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Fabulous furniture brings shape, intrigue and a creative essence to this cool cream interior, visualised by 梦太初. Whilst the decor here is predominantly pale, moments of dark contrast produce definition and drama. High ceilings, expansive room sizes, expertly crafted built-ins, and high-end materials establish undeniable luxury. A superb spiral staircase design rises through the luxurious living space, with an extraordinary display of offset solid concrete treads and a sculptural swirling balustrade. Lustrous gold accents add to the luxe, uniquely highlighting one end of a large marble kitchen island and boxing in a bespoke bar and storage area. An enviable master suite occupies much of the upper floor, where we’ll discover a spine-like sofa and hidden workspace.

We enter this home tour at the luxurious living room, where a modern modular sofa arrangement blends peacefully with the fresh creamy white surroundings.

A beige microcement floor treatment lays down a slightly darker base for the smooth modular sofa design.

A rippled feature wall calls attention to the sofa’s curved corners and complements a distinctive round skylight above the centre of the living space.

The curvaceous feature wall tucks neatly into the modern fireplace design, ending behind its floating marble hearth. A round coffee table expands the rounded shape theme, and echoes the outline of the large skylight, albeit on a much smaller scale.

A vertical log storage unit is neatly suspended inside of a narrow niche. Its dark finish perfectly balances out the fireplace on the other side of an open doorway. An indoor tree is beautifully showcased within the doorframe.

The light decor and open layout of the living room make the home feel blissfully spacious and airy. Some darker elements have been introduced into the dining room scheme at the back of the space to build interesting definition and drama.

Custom built-ins back the luxurious dining room with illuminated shelving, where decorative dishes, art and wine glasses can be placed on display. The modern chandeliers are Vine tiered pendant lights by Caine Heintzman for ANDLight.

The eye-catching dining room pendant lights are hung in a series of three along the length of the modern dining set, where they add to the atmospheric glow from the LED laced display units.

Muted sage green dining chairs add the softest hint of colour to the dining room furniture collection.

A grand glossy marble dining table accommodates a party of eight for dinner.

Just a few steps away from the dining area, a large kitchen island incorporates a dining bar for quick snacks, a coffee break, or more casual mealtimes.

A modern linear suspension light illuminates the gorgeous marble island design. Green accents swirl through the marble finish, which creates a delicate colour link with the adjacent dining chairs.

Plain cream units lightly frame out the back of the kitchen installation, with walnut wall units adding a rich core. Lustrous golden drawer units highlight the end of the unique kitchen island design, which leads toward the staircase.

Three cream kitchen bar stools pull up to the breakfast bar, which is shaped in a solid cantilevered volume of light wood.

Wood slatted shutters screen off a set of patio doors between the dining space and the kitchen to filter direct sunlight.

A set of kitchen tower units build a wooden volume at the end of the kitchen run, where they house a bank of stainless steel integrated appliances. The impressive staircase design rises alongside, with an extraordinary display of offset concrete treads.

A sculptural swirling balustrade shapes the higher treads into an impressive spiral staircase. One of the treads cuts through to shape the face of a bespoke bar area.

The rest of the built-in bar is finished in metallic gold.

The combination of gold accent pieces make up a luxe metallic ribbon around the corner of the large living space.

The amalgamation of the concrete staircase into the gold unit creates a contrast of cool and warmth.

Made-to-measure storage units line the back of the bar area.

At the top of the superb spiral staircase design, we find ourselves at the entrance to the master bedroom suite.

A spine-like curved sofa design marks the edge of a bedroom lounge. A white ceiling mounted modern fireplace adds some much needed cosiness to the cool cream and white decor scheme. A set of modern nesting coffee tables add a dark centre to the light arrangement.

Illuminated wall shelves are creatively contained within a recessed oval niche. Ribbed gypsum provides a textured backdrop under a high contrast black finish.

The sleeping area is arranged on a diagonal tilt to create an easy flow around a wide structural column.

A designer bedroom chair stylishly fills the redundant space behind the load-bearing column.

The upholstered bed is wrapped with a unique winged headboard design, which acts as a half-height room divider between the sleeping zone and dressing area.

A shaggy rug lays down an uber cosy grey accent around the bed, which also helps soften the acoustics in the large room.

Two modern glass bedroom pendant lights descend at one side of the bed, where they also attractively catch the natural light from the window during the day.

The unique headboard design conceals a chic bedroom workspace, which can double as a dressing table.

The hidden home workspace
benefits from the illumination of the bedroom pendant lights here. An unusual chair pulls up to the floating desk and drawer set.

Modern art creates an optical illusion in the bedroom entryway.

Down in the snug TV room, we find a truly artistic piece of furniture design, which is the Sofa Twist by Nina Edwards Anker.

A unique coffee table adds to the sculptural interest.

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