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High contrast black and white decor makes up these four confident interior designs, where sleek form equals slick functionality. The simplicity of the colour theme leaves all attention on the abstract nature of modern furniture shapes, the complexity of textile, and the intrinsic relationship between home layout and daily living. Come with us as we take a tour of a high-end apartment with a forever changing layout of designer pieces and sculpture. Follow on with a home given over to stretched linear form, and another with polished details under a halo of light. Then, fInish off with a place that promotes rest and recovery, amidst a halftone textural feast.

Visualizer: Hot Walls   

Located in one of the most expensive buildings in Moscow, within the residential complex Polyanka 44, this premium apartment design has been changed around seven times. In this latest version, the minimalist white living room is disrupted by heavy black accent pieces that make abstract silhouettes.

A round coffee table stands out in the centre spot of a large rug that shades the floor with the slightest whisper of grey. Grey scatter cushions break up the L-shaped white expanse of couch.

A floating tv stand wraps the edge of the TV mount wall to create an offbeat asymmetrical feature.

There is a dividing wall of cabinets between the lounge and home entryway that seem to glide into the layout, giving the impression that elements of the room are shifting.

The TV wall and the cabinets behind the sectional sofa rise to only half the room height, which increases the feeling of spaciousness.

Black frames call attention to huge double height windows.

The eye catching lounge chair that challenges the view is the Armchair Serie Up 2000, which has an Armchair Serie Up 2000 with an interesting history.

The chair’s form is inspired by silhouettes of ancient fertility goddesses, accompanied by an attached ottoman that resembles an oppressive ball and chain.

Decorative black vases and trays create a sculptural extension to the coffee table.

A unique floor lamp makes a bright reading spot at one end of the crisp couch.

A square lobby sets up an impressive first impression. A large luxury pouf forces footfall to circulate around it.

Sculptural art has been changed out during the many redesigns of this space. A stone Buddah has been swapped for a Jesus statue in the entryway’s metal wireframe display case, like a metamorphic gallery exhibition.

Opposite the lounge, an ultra-modern dining area has been configured with high contrast black and white dining chairs, a clean white table and a striking black linear suspension light.

A second black linear suspension light highlights the neighbouring minimalist kitchen island, creating a strong visual link between the two.

The futuristic island is sliced into a unique angular form that manipulates negative space.

A black sink and hob are complemented by dark trim under the kitchen island countertop.

A countertop extractor unit keeps the island arrangement streamlined.

Resembling a mini kitchen island, a unique DJ stand rocks the same chiselled geometric profile.

Visualizer: Eugene Shkilnyuk  

Our next interior is a home of stretched linear form. The low profile of the modern sofa exaggerates its stretch, whilst the kitchen island is bumped out with a sleek dining table extension.

Grey carpeting cosily connects the couch with the TV wall.

A smooth TV stand floats the width of the living room toward an indoor plant, which sprouts mature greenery from a tactile concrete pot.

The solo plant is large to make up for lack of plant life in the rest of the space.

A tray table nestles within the modern sofa design to keep the rest of the lounge floor area completely clear.

A white linear suspension light spans the entire length of the kitchen island and dining table extension, pulling them together as one fluid piece.

Uniform vertical lines segment the clean white kitchen run. Find more inspiration for stylish modern kitchens here.

Unique dining chairs disrupt the kitchen’s simplicity with curvaceous sculptural form.

Visualizer: Seeuhauz Architects  

Our third crisp and confident interior unfolds under a sharp halo of perimeter light.

The overhead light reflects in a set of chic nesting coffee tables.

A comfortable white armchair creates a light and curvaceous contrast with the graphite linear sofa design.

An open coffee table book styles the lower of the two nesting coffee tables, leaving the bridging table free for setting down refreshments.

Custom TV cabinets make up a solid wall of storage around a recessed screen.

A modern floor lamp puts task lighting over one arm of the sofa.

