sofa is broken with lighter toned pillows. A long mirrored wall reflects every drop of natural light provided by the room’s large windows.

An oak media unit floats a light accent across a charcoal feature wall.

Dried wheat springs a golden brown flourish from decorative vases.

Modern dining pendant lights mark the eating area of the kitchen, which runs off the end of the kitchen island.

Indoor plants freshen the heavy interior. LED plinth lights and under cabinet lighting strike life into the flat black kitchen.

The black marble dining tabletop is contrasted by a matt black kitchen island, whilst the cabinets behind are set beneath matching stone.

A volume of paler larder units and an oven housing unit build light relief at the end of the kitchen run.

A stone modern fruit bowl tops the table.

Black slats build a room divider between the living room and a dark and moody hallway design with atmospheric lighting.

An indoor plant drinks in the sunlight on a balcony area.

A black wire frame lounge chair vibes with back window binds and a lightweight side table.

Perimeter lights pull dark walls out of the shadows.

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