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I was inspired by the balconies of Europe to plant my own mini herb garden on the tiny stoop outside my studio. It started with a little basil and rosemary then led to oregano, mint, and thyme and every time I brush past it as I leave or enter I catch the scent of herbs growing happily in their containers.

We’re all cooking more at home these days so having fresh herbs on hand makes for tastier meals! Today I made myself a simple omelette with tomato, asiago cheese, and fresh herbs, it was delicious!  And of course I love herb infused cocktails. 🙂  It doesn’t take much space to have a mini herb garden.

I bought a pair of speckled hanging planters that are the perfect size and style for my wild little garden. Oregano and thyme spill beautifully so I love them in hanging planters instead of pots. I like to rub the herbs with my fingers so the scent lingers.

More hanging planter options so you can add more greenery to your abode!


boho black + white / gray rock  / speckled set of two / porcelain geo

mini glazed stone / blue glazed / color block rope

golden duo / distressed bronze / metal duet

metal rod trio / eggshell trio / clay mini trio

And remember, playing with dirt makes you happy! 🙂


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