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Creatively colorful and oozing with style, these two contemporary home interiors make an eye-catching statement. Our first featured home design is a color-packed adventure of green, blue, yellow, red, and pink accents that crash together in unexpected ways. You’ll find a color-blocked salmon pink kitchen linked with a mint green dining spot, and a multicolored lounge area. Color-banded ceiling treatments make unique decor additions, and a zany walk-in wardrobe design draws attention with a striking glass wall. Our second home design is a more sophisticated arrangement. This bold design scheme favors two contrasting colors to zone an open-plan living space with bold pizazz. Which one is your favorite?

Designer: Nina Prokopenko  
Photographer: Andrey Bezuglov  

Starting in the multicolored living room of our first featured home interior, we find a cobalt blue couch cutting through a mint green perimeter. Bright yellow drapes strike a contrasting note that bleeds color onto the ceiling.

A multicolored wingback chair is framed between the sunny yellow curtains. Sunlight glows through a green-tinted bottle on a small brass-topped side table.

A unique media console combines colored finishes to make an eye-catching statement piece.

Furniture is minimal in the loud-colored living room, so that the interior does not become overwhelmed. A golden floor lamp introduces an air of elegance.

The gold lamp frame complements the yellow living room curtains, echoing their vertical folds.

A red living room rug provides hot contrast for the blue sofa. The sofa’s golden legs subtly tie in with the floor lamp beside the window.

Frameless interior doors are color-matched to the walls so that they become smoothly camouflaged. Racetrack-shaped mirrors add a trendy motif to a row of hallway closets. The mirrors helpfully reflect natural light from the living room windows opposite. Three globe ceiling lights further illuminate the hallway space.

A large living room chandelier matches the globe lights in the hallway with its opaque spherical glass shades.

Behind the bright blue sofa, a salmon pink kitchen and matching wall paint creates a wide color-blocked effect. The pink paintwork is contrasted by cool mint color-blocking beside the dining area, which helps to clearly define the two zones.

The kitchen island and extractor hood are finished in pure white to give the eyes a peaceful place to rest in the bright decor scheme. Gold kitchen island lighting gives the eating area a chic aesthetic. The pendants complement an exquisite gold geometric bar stand.

Globe shades match the rest of the lighting in the apartment, achieving a cohesive flow.

The kitchen itself is a very small installation with just a few cabinets. The color-matched walls make the kitchen arrangement appear much larger and more impressive.

In the bedroom, a blue tufted headboard contrasts darkly against a pink and mint green wall treatment.

Bedroom pendant lights drip color above a clean white bedside table.

The walk in wardrobe is a generously sized space, fitted out with a range of garment shelves, chests of drawers, and hanging rails. Glass panels reveal glimpses of the blue bathroom.

Geometric framework gives the dressing room a unique and striking appearance.

Inside the blue bathroom, a unique vanity unit is teamed with a simple round bathroom mirror.

The blue decor theme flows seamlessly into the shower area.

Visualizer: Kateryna Titova  

Our second color-saturated home interior sports a contrasting moss green and dusky pink decor scheme. A modern sofa cuts through the colorful interior with fresh white upholstery.

Two small wooden coffee tables add a natural element to the room.

The pair of tables tuck neatly into the elbow of the shapely sofa design. Walnut laminate flooring complements the tone of the tables.

Panel molding brings a neoclassical elegance to the moss green walls of the living room. A linear wall light glows warmly against the green backdrop.

A wooden media unit draws a low profile beneath the wall mounted TV. Modern wall art is propped casually on top of the unit in complementary neutral tones.

A decorative vase places an inverted arch motif onto the linear unit. Dried gypsophila erupts from the vessel in a white spray. See more ideas for decorative vases.

Beveled mirrors make a light-reflective wall, which increases the sense of space in the hallway that runs off the living room.

Behind the sofa, a small dining area seats up to four people.

Wooden dining chairs complement the round pedestal dining table.

A decorative vase and a small bowl make a pretty dining table centerpiece.

Pink kitchen cabinets bring a playful element to the living room design. Their dusky hue works easily with the moss green wall paint whilst setting a very different vibe.

A white countertop, backsplash, and white integrated oven crisply brighten the dusky pink L-shaped kitchen. A row of white wall cabinets keep the kitchen installation looking light and open at eye level.

Out in the hallway, a wooden console table draws a fashionable racetrack-shaped silhouette. Another wall of mirrors rises behind the hallway table to create more light where there are no windows.

Ceramic vases are filled with botanics on top of the console table, which complements the home’s earthy color palette. Interior doorways are painted green to match the wainscotted walls.

Linear wall lights illuminate the narrow hallway with a cozy glow.

The front door stands out in a contrasting dark walnut finish. A brown leather entryway stool smartly matches its hue.

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