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Size is no limitation when it comes to experiencing luxurious living. Compact spaces have evolved into havens of opulence and sophistication, where the adage “less is more” has taken on a whole new meaning. In this small yet luxurious apartment design, visualized by Potap Frez, a wood-clad dividing wall forms a floating boundary between the social living space and the bedroom. Open doorways on either side leave both spaces feeling open and airy, allowing life to flow freely in all directions. In this apartment, we’ll observe a narrow and thoughtfully formed living room, an impressive master bedroom concept with a home workspace, and a ruby-red bathroom that glows mysteriously behind a wall of glass.

The narrow living room has space for only two sofa modules in its center. The small sofa can be rounded on either side, constructing an easy, free-flowing floor plan. A tonal living room rug lays a soft island underneath.

The gray and wood tone decor scheme gives the small apartment interior a high-end look that exudes class and sophistication. A thoughtful home lighting scheme builds an atmospheric ambiance after the sun goes down. LED perimeter lighting washes down a wood-clad feature wall and draws an intense frame around the one-wall kitchen.

White marble luxuriously frames the media wall. A boiserie border elegantly frames the movie screen.

At night, mood lighting gives the living room a cozy cinema feel. A built-in media console unit stows away remote controls and other paraphernalia.

The wood-clad feature wall divides the living room from the bedroom and bathroom. Doorways on either side of the diving wall stand open, maintaining an open flow around the whole apartment.

A small side table reflects the light from the living room window. Its translucent body has a lightweight effect on the layout, allowing the eye to pass through it.

A matching coffee table is positioned in the elbow of the chaise sofa arrangement. A coffee table book provides a simple adornment.

Behind the small couch, there is a formal dining area that comfortably accommodates up to six people. Above the black dining table, a linear suspension light floats an ethereal white marble accent.

Elegant wine glasses surround a modern fruit bowl, which makes a practical dining table centerpiece.

Chunky beige dining chairs make striking contrast with the unique black dining table design.

Gray kitchen cabinets march close to the formal dining area, utilizing every available inch of floor space. The gray cabinets transform into bedroom closets as they parade into the adjoining space.

The dining table has a perfect view of the entertainment wall, which means that the homeowner can enjoy a comfortable dinner and a movie.

Copper wall decor makes a stunning statement above the gray kitchen installation.

White marble countertops and a matching white marble backsplash further elevate the chic aesthetic.

Moving past the wood-clad diving wall, into the bedroom, we discover a spacious layout with a serene vibe. An upholstered bed is positioned dead center in the space, leaving space to maneuver around all sides. Behind the headboard, a glass wall bathroom makes an unexpected focal point.

At night, the glass wall bathroom glows a dramatic ruby red.

The same glass side tables that feature in the living room are employed as stylish nightstands in the bedroom.

The same tonal gray area rug is repeated in the bedroom too, creating a strong cohesivity between the two open plan rooms.

The peaceful gray bedroom also doubles as a home workspace. A bespoke desk spans the full width of the bedroom, offering a generous amount of tabletop space to spread out files and books.

The gray wardrobes with their luxe gold trimmings serve as an attractive focal wall.

A black bench is situated between the wardrobes and the bed, providing a brief dressing spot for putting on shoes or assembling an outfit for the next day.

Two modern wall sconces are installed under a pair of wall-mounted bookcases above the desk. They, along with an LED strip beneath the desk, fill the bedroom with soothing mood lighting.

A marble framework defines the edge of the home workspace, giving it its own identity within the bedroom. Panel molding draws the eye to the center of the bedroom workspace, where a piece of 3D relief art makes a bold black statement.

Golden edging gives the home workspace a luxurious aesthetic, which glimmers in the sunlight.

Greige wall panels clad the home entryway, constructing a seamless, high-end appearance. Wood-effect wall panels build texture and add visual warmth.

The striking, solid red bathroom decor scheme is broken by a fresh white bathtub. A chrome faucet fills its curved sides.

Brass wall decor gleams above the toilet and a white marble-clad toilet cistern concealment wall.

White marble pedestal sinks stand on each side of the red bathroom, attaining a perfectly symmetrical layout. LED strips blaze down the sides of floor-to-ceiling vanity mirrors, making a bright bathroom entryway behind the glass doors.

A white marble wet wall gives the small shower space a luxurious finish. A rainfall shower head is backlit by a thin ribbon of LED light, making shower-time a uniquely immersive experience. The shower space is tucked into a small side chamber, along with the WC, out of view of the bedroom, the home workspace, and the bedroom window.

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