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A few weeks ago I ordered a multicolored rug for the small room I’ve set up as a study for my teenagers. The desks and bookcases in this space are white so I went in search of a color splash to brighten the space and make it more cheerful.

Winter can be so dreary and white so stark and color has a way of brightening a space that neutrals cannot. I’ve always found that like accent pillows, rugs are one of the easiest ways to add color, and also temporary when you become tired of the design in a few years.


This is the link to my 6 x 9’ rug as seen in my teens’ study space, and here are twelve more colorful rugs to give you that color splash you’re looking for!


 bohemian medallion / diamond shag

nomad windows / nomad beulah

helene boho  / domani artisan 

nomad abstract / bungalow gutierez


casablanca  / vintage damask

bungalow rose / nourison brushstroke

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