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Dark and mysterious with strong red interruptions, this modern home interior is an atmospheric space with a bold personality. Visualised by Andrey Vladimirov, this home design features an open plan living space that is encased in dramatic black decor from the ceiling down to the floor. Contemporary furniture and accent cushions throw in the ruby red accent, whilst reserved lighting features set a subtle moody glow. In the kitchen, a riot of red overcomes the cooking and prep space, spilling out onto colour-matched kitchen bar stools at the dining island. In the bedroom, red accents are minimised to create a restfully dark space when sleep comes easily.

We enter this dark design tour inside the main living space, where an open plan lounge area gathers around a modern linear fireplace design.

Cocooned in black decor, natural light from the large windows is quickly swallowed up inside the dark living space. Red scatter cushions and a pair of red accent chairs add a spark of vibrancy to the setup and an indoor plant adds a plume of lively greenery. An upholstered bench divides the lounge from the adjacent kitchen diner without fully obstructing the open flow.

The modern fireplace burns with fantastic brilliance within the black living room wall, where it merges smoothly into the stucco. Wall-mounted units display decorative items under the glow of LED backlights. A modern black living room floor lamp goes almost unnoticed beside the black sofa, where it provides focussed light when required.

Soft lighting highlights the detail in 3D relief art along the hallway.

Behind the lounge area, a black and red kitchen design features a long dining island that accommodates up to five people. A modern linear suspension light pulls along the full length of the island, distributing even illumination.

A glass vase filled with a sprig of greenery provides a fresh centrepiece for the kitchen dining island.

Two bright red kitchen bar stools interrupt a line of black counterparts, causing bold visual interest.

A couple of tumblers and a decorative tray fill the opposite end of the kitchen island.

The kitchen island is the first item you encounter upon entering the main living space that spans the back of the home. The long volume guides the eye towards floor-to-ceiling windows where there is a wide balcony and a sweeping panoramic view.

Behind the wall of red kitchen units, this dark grey dining room offers a more formal dining experience.

A linear planter is set inside of the partition wall between the kitchen and the dining room to provide an uplifting focal point.

A linear light drops a striking red accent above the dining table.

There is a second lounge area within the home, which is fashioned into the shape of a circle with two curved sofas.

A round rug holds the circular furniture arrangement together. A modern coffee table installs a circular core.

A black sideboard melds with the dark walls.

The stylish lamp on top of the sideboard is a Hoop LED table lamp by Adolini+Simonini Associati for Martinelli Luce.

An extraordinary pendant light descends upon the curvaceous lounge layout with mesmerising scale.

A set of backlit shelving units makes an accompanying glow at one side of the round lounge area.

Red artwork emerges from the shadows.

A low plinth displays figurines.

The figurines are Star Wars-themed Bearbrick collectables.

Inside the dark bedroom design, the bed area is illuminated softly by a slimline bedside lamp at one edge and a red bedroom pendant light at the other.

An indoor plant breathes life into a dark alcove.

The wide-framed charcoal upholstered bed commands much of the bedroom space.

A long linear bedside unit extends from one side of the upholstered bed.

A black bedroom rug is offset to balance out the wide black bedside unit.

The floor reading lamp saves space on the second bedside table, which is a neat wraparound design.

An edge-to-edge wall of glass includes doors out onto the balcony.

An interior glass partition wall separates the bedroom sleeping area from a walk-in wardrobe.

The tinted glass wardrobe wall softens the visual effects of the clothing that hangs inside, whilst keeping the clothing collection a part of the overall bedroom visual.

Inside the bathroom, a double sink bathroom vanity is gently lit by a linear suspension light.

A backlit bathroom mirror adds to the glow.

Glass bathroom sinks reflect the soft lighting scheme.

The shower space design receives a red accent in the shape of a narrow toiletries shelf.

A red accent wall is matched by an attention-grabbing red toilet–and a matching red toilet roll!

The outside area of the home is smoothly floored in black composite decking, which works around white pebbled plant beds. Uniform rows of small trees grow a formal garden.

Just outside the door, a wooden bench is softened with plush red seat pads. The outdoor seat provides a perfectly situated viewing point to enjoy the garden and the peace of the environment.

A large outdoor sculpture adds a flash of modern style to the garden area.

The sculpture introduces another bold red accent to the deck.

From this decked area, a tall set of illuminated exterior stairs lead up to a parking space that proudly displays the homeowner’s prized motorbike and car – with red paintwork of course.

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