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Whether calming or dramatic, depending on which shade you choose, blue decor is a sure crowd pleaser. Blue reminds us nature loving humans of our mighty ocean and of clear skies, which is why it fits so well into our interior living spaces too. To nurture this connection with open air and open spaces, we’re featuring three different home tours that employ breezy blue accent decor and clear glass walls to harness that feeling of boundaryless freedom. We’ll see how even small studio apartments can be opened up with brilliant blue elements and a glass wall bedroom, and how Meditteranean blue moments can warm a concrete shell.

Visualizer: Anna Vasyliuk  

Our first interior is a 41 square metre apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine. Cool blue splashes are balanced by cosy moments of natural wood tone. A wood effect TV stand wraps around the edge of a narrow dividing wall to create a custom look.

A round coffee table puts a blast of bright blue into the heart of the small lounge, where it contrasts dramatically with a dark cocoa and taupe sectional sofa combination.

Right by the end of the couch, a frameless clear glass cube contains the bedroom.

Artwork inside the glass wall bedroom becomes a part of the living room too. Privacy curtains cocoon the sleep space at night.

A vibrant blue floating vanity flanks one side of the simple white bedstead. A low hanging bedroom pendant light brightens the other.

Natural light makes it through from the large living room windows.

You always want to make a good first impression, and this home entryway sets out the upbeat blue colour scheme right from the get go. Blue storage cabinets, shelving, a built in blue entryway bench and a colour matched interior door build a solid statement wall.

The blue saturated hallway unit continues around the corner into the kitchen area.

Bifold doors draw back to reveal appliances and a mirrored fridge inside.

There is also a small blue kitchen space for prep at one end, which houses the kitchen sink.

The cooktop is situated on the kitchen peninsula, which takes on a much more peaceful appearance in white granite.

A mismatched duo of dining pendant lights creates extra interest.

Blue trims pull checkered grey dining chairs into the fresh colour scheme.

Visualizer: Anastasiia Reznichenko  

Our second tour is set inside a modern studio space, where a split level floor creates zoning. A modern sofa gives us our first sapphire blue accent piece.

In the split level studio design, the homeowner can go “upstairs” to bed. A midnight blue accent wall sleeps within dark grey surroundings.

A comfortable home workspace backs onto the kitchen worktop, with a glass wall situated to divide the two. The kitchen’s white marble finish flows around onto the rear to create a luxurious desk support.

The rest of the kitchen presents as tall larder units along the other side of the lounge. A modern chandelier gives the compact dual use space a strong sense of style and elegance.

The kitchen countertop flows into an L-shape across the lounge window to create a dining bar.

A slatted bedroom feature wall is mounted in perfect alignment with the glass room divider to bring texture to both spaces.

The cutaway headboard wall expands the perception of both height and width.

Differentiating the walls helps to define the sleep space as a room within a room.

Blue paintwork slicks over textured concrete in the bathroom.

Blue grout colourfully floods the channels around plain white tile.

A shower of light flows down the wet wall behind a freestanding bathtub, creating an unusual statement.

Arched mirrors double up to reflect the cool glow.

The curved motif is carried onto a unique circular towel rail over the bathtub, which punches a crisp white accent into the blue feature wall.

Designer: K Band  

Our last blue accent interior is an 85 square metre two-room apartment in Kyiv, with a concrete open plan living space. A modern fireplace gives the centre of the room a warm and unusual heart with its cantilevered design.

A comfortable reading chair and footstool set pull up by the fire for cosy evenings with a best seller.

The dual aspect fireplace design successfully divides the open plan room without blocking off the visual flow.

In the dining area, Mediterranean blue molding frames out a shelving unit for wine glasses and flatware.

A blue kitchen continues the Meditterranean vibe. A live edge wood dining table adds a beautifully rustic yet trendy note.

Inside the bedroom, wood panels and blush textiles make a soft arrangement. A mini pendant light vibes with the black framework of a glass wall dressing room.

The spacious dressing room leads through into an ensuite bathroom.

The TV is set back into the wood panelled walls to create a streamlined custom finish.

In the master ensuite, a concrete pedestal sink is highlighted under atmospheric bathroom lighting.

Wood effect tile rises from floor to wet wall. Slats continue the warm wood tone across the ceiling.

The guest bathroom is a stunning white marble creation with a mosaic covered shower.

The grey and white bathroom is simple yet luxurious. Large expanses of mirror help the narrow area to appear open and light. A laundry zone hides away in cupboards at its entrance.

Facing mirrors create an infinite optical illusion of mosaic and light.

Apartment floor plan.

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