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Dark green and handsome, these three home interiors each take a tall stand on style. The first two of our dreamy dark green interiors have an offbeat sort of edge. Hot pink accents burst onto the scene via outrageous wall art and unique art sculptures. Quirky personality particularly shines in the second of these, as a more colourful and patterned eclectic vibe builds. We finish up with a home more dedicated to the dark green scheme, with less distraction. Instead, we find luxe interludes of glossy white marble, and complete aesthetic cohesivity.

Designer: One Architects  

This 70 square metre home has a dark green lining set with jet black elements. The living room is a little pinched in scale but high on style stakes. Two KAWS bear statues pose on a floating media cabinet, intruding onto the TV viewing area. The TV shelf is underlit by an LED ribbon, which sends a diffused beam down raw concrete.

A pale grey cushiony sofa is given a pop of colour with an ochre accent cushion, which stands out brightly inside the shadowy room palette.

A modern geometric coffee table holds an unusual glass vase and an uplifting display of natural greenery. A mature indoor plant lolls by the side of the sofa in bright emerald tones.

Unconventional artwork splashes neon colour through the grey hallway of the home, where it is lit from above by concealed perimeter lighting.

The neon pink accent is repeated in other art pieces in the home, like this one in the green kitchen. The hot hue makes an electrifying addition to the dark green decor scheme.

Differently shaped pendant shades make a glassy display above the dining island in the kitchen.

Concrete siding wraps the central island. The concrete builds a short splash screen around the kitchen sink, which protects the diners seated low on the opposite side of it.

A half-circle mirror opens up the end of the dark hallway. Chevron flooring points in the direction of the living room.

Black marble streaks a hallway shelf. A black pouf serves as a vanity seat.

The green bedroom is dominated by a black 4 poster bed with a simple draped canopy. Monochrome art and bedclothes deepen the scheme.

The glass fronted wardrobe is textured so that the light from inside it refracts. Towers of shelving and neatly organised garment rails ripple into view.

Green wall panels are edged with LED strips to pull the colour up off of raw grey concrete walls, and accentuate the rough texture underneath.

Twin green pedestal sinks stand straight and tall in front of modern floral motif tiles.

Visualizer: Andrey Ryazanov  

This 65.61 square metre apartment stands in Ryazan, Russia. Again, we see the scheme enlivened by bursts of hot pink, another shot of yellow ochre, and a fresh injection of strawberry red. A modern chandelier floats halos of light above the whole lot.

A dark green backsplash slices through pale grey and white kitchen cabinets.

Unique touches are placed around the interior to entertain, like this bright pink and mauve horse bust, placed ever so casually on a simple wooden step stool.

The pink horse sculpture balances out another bust situated on a side table opposite.

A modern dining set stands cosily in the crook of the L-shaped kitchen arrangement.

A decorative vase holds a spray of fresh colour as the table centrepiece.

Inside the master bedroom, a green tufted headboard gives the platform bed a sense of grandeur. A series of yellow accents both brighten and warm the room.

A hot pink hare lamp adds a quirky touch to one of the tufted bedsides.

Mismatched geometrics vibe between the bed and the bedroom rug.

Teal hues break through a deeply patterned wallpaper design in the bathroom. A model stag head is painted to match the teal backdrop, so that only the soft illumination from overhead spotlights pick out his defined features.

In the kid’s bedroom, a sputnik chandelier explodes with gold lustre.

Eclectic wall art brings added colour and personality into the darkly decorated space.

Red accents bring heat and energy into the scheme, particularly around the kid’s study area.

Designer: Komod Studio  

Finally, this dark green apartment is a little more reserved than the other two. No hot pink accents rip through the sophisticated dark green cloak. No outrageous artwork steals the limelight away from rich all encompassing colour.

A set of slender nesting coffee tables interlink on the soft grey living room rug.

The black sputnik chandelier is strong, yet does not upset the perfect balance of contrast in the room.

A glass wall bedroom opens up the sense of space in the compact apartment. Black frames strike and elegant outline.

An ebony black decorative wall mirror hangs neatly within a frame of panel molding in the dining area. Orb pendant lights echo its circular outline.

More orb lights drop over the nearby kitchen peninsula.

The pendant lights are different in design to help define the two eating spots as two individual areas.

White marble tops both the dining table and the kitchen breakfast bar.

Corresponding framework and upholstery connects the kitchen bar stools and the dining chairs.

The L-shaped green kitchen is topped with a combination of black and white wall cupboards to break up the colour block.

Chevron white marble tiling makes up the backsplash.

A set of black knives and wooden cutting boards bring tonality to the prep area.

Sumptuous black drapes flow across the closet in the bedroom.

Beyond the drapes, the walk-in closet is a generous size for a small scale home.

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