At the other side of the couch, a wraparound end table hugs a chaise extension.

A broad walkway passes between the back of the couch and the kitchen diner, which keeps the room size feeling generous and each area clearly zoned.

The concrete kitchen island melds simply with the concrete floor, so that the eye moves easily over its large bulk.

Black cabinets and a short black backsplash provide a dark core to the kitchen design.

The dark sink area counterbalances the paleness of the island and its matching kitchen bar stools. A clear glass vase makes another light addition.

Black window blinds balance out the shaded feature wall.

A pair of mini pendant lights provide a minimalist lighting solution to the dining bar that doesn’t interfere with the kitchen aesthetic.

Tall units close around the island in a clean white L-shaped layout.

Moving around to the back of the living room TV wall, we find that the flip side of the cabinets morph into a home workspace.

Dark wooden cabinets bridge the minimalist home office niche.

A modern swivel chair wheels up to the computer desk, which is subtly illuminated with a ribbon of LED light.

The grey bedroom is a plush cushiony cocoon with sound softening wall panelling.

Glass lantern-like bedroom pendant lights add interesting form.

Round bedside tables align with the large pendant shades, adding to their impact.

The master bedroom opens into a luxurious dressing room.

A large round pouf and circular rug divide the walk in wardrobe from an ensuite bathroom on the other side.

Backlit garment rails give the dressing room a boutique essence.

White marble cladding marks the ensuite’s wet zone.

We enter the ensuite via a frameless shower enclosure and a unique pedestal sink.

Perimeter lighting drops an atmospheric glow.

A floor to ceiling mirror increases the sense of space in the compact room.

Sharp lines slice up the next white and grey bathroom scheme in the home.

A linear marble clad vanity is a custom fit, whilst a square toilet adds a boxy minimalist touch.

Visualizer: Nom Bureau  

Lastly, we arrive in Kyiv, Ukraine, to the Full Moon project. This concept is born out of a combination of countless shades and textures of one color. An expanse of black wood grain and matching paintwork makes up an especially dark interior that’s pierced with lighter accents.

The monochrome solution was arrived upon to promote relaxation, rest and recovery. The high contrast palette is the main feature of the interior, which at the same time starkly emphasises the exquisite detail in furniture, the nature of textiles, and homes in on tiny decor elements. A square coffee table lifts sharply away from a dark rug design, whilst the lounge chair’s rounded shape really pops.

Halftones and shading bring the monochrome space to life. Black scatter cushions break up the soft grey small sectional sofa.

The round lounge chair is a modern take on the papasan chair.

A designer table lamp brightens a console table, whereas LED strips highlight the wall shelves. Lighting here is not just a source of illumination, but an atmospheric element of design.

The dining area comes alive beneath the fluid line of an extraordinary dining room chandelier.

Modern dining chairs make a dark accompaniment to a black glossy dining table.

A textural feast of glossy and matte surfaces, stone, wood and metals reveal the monochrome range of the interior.

Glass modern fruit bowls delicately catch the light.

The ever so slightly lighter tone of the modern dining chairs creates a level of layering against the black kitchen wall behind. Closeness of shade but difference in texture helps express the detail too.

Moving out of the living space and into the master bedroom, we enter equally dark territory. Two modern wall sconces do their best to light the way.

Wall mounted bedside units fade away in a matt black finish.

Underneath the bedstead, one continuous strip of LED light gives the platform bed a floating illusion.

Ribbon LEDs make an illuminating headboard feature too.

Dark drapes meld with the walls.

Light wood flooring lifts the shadowy decor scheme.

A single shelf underlines the TV.

Decorative vases provide visual interest.

The bathroom is an impressive spa-like space with a built-in tub.

The black bathtub appears to have sunk naturally into a monolithic slab.

A black toilet camouflages against an ebony wall.

Coppery wall tiles warm the space.

Sloping sinks make shallow waterfalls in the double sink bathroom vanity.

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