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The richness of wood has always shaped desirable home interiors, from the traditional to the ultra modern. Dark wood tones are particularly dramatic, and lend themselves luxuriously to this collection of three contemporary home interiors. We’ll tour a fabulous high-end studio concept that is encased with sleek dark wood panelled walls. We’ll look at how to brighten dark walls in an apartment where bright artwork and mirrored panels completely change up the vibe for a young family. Finally we’ll tour a home where wood clad walls meet raw grey microcement and the atmospheric golden glow of backlit shelving around a bespoke TV wall unit and a stocked wine storage wall.

Visualizer: Item Design  

Measuring 72 square metres, this luxury studio apartment is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. A ​​modern sectional sofa dominates the studio layout, on a living room rug that visually and texturally defines the split of space between the sitting area and dining zone.

Smooth, dark wood wall panels encase the apartment, with lattice panels marking a decorative border around the base and ceiling lines, A small floor vase houses a burst of greenery that freshens the darkly dramatic wall treatment.

Floating wall shelves in the same dark wood finish seem to extrude from the panelled room perimeter. A minimalist collection of books and design items sparsely cover their surface.

A slimline, black floor reading lamp almost disappears against the dark surround, as does the black TV screen.

Visualizer: Item Design  

A portiere curtain draws around the sleeping area of the studio to conceal it from the main living space. A curved curtain track with a deep wood pelmet creates a pleasant visual.

Lightweight beige drapes reveal only silhouettes of what lies inside. The light fabric allows some light to permeate into the bedroom from the living room windows.

With the curtains drawn back, the bedroom remains clearly defined thanks to a marginally raised platform. The curved platform floor is built in dark wood to match the walls of the apartment, and scoops around to meld neatly with the panelled wall.

The curved platform is part of a bespoke floor bed design. A bedroom lamp with a flat shade looks like a tiny bedside table.

A pure white microcement floor effectively lightens the dark walled living room dining room combo.

Two low-hanging dining room pendant lights are paired above the length of a modern black dining table. These are the Model 2065 pendant lights designed by Gino Sarfatti for Danish brand Astep.

The lattice wood panels that border the walls are utilised underneath the dining room windows as aptly perforated radiator covers.

A decorative glass fruit bowl makes an elegant, light-reflective table centrepiece.

Beige upholstered dining chairs make light contrast around the edge of the black dining table, and palely coordinate with the window drapes.

The beige drapes fall tidily alongside the end of the kitchen run, which stops short of the wall for this purpose. A simple clear glass panel partially covers the wood wall panels in the kitchen to form an invisible backsplash.

A brass kitchen tap warmly complements the rich wood backdrop. White base cabinets make clean contrast.

A mirrored panel door leads into the bathroom.

Inside the bathroom, a white marble farmhouse sink adds a luxe touch to a modern, backlit vanity unit. A small round mirror adds a brass accent to complement the cabinet hardware and tap.

3D perspective drawing.

Visualizer: Pavel Dobrovolskyi  

Belonging to a young family in Odessa, Ukraine, this dark wood panelled apartment interior is brightened with mirrored sections and colourful wall art. In the lounge area, a round coffee table adds a moment of texture within the smooth surroundings.

A subtle brown chevron rug beautifully complements the table’s textural effect.

An L-shaped grey sofa wraps the border of the lounge, beneath a lively abstract art piece that burns orange and red.

Another fiery red art piece colours the dining area. Black brush strokes tie in with the black round pedestal dining table.

A white headboard wall brightens the bedroom design. A black bedside table lamp makes a strong silhouette against the light wall, whilst a coordinating black pendant falls over the other floating bedside unit. See more bedroom pendant lights here.

Chocolatey bed covers drape the brown upholstered bed.

Sliding glass doors draw around a dressing area, where open shelves and clothes rails offer organised storage.

A range of wall units and shelves offer various bedroom storage and display options around the TV.

In contrast to the rest of the home interior, the bathroom decor is blissfully light in luxe white marble.

The modern bathtub follows a fashionable racetrack outline.

An illuminated vanity mirror and underlit vanity unit brighten the white room further still.

Visualizer: Blue Studio 288  

Grey microcement walls meet with dark wood cladding in our final home interior. A modern chandelier drops halos of light into the centre of the shadowy lounge.

A linear TV wall unit blends with the dark wood backdrop. Backlit shelves cut across the dark wood mount, adding golden glowing stripes.

More atmospheric light trickles across a wall of wine storage in the dining room.

A small courtyard separates the dining room from the kitchen. The skylight above the courtyard brightly breaks the dark interior.

The L-shaped kitchen follows the same dark wood aesthetic as the wall panelling to achieve one cohesive surround.

Black marble builds the backsplash, main countertop and a wraparound perimeter worktop. Dove grey kitchen bar stools gently lighten the look.

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