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Not too long ago, if you wanted furniture, you had to go to a brick and mortar store. If you wanted to draw up house plans, you need grid paper and a decent amount of experience. But today, things have gotten much easier and user-friendly.

You can download interior design apps to help you achieve your dreams. These are the best interior design apps, most of them free interior design apps, that you can have on your device in mere seconds after reading about them!

Must-have interior design apps


Interior Design Apps

Pinterest is a must-have for everyone. Although it can be great for crafty people, those trying to stay inspired, and just about everyone else, it’s even better for those interested in interior design. It’s the only interior design app you need for inspiration.

You can save your own images and create inspiration boards or browse other boards to find ideas for your new or current home. There’s no end to the amount of inspiration that Pinterest has to offer.


Houzz is a fan-favorite! It’s the number one interior design app for improving and designing your home. You can find direct links to products you see or simply browse projects finished by one of the thousands of designers that are members.

All photos added to Houzz are filtered through before being approved. This means you don’t have to scroll through low-res photos to find what you’re looking for. Every photo you see will be professional. 


This home decor app lets you browse through thousands of curated furniture and art right at your fingertips. The company only accepts the highest quality designer wares so if you’re looking for something else, 1stDibs isn’t for you.

Unfortunately, 1stDibs is only available on the iPhone. So if you have an Android, you’re out of luck. However, their browser site is always up and running, so you can visit it on your computer or Android phone.

Color Capture

Another iPhone exclusive, Color Capture allows you to capture any color, anywhere. It then takes that color and lets you know which Benjamin Moore paint color matches. So you never have to take in a sample again!

All you have to do is order the Benjamin Moore paint that your free interior design app tells you is your color. Take a picture of a wall, a trinket, or even another paint of a different brand. It’s so easy that even the inexperienced can do it.

Morpholio Board

If you’re an iPhone user, you’re in luck, because Morpholio Board is here for you. This app is an interior designer’s dream! In fact, you can create dream boards with this app, but that isn’t the most interesting feature.

The most interesting feature is that you can create beautiful 3D rooms with furniture available in the app. The app also has Pinterest integrated into it, allowing you to easily access all of your Pinterest boards. 


Havenly can be accessed via browser and iPhone. With it, you can find inspiration, design your home, and buy items you find on the site. You can even work with a Havenly interior designer that will help you create your dream home.

With every amazing feature that Havenly has, one of the most unique features is called a Style Quiz. The quiz lets you know your own home interior style and afterward, you will have photos and products recommended that will suit you. 


Rooomy is a dream come true for interior designers and realtors alike. You can use their virtual staging platform for out-of-towners, as well as those that are social distancing. Create 3D tours or setups for your new home. 

With Rooomy you can try out the furniture that you haven’t purchased and see how it will look in your space. If you don’t have an eye for interior design, the experts at Rooomy are here to help. They create sample rooms for you to find a place to start.


Schumacher has a beautiful site and a wonderful interior design app for Apple. If you’re looking for fabrics or unique wall coverings, there’s no better place to turn. They have every color you can think of in every pattern and thickness.

Their app makes it easy to save ideas, store things in your cart, and create notes for possible purchases. But what else can we expect from a company that’s been in the business since before the 1900s. 


Magicplan is an amazing floor plan creator that anyone can use. But there are two things that make it stand out from the hundreds of other floor plan creators. One of those things is that you can get estimated construction and material costs. 

Another thing that has people talking about Magicplan is that you can take pictures of your room and have floor plans automated for them. All you need to know is at least one measurement in the room and the rest is taken care of.


Housepad is more than just an interior design tool. It’s a tool that can help you keep your family organized and happy as well. Each member downloads the app and shares information with other members.

You can take pictures of how you want things done, share emergency info, and assign chores via the interior design app. This eliminates the need for many other apps as you can do all of this via this one app known as Housepad. 

Floor Plan Creator

Floor Plan Creator may just be the simplest floor plan creator on the app store. You can do everything you need to do without any complicated distractions. Create your floor plan with walls or rooms, and even turn it 3D.

There are simple furniture options on Floor Plan Creator so you can see what will fit in each room. Add windows, doors, and even lighting. Then turn it 3D and see how everything looks together. There is even a sample person so you can see how big everything is compared to an average human.

Measured By Lowe’s

Whenever you’re looking for apps, it’s nice to see one by a company that you trust. Who is more trustworthy than Lowe’s? Their Measured app lets you take pictures of any anything and it will tell you how long each area is. 

Sorry, Android users, this free interior design app is only available on Apple products. However, you can get the classic Lowe’s app on any device, which lets you try out their products in your own space via augmented reality. 


Color911 is a handy app by Award-Winning Professional Color Consultant & Creator Amy Wax. She’s been in the business for nearly 20 years and helps those both in commercial and residential buildings.

Color911 helps you create perfect color combos and lets you edit already existing colors to find that perfect hue. You can then take that color palette to a paint store and have them create the colors for you.

iHandy Carpenter

This app, iHandy Carpenter, is just about what it sounds like it is. The iHandy tool comes with five tools in one. The plumb bob lets you verify the verticality of lines or walls. A surface level, lets you do this horizontally. 

A bubble level, a steel protractor, and a steel ruler are the other tools this app contains. Add all this together and you have yourself one expensive trip to the hardware store. Or, download the app and save time as well as money.

IKEA Place

Another trustworthy app that you’ll want to download immediately, IKEA place does more than endorse IKEA products. This app lets you put actual pieces of furniture in your space, at least virtually. 

You can create multiple setups and swipe through them so you can find the perfect way to rearrange your new or already existing furniture. This is way easier than buying IKEA and taking the time to set it all up!


Another win for Android, BrightNest lets you keep your home and yourself organized with little effort. It may not be the perfect interior design app, but it does make everyday tasks that much easier.

You can even take a quiz to unlock personalize tips that will help you strengthen your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. Homekeeping shouldn’t be difficult and with this app, it isn’t. 


Chairish has thousands of arrivals every day and is like the eBay of home interiors. You can shop both new and used items at discounted prices from designers all over the world. You can even apply to become a seller yourself.

Sell your old furniture and Chairish can help you ship. All you have to do is snap photos and they will walk you through the process. It’s the handiest tool to buy and sell furniture in the Apple store.


Wayfair may be the best source for new furniture and home decor. This makes it the best furniture and home decor app on the app store. This time, available on all platforms for free. No other app can replace Wayfair, so make sure it’s on your home page.

If you use Amazon, great, get Wayfair too. If you only shop designer brands, then Wayfair is perfect! Even if you only shop for discounts, Wayfair has you covered. They have something for everyone.

Amazon Home

The Amazon app has many uses, but it’s the Amazon Home section of their app that is perfect for those in interior design. You can take a quiz to find products meant for you and use their AR room to try them out.

Another great feature that Amazon has is that with their shopping app, you can search for items just by taking a picture of them. That means, you can take pictures of anything in your home or in-store and Amazon will try to match it.

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