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Hi friends, yesterday I had a 13 hour flight to Europe, and I thought I’d share once again as I do from time to time the things that I’m in the habit of bringing along with me to make my long flights more comfortable.

I’m a petite person, I’m 5’3” so I’m lucky in that way when it comes to flying economy that I can manage to make myself more comfortable by thinking ahead and packing a few essential products.

Here are my favorites with descriptions below:

Joggers & Long Sleeve Pullover. I like to travel in both comfort and style. A month ago I bought a set of matching joggers and crew neck pullover, they are the most comfortable thin material, they feel like pajamas but look really chic! I layer a lightweight jacket over the set because I hate being cold on airplanes and I like every surface of my body covered. :) I never wear jeans or dresses when I travel, always leggings or joggers and a thin sweatshirt or hoodie for maximum comfort.

Compression Socks. These socks are great, I value the extra support and greater control of lower leg circulation when sitting for long hours.

Silk Eye Mask. I never leave home without one! I like to control the light and sound and this helps block out any light when I want to sleep. An eye mask is also handy when staying in vacation rentals when you can’t guarantee if the window treatments are light blocking as so often they’re not.

Moisturizing Sleep Mask. I don’t wear a lot of makeup on flights, I wear moisturizer and a little lip gloss that’s about it. I prefer to be invisible when I fly. :) I don’t wear makeup because it makes it easier to apply a moisturizing sleep mask an hour or two before landing because as we all know flights are dehydrating to the skin and body. I like this mask, it’s unscented so it won’t disturb nearby passengers.

Soft Earplugs. These block out sounds like passengers talking or coughing, baby’s cries, etc. I’m a light sleeper have a hard time sleeping without them so I always bring a few sets. They’re also great for hotel rooms or public transportation when you can’t guarantee the your neighbors will be quiet so I keep them close. I buy them at CVS or Walgreens.

Personal Snacks. I usually bring almonds, a small bag of chips, a few protein bars, and a little baguette with turkey and brie, that helps keep me satisfied on long flights and not dependent on the airline’s meal which I rarely eat. Airport food is super expensive so I like to pack my own favorites in advance.

Stainless Water Bottle. I bring a stainless water bottle and fill it up when I get past security to stay hydrated on flights and not rely on flight attendants for hydration or beverages. I like the metal ones for flying they keep water colder longer.

Inflatable Neck Pillow. This was my first time using an inflatable one and it worked well plus it’s compact so easy to travel with. I used to use the Turtl travel pillow and I loved it, but I lost it somewhere and just wasn’t willing to pay for another so I went with a less expensive inflatable neck pillow with a soft cover and it worked just fine. :)

Earbud Headphones with two jacks. I use modern earbuds for my music and podcasts that on my phone and bring old school headphones with a 3.5mm jack too. Each airline is different, the ones with screens on the headrests still have old jacks so I bring my own set. I notice a lot of people travel with noise canceling headphones when they travel, I have a set, but I don’t bring them on flights they are a little bulky for me and I prefer to pack light. Instead I rotate between earbuds and earplugs, they are much smaller and easier to travel with.

Backup Charger. I learned the hard way on a long flight that sometimes the airplane’s USB or electric charging ports don’t work, so I carry a backup charger. This small one is portable and handy while traveling because it plugs directly into my phone so I can bring it in my crossbody and charge if I’m out walking all day.

Loaded iPad & Good Paperback. My brother introduced me to the Libby app so from my local library I download written and audio books for free with my library card. Score! No Audible or Kindle necessary. I’m listening to this audio book right now on my iPad, I’m a big fan of the author, and I brought along this fun story in paperback with one of my favorite fictional characters. Books help me fall asleep so I plan ahead to have both a printed and audio version.


To beat jet lag when landing in Europe which is nine hours ahead of my Pacific Standard Time zone, I push myself to stay up to at least dinner time before going to sleep. It’s hard but so helpful for acclimating quicker to a new time zone. I heard another tip the other day saying that one should begin eating in the window of your arrival destination a few days before departure. It seems a bit difficult to do in practice but apparently if you acclimate your digestion to the new time zone that helps too. We will see!

What about you, what are your necessities for long flights? How do you make yourself more comfortable for long hours on airplanes? Got any tips?

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