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Dark grey modern decor is extremely versatile. Not only does it build undeniable drama into an interior scheme but it forms a terrific base for boosting colour accents, both bright and muted. A dark interior builds a feeling of cosiness by seemingly bringing far flung walls closer, and high ceilings lower. Lighting schemes become accentuated as fixtures burn brightly against shadowy surroundings, picking out edges and texture. In these two particular examples, we’re looking at how dark grey makes an atmospheric backdrop for mossy green elements and shades of yellow. The accents are sparing, but dark grey rushes in to fill the voids with its great visual weight.

Visualizer: Z Design  

Pebble smooth cushions and ultra low backrests make up a modern sofa design in our first grey home interior.

The lighting in the living room is soft, illuminating only what’s necessary for practicality. LEDs mark the perimeter of a kitchen wall, highlighting an integrated coffee machine. A warm glow burns along a media table under the TV, illuminating the electronics there.

A projector screen can be dropped down in front of the TV, which is when the benefit of soft room lighting really comes into play.

A slimline floor lamp provides focussed task lighting at one end of the sofa. Roller blinds take the glare off the movie screen, dropped just half way so that we still get a view of the outside. A couple of modern outdoor chairs and tables on the balcony make a pleasant place to relax.

The TV falls away into the dark wall, instead of lording over the lounge with its black lifeless screen.

Dark grey kitchen cabinets fold around the outskirts of the open plan, with cabinets filling the walls all the way up to the ceiling.

The living room dining room combo places everyone together in the same room, whether they are watching TV or eating the fruits of the chefs labour.

A linear suspension light spans the length of the modern dining table for six. Three of the six moss green dining chairs are perfectly positioned to take in a movie over dinner.

Task lighting in the kitchen hones in on a peninsula, which is home to a venting induction hob and the kitchen sink. Shutters reveal shelves of kitchen equipment.

The kitchen peninsula is also utilised as a casual dining spot for two.

Moving into the grey bedroom, a moss green 4 poster bed stands tall between a set of unique bedroom pendant lights. Its colour looks beautiful yet understated in its dark surrounding.

Matching moss green bedside units wing out from the 4 poster.

Grey closets line up flat-faced and handle-free opposite the foot of the bed.

The minimalist bathroom is a cocoon of creative lighting.

A square toilet and bidet set cut hard lines in the layout.

The floor level runs smooth into the shower.

A grey modern bathroom vanity blends with the grey wall of the second bathroom, but LED lighting installed underneath gives it an eye-catching floating effect.

A black faucet extends straight out of the frameless vanity mirror.

Glass doors seal off laundry equipment.

Floor plan.

Designer: Home-D  

This grey home interior, located in Kiev, Ukraine, is warmed through with wooden elements and brightened by yellow accents.

A mellow, yellow toned sofa shines through the dark decor. Grey scatter cushions work to unite the brightly coloured sofa with its setting.

A modern floor lamp stretches across the yellow sofa, throwing light over lazily reclined backrests.

A projector plays its part in this home setup too. Cinema days with the masses are over.

Wood effect kitchen units bring texture to the scheme, alongside a ribbed grey feature wall behind the lounge. Wood effect panels also box in the return wall of the kitchen, making a subtle and seamless transition into the hallway.

The ribbed aspect is echoed in the support stem of the kitchen breakfast bar.

A large and bulbous glass pendant light makes a impressive feature above the bar.

Three stylish grey bar stools line up at the elliptical countertop, facing into the kitchen to be sociable with the chef.

A monochrome decorative vase brings pattern to the window sill, where vents for heating are inconspicuously bedded.

Monochrome flatware carries the theme through into the kitchen.

In the home entryway, a shoe bench is revealed inside of bespoke glass fronted storage units. Unique coat hooks push out from a wood grain wall.

Chevron wood flooring starts at the home entryway and runs through all of the living areas.

A glass wall bedroom lets the line of sight pass through, to make the most of the home’s dimensions.

A desk/dressing table is situated just outside of the glass wall bedroom, hidden behind opaque cabinet doors.

Bifold doors open up the entire width of the compact bedroom, merging it completely with the main living space.

The bespoke platform bed has an integrated bedside table.

A unique bedside table lamp is the only decoration needed.

Contrast builds in the bathroom.

A yellow toilet and shower enclosure shine brightly beside grey-black stone slabs.

There is also a bold yellow vanity unit mounted on a matching backsplash, which towers all the way to the ceiling. A mirrored vanity cabinet stretches wall to wall in the small bathroom, reflecting the colour coordinated shower tiles opposite.

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